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Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) treatment.



Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) treatment.

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth syndrome, also known by the acronym SBID, or SIBO, is a condition in which there is an overgrowth of bacteria in the small intestine, reaching values similar to the number of bacteria present in the large intestine.

Although bacteria are important for the digestion of food and absorption of nutrients, when they are in excess they can cause intestinal problems, which result in symptoms such as excessive gas, constant feeling of a bloated stomach, abdominal pain, and constant diarrhea, for example. Also, altering nutrient absorption, in some people can result in malnutrition, even if the person is eating correctly.

This syndrome is curable and can be treated, in many cases, with changes in diet and lifestyle, but it can also include the use of antibiotics prescribed by the gastroenterologist after doing a SIBO test.


When several causes of gastrointestinal problems have been ruled out and a solution is found, the SIBO investigation must be carried out. Excess bacteria in the small intestine can lead to the release of hydrogen and methane gases, which can be identified through a breath test. This test is non-invasive and can be performed at home or in a doctor’s office. To take the exam, fasting is required. During the test, you will breathe into a tube. You will then drink a special sweet drink provided by your doctor. You will breathe into a series of additional tubes at regular intervals for 2-3 hours after drinking. If breath testing is not available, urinary metabolite tests can be performed or small bowel fluid samples can be collected for identification of bacteria.

How SIBO influences health status

Despite being a disorder that is not well understood and needs further study, it is known that it can occur when the small intestine has anatomical abnormalities, changes in pH, or poor muscle activity in its functions, which means that food and bacteria are not removed from the organ and consequently influence the immune system not to function properly.

SIBO symptoms are common to several gastrointestinal pathologies and can easily be confused with viral gastroenteritis or stomach disease, celiac disease, Crohn’s disease, hypochlorhydria, or low levels of stomach acid, gastroparesis, portal hypertension, or bowel syndrome is irritable. All have in common symptoms that mainly affect the intestine, such as stomach pain, especially after eating, bloating, cramps, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, gas/flatulence, or regular feeling of fullness, but it can also lead to weight loss.

Nutritional support

Some patients with SIBO have associated weight loss or deficiencies in various vitamins or minerals. This can lead to deficiency syndromes. Most patients with SIBO will need supplementation with vitamin B12, fat-soluble vitamins, calcium, and magnesium. Lactase deficiency may be associated with SIBO due to mucosal inflammation of the brush boundary and therefore often prohibiting lactose-containing foods until the condition resolves. The low FODMAP diet, the specific carbohydrate diet, and the gut and psychology diet are some diets that are recommended in this condition.

Treatment of bacterial overgrowth

The keystone of SIBO treatment is of course antibiotic therapy, decreasing or even eradicating the excessive bacteria and thus decreasing the pathological mutations they cause in the small intestine. While the effect is often sufficiently directed to induce some researchers to support empirical antibiotics when the diagnosis is suspected, this can hinder the study of the disease due to:

• The significant cost of therapy

• The placebo effect which is large enough to be statistically significant

• The frequent need for multiple courses of antibiotics to manage overgrowth

• Potential complications of antibiotic treatment, such as drug resistance and adverse effects

In one study, a course of antibiotics could be expected to alleviate symptoms for 22 days on average so it would be impractical to consider antibiotic therapy alone in this condition, as it would require a minimum of 12 courses per year.

The most commonly used antibiotics for the treatment of SIBO are mostly chosen on the basis of experience, rather than sensitivity and culture studies, which would not be cost-effective. Among the first were tetracyclines, followed by the combination, ciprofloxacin, doxycycline, rifaximin which is a derivative of rifamycin, and amoxicillin-clavulanate metronidazole. Ciprofloxacin and metronidazole appear to be more effective, especially in SIBO associated with Crohn’s disease. However, all symptoms do not respond constantly. is now exploring the treatment of SIBO, especially finding and eliminating the causes of SIBO, Displacement of colon germs and Build up a healthy flora in the small intestine, and support bowel function. While the initial results were positive with respect to lasting and reliable symptom relief, confirmatory work remains to be done.

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What should you watch out for in cold therapy?



Cold therapy is also called cryotherapy. And this therapy is an application of physical medicine. This cold therapy can be used both systematically and locally. It is always intended for therapeutic purposes. The main area of ​​application is still to be used in traumatology. It has also become an integral part of rheumatology. Cold therapy can alleviate or prevent illness. The area of ​​application with cold therapy is broad.

