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Russian and Belarusian assets can be searched, frozen, and seized using RuAssets’ international tool



YouControl IT Company has developed a service that can provide protection from financial losses, legal sanctions, and reputational losses caused by cooperation with Russian and Belarusian companies and individuals subject to sanctions.

You have the opportunity here to connect at the deepest level with influential individuals and representatives from sanctioned CIS countries to find out more about their political activities. For more information, please visit

In CiS countries (Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan), RuAssets helps screen links with PEPs and individuals on sanctions lists at their deepest level of communication (3rd and 4th levels).

During the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we developed RuAssets to search for Russian and Belarusian assets and check the links between politically exposed individuals and those on sanctions lists. We would have designed this product for regular AML and KYC operations in peacetime, simplifying compliance and risk managers’ work. Today, however, we have gathered our forces in an effort to warn the entire world about the risk of partnering with Russian businesses.

Service Benefits

After the special operation in Ukraine began, the IT Company began to develop the RuAssets service to search for assets and check the links between politically exposed persons and persons involved would have used this product in peacetime for regular AML and KYC operations, simplifying the work of compliance and risk managers, but today we are gathering all our forces to warn about the threat of cooperating with companies whose history is rooted in Russian trace”. RuAssets allows you to provide: RuAssets allows you to provide:

  • At different levels, a careful analysis of the links between countries and people;
  • International verification for companies and individuals in a timely manner;
  • Identification of linkages with politically exposed persons and sanctioned individuals quickly and easily;
  • Russian-Ukrainian war, as well as occupied Ukrainian territory, identification of military terrorists;
  • It will soon be possible to find information about real estate, aircraft, and land.

In its present form, RuAssets is ready to use, but it will be constantly updated and developed over time. In a week or two, multiple sets of data are uploaded, such as UK, Cyprus, and Russian real estate listings. International companies have used the company’s AML and KYC systems for many years with great success. YouControl has been integrated into the business processes of 95% of Ukrainian banks.

National Corruption Prevention Agency and the National Bank of Ukraine both recommend YouControl. Through the creation of a transparent business environment, YouControl promotes the expansion of international cooperation. Since Ukrainian state authorities, and national and international media, are interested in identifying and freezing Russian assets, the service enjoys the trust and recognition of these institutions.

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