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Saad Iqbal’s Ground-Breaking Organizational Management Prop Up ABTACH Ltd Success



In the world of Information Technology, ABTACH LTD marked up its name among the leading IT firms across the world. This company was built up from the scratch in the year 2015 in the leadership of passionate leaders. This firm initiates its operational activities under the supervision of Saad Iqbal who is the president of the executive management of the firm.

However, ABTACH LTD is a renowned name and has earned a high reputation in the IT market. Within the era of 7 years, they achieve a higher ranking and positioned themselves among the top 10 IT companies of the world. The Saad Iqbal reveals that this firm was established to change the IT sector by adopting modern technologies.

The company’s philosophy;

“Our passion is the main force that drives us into performing well for Abtach. We love what we do and that’s why, we’ve strengthened our ties with IT enthusiasts who are genuinely committed to take this company to the peak of its success. We believe in respecting our people’s rights and privacy and that leads us into ensuring a win-win situation for our company and its people.”

Saad Iqbal (President Executive Management)

President Executive management of ABTACH LTD, Salman Yousuf manages overall operational activities to manage the workforce. He knows how to encourage and engage employees to increase organizational productivity. He had years of experience in this field and has skills to strengthen employee relations, improve the work efficiency of employees, enhance the HR process, and manage each project efficiently.

Top Human Resource Trends ABTACH Follows

Saad Iqbal (President Executive Management) at ABTACH LTD plays a significant role in the success of the firm. Since its beginning, he worked hard and engrossed strategic approach to transforming the IT sector of the world.

 In several interviews Saad Iqbal mentioned;

“ABTACH LTD is backed up the keen and smart solutions and looking forward to every single advancement for the fast-paced evolution. We are planning to incorporate innovative avenues that strengthen startups and brand to expand their business across the world”

To achieve organizational goals, now he is incorporating the latest Human Resource trends to improve employees working criteria to take ABTACH LTD at peak of success. 

  • Trend #1 – Data Drive HR policy 

ABTACH LTD now working on the data-driven policy to deal with extensive data and is ready to put all valuable insight via HR analytics. With this professional obtain deeper insights and it helps to make smart decisions and predict the future workforce.

  • Trend #2 – Handling multigenerational workforce

In this era, the most tempting thing that organizations need to focus on is the multigenerational workforce. These days every organization has different types of workforces such as baby boomers, millennials, and generation X, that makeup almost 50% of the global workforce. As you know, generation Z might enter the labor market. You even noticed young members are increasing day by day. And, ABTACH LTD hires the new talent, so they create effective strategies to manage their workforce perfectly.

So, the top trend is to understand the working criteria of younger employees, as it helps to develop the corporate policies to engaged the new talent flawlessly.

  • Trend #3 – Integration of AI & VR For HR teams

HR teams have a plethora of modern technology, and they have assistance to follow the robotic process, automation, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence that gain more traction. Saad Iqbal also looking forward to the RPA tool for the employee onboarding process. However, the RPA tool automatically updates the applicant tracking system. It even gathers the necessary documentation of new employees. And also helps in focusing on the higher-value task.

  • Trend #4 – Greater emphasize on Upskilling 

Due to Covid-19, many businesses shut down in the year 2020, but the strategic approach of Saad Iqbal helps to successfully run ABTACH LTD in this era. They trained their team and employees by delivering the right training and knowledge to meet the challenges. And, they also work hard to prepare themselves for this approach. In the Gartner Inc HR priority survey, it is cited that 750 HR leaders are developing critical skills and integrating learning experiences to enhance employee workflow.

  • Trend #5 – Develop remote work environment 

After the pandemic, people are focusing on remote work and the new tech world drastically changed the traditional marketing avenues. The Crisis of COVID-19, closes the meeting room, work cubicles, and office buildings. So, the Saad Iqbal efficiently integrates the hybrid workplace model to provide flexibility in working from the office and remotely. While working from home, he flawlessly managed the organizational functions to doesn’t stop productivity and also engages the employees by providing employee benefits. As per the report, 63% of companies achieve high-revenue growth with hybrid work models and almost 83% of workers prefers the hybrid model.


The Saad Iqbal (president executive management) of ABTACH LTD struggling for firm growth and employee performance. And, he said that they are ready to meet global challenges for the growth of the firm.

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