The aim of the application
Cold therapy always has one aim and that would be to remove the heat from the tissue to be treated.  Muscular relaxation should also be achieved. Which then has the effect of taking the pain away.

The differences in application
there are basically two types of application of cold therapy. There is short-term use and long-term use. The various forms of therapy differ in very clear features. Of course, the effect also differs. The short-term application of cold therapy never lasts longer than 10-15 minutes. The result is that the blood flow to the deep and superficial muscles is locally reduced. After the cold is withdrawn again, the blood circulation is stimulated and strengthened and the tissue is warmed up. Long-term use takes between one and two hours. The cold therapy results in a significant reduction in body temperature. The blood circulation naturally also comes to a standstill. This application is usually used for inflammation.

In any case, the pain is completely eliminated. However, it must be taken into account that the bleeding will be inhibited. Blood pressure and heart rate will also clearly increase. As for cold therapy, it can be carried out in a variety of ways. In all applications, however, it is certain that the cold stimulus is present. As different as the methods are, as different are the temperatures of the refrigeration applications. The place of use and the duration of use can also differ greatly. It is important to ensure that only the affected area is exposed to the cold, and if ice packs are used, the area of ​​the skin must be covered. The rest of the body is ideally wrapped up warm. This is the only way to avoid catching a cold or getting hypothermic.

8 reasons why cold therapy is good for you:

1. Cold therapy strengthens the immune system 

Regular use of cold therapy can strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases. You can find more tips on how to strengthen your immune system.

2. It relieves pain 

Studies show that cold therapy has a pain-relieving effect. A cold application is used in particular for chronic and inflammatory joint diseases.

3 For depression, cold therapy can improve the state of mind

The cold reduces the production of the stress hormone cortisol. This can have a positive effect on mild depression.

 4 It promotes regeneration in athletes 

Through the application of cold, the stressed muscles are supplied with more blood and can therefore regenerate more quickly. If you have sore muscles,

5 Cold helps you lose weight 

Regular use can activate the brown fat cells in the body and thus burn them off. Have a look here if you want to know what exactly happens in the body when you lose weight.

6 Firms the connective tissue

Due to the improved blood circulation, the connective tissue can be tightened and a beautiful complexion is created.

7 Cold helps with insomnia

The reduced production of the stress hormone cortisol also has a positive effect on sleep. By the way.

8 Cold therapy increases general wellbeing 

Whether it’s the adrenaline or the endorphins, the subsequent warmth that flows through the body, or simply the feeling of having overcome yourself – after just a few minutes you will feel good!

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Is There Any Effect of Wedding Cake Strain



Wedding Cake Strain

Despite its name, the Wedding Cake strain is not exactly a wedding cake, but rather earthy and sour. There is only a slight sweetness towards the end. Despite its deceiving name, the Wedding Cake strain is extremely potent, with THC levels around 27%.

As a guest at a wedding, your mind is firmly focused on the party, and you are thinking about guava cake and ice cream after the ceremony. It’s absolutely beautiful and all, but the initial union is so mind-numbing! The after-party may include marijuana, along with liberal amounts of alcohol, depending on who is getting married and what kind of guests are invited!

What Is the Wedding Cake Strain?

The Wedding Cake strain was created through a cross between Cherry Pie and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). There are certain budsmen who believe it is actually a cross between Animal Mints and Triangle Kush. The strain was originally bred in Southern California. The breed was later brought to Colorado by a breeder called Kind Love. A variety of OG Kush bred by Darkheart Nursery, Skywalker strain is a cross between Mazar, Blueberry, and Blueberry. This strain was created from a clone that was developed by Dutch Passion Seeds. Skywalker OG strain features notes of citrus hops and spice. It induces mellow, euphoric effects and increases awareness and creativity.

Wedding Cake Aroma

Its alluring aroma is rewarded once you see past the earthy and doughy scent. Despite its backcrossed genetics, this strain retained the tart and sugary characteristics of its lineage.

Wedding Cake Flavor

When you smell this, you are surprised to find that the soil and sour flavors take over your taste buds. However, the sweetness comes through after a short time. To get the best flavor, we suggest using a vaporizer set to a low temperature.

Wedding Cake Appearance

The tops and sides of the calyxes are covered with trichomes. This weed has an aesthetic of sugar cookies with its pinkish-red and grape shades. There are many buds that look like teardrops. Wedding Cake is sometimes referred to as ‘Pink Cookie’ because of its pink color.

