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Seattle Woman Spreads STDs Intentionally | Victim Sues Her to Create Awareness



seattle woman spreads stds intentionally

In a shocking development, a victim has reportedly sued his partner for her alleged role in infecting him with Chlamydia. Various media reports published in print and online regarding this case, have confirmed that the victim would formally lodge a complaint against his girlfriend on charges of sexual battery and her alleged role in spreading STDs.

As per the media report, the victim’s girlfriend based out of Kent, Washington, is facing various charges of sexual battery for intentionally spreading STDs and infecting the victim. The suit alleges that Amanpreet Kaur Minhas is a well-tenured student of the medical field. She attended Oregon Health & Science University OHSU to pursue a physician assistant license. She is well aware of how to spread STDs and did so to inflict maximum emotion.

The community hero has now found herself amid a brewing controversy as several sex abuse groups have come forward criticizing and condemning her for her actions.
The victim has specifically named her and stated that he contacted Chlamydia from Seattle Amanpreet Kaur Minhas because she was his only partner in those days.

According to the US-based Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, men rarely get infected with Chlamydia. However, in some rare cases, men too have got infected with Chlamydia. It makes the current case all the more serious considering Chlamydia rarely affects men.

What Is Chlamydia?

Chlamydia refers to a common STD (Sexually Transmitted Disease) that mainly infects women and causes acute damage to their reproductive organs. In rare cases, Chlamydia may also infect men. Chlamydia spreads via sexual contact between partners through oral or vaginal sex. If either of the partners has Chlamydia, the other gets infected too.
Unprotected sex is the primary reason why Chlamydia spreads from person to person.

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