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Regina Fridkin’s Approach to Life Coaching and Management Consulting



Regina Fridkin has almost two decades of experience as a life coach and management consultant, with a certification in each of those fields. Her attitude of optimism and intuitive thinking serves as the foundation for how she approaches coaching and consulting with clients. Regina has acquired a reputation as a remarkably successful coach and consultant because of her distinctive method of assisting clients in overcoming challenges and accomplishing their objectives.

The core of Regina’s philosophy is that each of us can realize our ambitions and triumph over the challenges we face. She believes that we can create the life we desire and realize our ambitions if we learn to tap into the power of our brains and release our untapped potential.


Multiple Approaches to Success

Regina employs a wide array of methods and approaches, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), to assist her clients in accomplishing their objectives. NLP is a crucial technique that may assist clients in overcoming limiting beliefs and habits that are harmful to themselves. Regina helps her clients build new ideas and habits that are healthier and more empowered by identifying and treating the underlying reasons for the problematic behaviors.

Regina’s management consulting method is similarly concentrated on enabling people and companies to accomplish their objectives. She has helped customers develop their leadership, communication, team-building, and problem-solving skills via her work with clients in various sectors, including the healthcare industry, the financial industry, and the technology industry.

Regina’s emphasis on being genuine and forthright in her coaching and consulting work is one of the most important aspects of her methodology. She believes that if we live our lives according to our principles and ideals, we will have a happier and more successful existence. Her personal experience of immigration and development served as the inspiration for her concept. Regina was born in what was once known as the Soviet Union, and she settled in the borough of Brooklyn, New York when she was 14 years old. Regina’s mother instilled in her the value of being truthful and genuine and adhere to traditional values while she was growing up in a Jewish household. These principles have served as a compass for her throughout her life and are fundamental to how she approaches coaching and consulting.

After graduating from Brooklyn College, majoring in Business Management and Finance and minoring in Philosophy and Psychology, Regina began a prosperous career in management consulting. Despite this, she was passionate about helping others achieve their objectives and leading more satisfying lives. As a result, she decided to train to become a licensed practitioner of Reconnective Healing® and pursue a profession as a life coach.

Regina’s path to a life coach and management consultant career has been molded by her experiences of overcoming challenges and growing as an individual. Her one-of-a-kind strategy for coaching and advising is founded on her philosophy of focusing on the positive, following one’s instincts, and being genuine. As a result of her work, Regina is allowing people and organizations to realize their ambitions and create the lives they want for themselves. 

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