Wedding Cake Strain Grow Info

You cannot easily obtain Wedding Cake seeds. Due to the lack of growth information shared by its cultivators, growing this strain may require trial and error. Cuttings from female plants are best.

Allow a bit of humidity in the air with your fan and exhaust system. Flowering should occur between 7 and 9 weeks. Indoor yields range from 18-21 ounces per square meter.

When growing it outside, seek a warm, sunny, slightly humid climate. Use rich soil for growing. You should be able to harvest your crop by late September or mid-October. Outdoor Wedding Cake growers can expect a bounty of 21 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Wedding Cake has a reputation for being a powerhouse. These strains have been found to contain THC levels of 27%! 

CBD Content – Highest Test

In general, Wedding Cake contains approximately 0.1% CBD, rarely over 0.23%. Therefore, it commonly has a THC: CBD ratio of around 250:1. Beta-caryophyllene, more commonly found in plants with high CBD content, also creates a similar effect to Harlequin. Since Wedding Cake terpenes stimulate CB2 receptors, this strain is excellent for medicinal use.

What Are Wedding Cake’s Likely Effects?

Earlier, we mentioned that Wedding Cake was a very potent strain. As such, it’s probably not the best choice for an after-wedding party toke – unless you intend to head home soon afterward.

You’ll probably feel mildly psychedelic, and you’ll see everything in high definition! Beginners might find this a bit disconcerting, but experienced cannabis consumers shouldn’t find it too confusing. Fortunately, this strain is an excellent option for feeling relaxed and calm.

The effect of Wedding Cake Strain is that while standing right in the middle of a crowd, you will feel more like a spectator rather than a participant.

Medical Benefits of the Wedding Cake Strain

The Wedding Cake strain is used by some cannabis consumers to manage anxiety and depression due to its uplifting effects.

There is a popular marijuana strain called Wedding Cake that is commonly prescribed for pain associated with musculoskeletal conditions such as arthritis, sciatica, and fibromyalgia. As well as treating neurological conditions, the Wedding Cake strain is also used to relieve symptoms of Lou Gehrig’s disease.

Effects of the Wedding Cake Strain

The majority of high-THC strains can cause adverse side effects. The use of too much can lead to problems such as cottonmouth or red eyes. When suffering from predisposed anxiety or panic disorders, it can result in panic attacks in rare cases.

Final Thoughts on the Wedding Cake Strain

An intense strain, Wedding Cake can temporarily relieve pain, anxiety, and depression. You swear it tastes just like dabbing a concentrate! It has an extremely high level of THC! The strain is a relaxing smoke, but it may not be suitable for beginners or anyone who is sensitive to weed. Wedding Cakes with higher CBD content and lower THC levels are available. This may reduce the chance of experiencing side effects. Your mind will feel energized after using it, and you might break out into uncontrollable giggles. As a result of the relaxation, you may drift into a peaceful sleep.

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America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and a hash of 2020



America’s most affordable THC wax, oil, and a hash of 2020

Despite lean economic times, cannabis extracts are cleaner, more affordable, and legal than ever before.

710 Oil Day is here and millions of North American hash fans are shopping for budders, rosins, cartridges, and other dabbables in celebration of Independence Day and 710 Oil Day.

Numerous state-legal cannabis retailers offer deals, like buy two vape carts, get one free, including California, Florida, Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan. Regardless of your tax bracket, there are great concentrates to choose from.

This heatwave calls for the best economical extracts in the country for celebrating, healing, meditating, and more.

Find deals in:

·         California

·         Florida

·         Oregon

·         Michigan

·         Colorado

·         Nevada

·         Illinois

·         Arizona

·         Half-price hash in California

California, the golden cherry on the top of the bowl of bargain hash in the US, has about 600 stores and delivery services offering the purest extracts, tested by third parties for solvents, pesticides, and mold. All the time, new brands and stores launch.

Cali vape pen cartridges

If you’re on a tight budget, Flav offers products such as the one-gram cartridge of Jack Herer oil (aka distillate) for just $13 at Los Angeles’ Green Cross of Torrance.

At Club78 in Reseda, oil carts from national brand Select start at $20 a gram for Mendo Breath Elite. For legal cannabis extracts, the national price floor is about twenty bucks a gram.

In their Los Angeles store, major cart brand Stiizy regularly runs cart deals, like Blue Dream one-gram carts for $20 and Birthday Cake distillate (“disty”) for $27. It costs $20 for a cart of Stiizy’s Biscotti 0.5g; it costs $25 for Gelato.

