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Rising Above: The Allure of Height Adjustable Desks



Adjustable Desks

Working a desk job comes with its own set of perils. Being sedentary for long periods day in and day out increases the chance of you developing a myriad of health conditions, including decreased fitness levels leading to such poor outcomes as an increase of heart disease along with other pulmonary issues. A recent study even suggested that after 20 years of a sedentary lifestyle, you are twice as likely to die prematurely as opposed to someone who is physically active regularly.

Fortunately, industry leaders responsible for office furniture design have discovered a way to combat the ill effects of the sedentary lifestyle of office workers and others who must sit all day for their jobs. Investing in a height-adjustable desk can reduce the ill effects of being completely sedentary on a daily and ongoing basis.

Boost Productivity

The research supports that a sit-and-stand stand type of desk, or height adjustable desk, reduces fatigue and sleepiness by moving around instead of slumping in an office chair all day at your desk. There is less occupational fatigue, and many people benefit from standing while doing mindless chores such as phone communication with clients.

Increased Focus

Long days sitting in the same uncomfortable desk chair at the office can lead to mental fatigue. Using a height-adjustable desk can break you out of the doldrums to improve focus by increasing blood flow to the brain by moving around during the day.

Major Health Benefits

Using a height-adjustable desk can significantly impact your health without even trying. Just by altering the height of the desk, you can go from sitting to standing or anywhere in between for maximum comfort. Moving throughout has such health benefits as increasing circulation and even spurring weight loss with the added movement over time.

Reduce Back Pain

A height-adjustable desk helps to keep your spine happy and in line. A significant amount of people who use a height-adjustable desk report reduced pain in the neck, shoulders, and upper back areas. An adjustable desk is an excellent addition to the office with a positive health benefit. Just preventing back pain attributed to sitting in the same position all day alone can improve focus and productivity.

Try An Adjustable Desk

There is research to support that standing for over two hours began to result in discomfort for workers who were not accustomed to spending the entire day standing, which eventually affected their concentration.

Significant changes often take a little time to adjust to before you start to feel the benefits. Having a height-adjustable desk that can be raised gradually to the full standing position will allow you to acclimate to the full potential of an adjustable desk. If you become fatigued, take a break and sit down if you have been standing for a significant amount of time. Even for those working at home, an adjustable desk can be a positive addition to your office space and fit seamlessly into your home.

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