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Razor using tips for hair removal in private parts



The underarms and bikini line are just as important as any other part of a girl’s body. However, these parts of the body tend to be more sensitive and sensitive than other parts of the body. It is very normal to have hair on different parts of the body. However, this unwanted hair is very uncomfortable for many. If these places are not cleaned properly after a certain period, it will not look as good as it looks. Moreover, if these places are not kept clean and tidy regularly, the stench of sweat increases many times. Many people use different methods to keep their underarms and bikini lines clean. These include shaving, and hair removal creams or lotions, and many prefer waxing. There are some things to keep in mind when using a razor in the private sector.

(1) Choose the right razor for both boys and girls

We are much more aware of many aspects of skincare! But even though it is small, we are reluctant to do anything very important. Proper underarm and bikini line cleaning is also the same. Many girls often do not understand the need to use a separate razor for themselves. Even if you have a boys’ razor at hand, you can use a new razor tonight. But as a result, we girls often do not realize how much harm we are doing. Girls ‘skin is naturally more sensitive than boys’ skin. So if girls use the same razor that boys are using, it can cause various skin problems. These are very common. So before using a razor to clean the underarm and bikini line for girls, you must understand the skin and choose the suitable razor for yourself.

(2) Must use a clean razor

Many of us use a razor for about a few months. But it is very harmful. Many of us complain that after using the razor the skin gets rough or that it is not properly cleaned. One of the major reasons for this is that razors do not change over time. A razor should never be used more than 3/4 times.

(3) Sharp blade to get a smooth shave

Many of us have a common misconception that using a sharp razor can cut the skin. But that is not the case at all. If the razor you are using to reverse shave is not sharp, it increases the risk of getting pain or thorns many times over. However, if you are too scared to use a razor, you can use an electric trimmer.

(4) Clean the skin well before shaving

Normally there is some amount of dirt on our skin. It is very good to be able to prepare the skin before using the direct razor. Moreover, razors should not be used on dry skin. So first clean your underarms and bikini line with any shower gel or body wash of your choice. This will keep the place smooth. If you want, you can also scrub the skin a day before. This will make the razor work much smoother and will also reduce the problem of echinacea or allergies a lot.

(5) Step by step shaving

While shaving, many people do not understand which way to start! As a result, the skin is often cut. Shaving is done step by step according to a certain rule. Let’s find out.

Step 1
When using a razor, you need to move the razor in the right direction. Which is the right direction? Very easily but it is understandable. The right side of the razor move is the exact opposite side of the hair growth. Look at your hand. The razor must be moved in the opposite direction to where the hairs have grown and sloped.

Step 2
Do not pull the razor on the skin many times for a long time at once. Wash the razor in lukewarm water every 2 to 3 times. This will clean the next stroke better. And the razor will also be sterile.

Step 3
Gently shave to avoid any kind of micro-cut. Since bikini lines and underarms are both very sensitive areas. So try to clean those parts slowly and carefully.

Step 4
After shaving properly, the areas must be washed thoroughly with lukewarm water. It will come up easily if there is any extra hair or any unnecessary products on the skin.

Step 5
Now gently wipe the skin with a clean towel. It is better to keep it lightly wet without drying it at all. At this time you must use a good moisturizer. It will not dry the skin and will be smooth.

Unwanted hair is embarrassing anywhere on the body. But what else to do? Since this work has to be done at least once a month, it is better to try to do it as consciously as possible. Hopefully, today’s topic will be useful to you. In this way, if you clean the underarms and bikini line using a razor, there will be no unnecessary hassle in the parlor or outside. But whatever the method, be sure to be a little more careful before using any product on these sensitive parts of us.

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