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Save your energy by installing Solar system in your home.



In recent years, the technology associated with solar energy has had a great development, especially due to its ability to produce energy from a renewable resource that is the sun. Modern life is dependent on electricity. It is the basis of the economy and social well-being. Photovoltaic solar energy is produced by modules that are installed on the roofs of buildings. These modules or panels absorb the light from the sun and transform it into electrical energy that is directly used in the electrical functions of the residence.

The investment in solar panels, that is, in the production of energy itself, is an investment that effectively reduces energy costs. The immediate benefits on your energy bill are real and although it requires a higher installation cost than other types of energy, it can represent savings of up to 30% on your monthly bill.  Some of the major benefits are given below.

  1. Commitment to the environment

Unlike fossil fuels, solar energy is a clean form because it does not produce polluting waste and greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2). It is sustainable because it is generated by a natural process that is constantly replenished, the emission of solar rays.

  1. Economy

With the use of solar energy, it is possible to reduce between 50% and 95% of the value of the monthly light bill. From this perspective, it is still important to emphasize that the properly installed system has a useful life of 25 to 30 years. So, the cost of installing the equipment is paid for in a relatively short period, on average between four and six years for residential solar systems, even in regions with less insolation.

  1. Minimum maintenance

Preventive maintenance of photovoltaic systems boils down to the periodic cleaning of solar panels. To avoid loss of energy efficiency and reduction of the useful life of the system, cleaning is necessary to remove dust, leaves, branches, and bird droppings. This maintenance is occasional, and its regularity is annual. In general, heavy rain removes impurities from photovoltaic modules.

  1. Valuation of the property

Finally, know that by investing in solar energy, you will increase the market value of your residence. This is because it will be more energy-efficient and sustainable.

This can be exemplified by a study carried out by the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, funded by the US Department of Energy, which shows that properties that have a solar photovoltaic system appreciate in value from 3% to 6%.

  1. The durability of solar panels

It is important to know that the solar panel is a high-quality product, therefore, it has a long lifespan. Throughout its useful life, the board is exposed to different types of wear, such as sun, rain, temperature variation, and snow (depending on the region installed). Therefore, because of this bad weather, the companies that manufacture the panels say that their useful life lasts, on average, between 20 and 25 years.

Announcing a Triple Savings Platform for Homeowners!

Homeowners in the Texas marketplace have a platform that cuts bills in three essential areas of life. “My offering reduces expenditures on energy, vacation travel, and food,” said solar professional Ecolby Smith-El.

The mentioned savings from Ecolby consists of:

ENERGY happens via renewable energy. The installation of $0 down solar panels on rooftops, ground mounts, or carports. “The estimated savings in Dallas over a 25-year period equates to $78,500,” said Mr. Smith,” and $89,660 down the road in Houston.”

Food and Vacation Travel savings happen through a savings certificate on completing a Solar quote (Food) and installation of Solar projects (Vacation Travel). “My partner who owns an A-rated company in California covers $2,000 savings over a 12-month period on brand name products at USA supermarkets and major restaurants.”

Ecolby can be reached @ 469-650-5958 or schedule a FREE Energy Assessment at

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