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Protect yourself against injuries with the best motorbike armour jacket



Any motorcycle rider knows the importance of proper protective equipment. Accidents or falls that can lead to serious injuries happen all too quickly. A motorbike armour jacket protects the body from wind, rain, the impact of a fall and possible abrasions. In addition, it usually improves visibility. To ensure adequate protection, the motorbike armour jacket must have certain properties. A view is given to the equipment and design of the FTX motorbike armour jackets.

The guide that follows explains what a motorbike armour jacket is, how it protects the body and what properties it should have. He describes which criteria can make the purchase decision easier when choosing a suitable motorbike armour jacket and which equipment should not be missed on a motorcycle trip. Different types of motorbike armour jackets are also discussed. The guide deals with frequently asked questions on the subject and explains whether Stiftung Warentest or Öko-Test have carried out a motorbike armour jacket test.

A motorbike armour jacket that is both protective and stylish: the Fightx

According to the manufacturer, the Bikers Gear FIGHTX motorbike armour jacket has waterproof and ventilated zippers. The waterproof jacket is said to be suitable for all seasons, as the thermo-regulating lining is removable. The heavily used areas of the jacket are padded according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Each season has its own collar attachment:

 According to the manufacturer, an adjustable attachment for the collar ensures that the collar is open in summer and closed in winter. There are removable protectors on the elbows and shoulders. The back padding can also be removed if required. The manufacturer offers the jacket in nine sizes and recommends measuring the chest circumference to find the right jacket. For size S, he specifies a chest circumference of 91.4 centimeters and for the largest size 6XL, the chest circumference is 132.1 centimeters.

What are protectors?

Protectors are protective pads that are intended to protect against injuries when practicing certain hobbies or sports. The protectors cushion the impact, for example in motorcycle accidents or in sports such as inline skating. The cushioning is designed to reduce the risk of injury. There is also increased protection against bruises and abrasions.

Colors of FTX motorbike armour jackets

The FTX motorbike armour jacket  is available in black, red or gray. According to the manufacturer, it is suitable for use in all seasons. The material is therefore windproof and keeps you warm. The jacket is designed for men and is available in four sizes. According to the manufacturer, the neckline is windproof and offers effective wind protection even on long-distance rides. It’s important that the motorbike armour jacket with protectors is breathable and won’t let the wind in. In winter it should warm you up and protect you from the cold.

The outer material of the men’s motorbike armour jacket is made of polyester, and the lining is made of polyester cloth. According to the FTX manufacturer, CE-certified protectors are attached to the back, shoulders and elbows. Back pads, elbow pads, shoulder pads and the inner lining can be removed or removed.

The Fightx motorbike armour jacket is highly tear resistant

According to the manufacturer, the Limitless Fightx motorbike armour jacket is made of durable polyester and has high tear resistance. The fabric is therefore very light at the same time and offers good wearing comfort. According to the manufacturer, the motorbike armour jacket is breathable, protects against wind and keeps rain out. The thermal lining of the jacket is removable and should serve as additional protection against cold.

The FTX motorbike armour jacket is equipped with protectors on the elbows, shoulders and back to protect the body and minimize the risk of injury. The design is meant to be slim fitting and the jacket comes with an adjustable belt. This should offer protection against the wind, give stability and prevent flapping in the wind.

The Limitless motorbike armour jacket has an inside pocket and two outside pockets that are closed with a zipper. These pockets should offer space for a wallet, keys or mobile phone. It is also equipped with a connection zip for motorcycle pants. The jacket should be able to be used in all seasons.

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