To take it to the next level, Pruf Cultivar offers a classic Blue Dream 0.5g cart for $30; Moxie has 0.5g Sour Apple Haze Dart pods for $30, or a Member Berry 0.5g pod for $25.

0.5g Blue Dream cartridges from AbsoluteXtracts cost $32, a staple. You can find Care by Design at From the Earth in Point Pleasant for $29.21 for 0.5g of 1:1 CBD. Hueneme.

If you’re ready to splurge, it goes as high as:

The price of a gram of Heavy Hitters Gelato #33 live resin at LA Cannabis Co in Inglewood is $70

Nuvata Strawberry Full Mind cart costs $48.99 for .5 grams

Lavender Kush .5g PAX pods are on sale for $30 at Legion of Bloom disty and live resin cart champs

You can buy half-gram PAX pods for $33 from Phat Panda

Cali dabs, sauce, wax, and diamonds

You can buy Clear Star’s Tropicana Zkittlez shatter, or Triangle Kush shatter, for $23 grams at Purple Star San Francisco.

Live resin grams of Humboldt Farms Mimosa cost $25 at Sherbinski’s.

The Green Cross in San Francisco sells AbsoluteXtracts’ Watermelon Kush live resin sauce for just $27 a gram.

Big brand Cresco supplies Alien Bubba live sauce by Strains Dispensary in Perris for $30 grams.

*Wox Extracts holds down the bargains with $32 grams of 24k Gold live resin sugar from Exhalence LA.

Look out for Balboa Caregivers of Chatsworth as well: Sour Pie Caviar Crumble for $35.

A gram of 1Lyfe Lava Cake sauce and diamonds costs $35 at The Green Cross in San Francisco.

And Eel River Organics provides bargain dabs for $37 like Fog Berry live resin grams.

However, for the real deal, California value belongs to Raw Garden, whose $35 live resin and carts offer real savings coupled with real quality. The Pottery in Los Angeles offers Raspberry Punch and Dosi Punch for $35 per gram.

California has so much more to offer. Do you love bubble hash? You can find Biscotti Resina’s Banana OG 1g for $30, or their Headband Super Glue Chem at Sherbinskis. Cali Hash really dominates the bubble sector with 28% of the market share; spotted at Coast Coast Collective. Make sure you don’t miss $20 a gram of Talking Trees kief!

Splurging a bit?

Sherbinski’s offers Raw Garden diamonds at $50 per gram

Reefer Madness of Palm Springs has GMO hash rosin dots for just $45.

The Hoties #7 Persy Live Rosin from 710 Labs is $90 a gram, while the Blueberry Haze Live Rosin from 710 Labs goes for $60 a gram.

Value vapes of Florida

The medical cannabis program in Florida is nascent, but its potential is immense. In 2020, only a few vertically integrated brands will grow, extract, and sell medical cannabis concentrates in Florida. It’s a huge improvement from just a few years ago. All deals are relative; they aren’t great.

For the most part, Florida residents use Surterra Wellness 1:4 Zen dispensable pens with 0.3g of oil, which are sold by Surterra Boynton Beach for $30. Alternatively, they have a 1:1 Otto-Heal cart for $40.

There is a wide selection of oil carts available at Curaleaf stores, including a 0.5g Blueberry OG disposable for $42 and a Gelato cart for $45.

Next, MUV Products competes with $60 G-Pen Gio pods of Jack Herer and other strains. Canna-Tsu offers a CBD-rich 0.5g cart for $50 as well.

Rythm’s Balance cartridge, featuring LSD, sells for $100 at RISE Hollandale Beach and would be the cheapest full-gram cart.

For splurges:

· Mary’s Medicinals has a wide variety of awesome pods, like the 0.5g 3:1 CBD PAX Pod for $75

It’s a deal to get 0.4 grams of Trulieve Blue River rosin for $60. Regardless of the extract, TruLieve is superior: TruWax, TruShatter, TruClear, and TruRosin

Bargain dabs of Oregon

The legal cannabis market in Oregon is highly competitive, driving prices through the roof, benefitting bargain shoppers. On Leafly, you can easily browse dabs in Oregon.

Sauce Boss Acapulco Gold disty carts start at a crazy $10 a gram at The Link in Portland.

At Green Front in Portland, Buddies Brand has $20 grams of Blue Lemon Thai live resin; or $24 disty one-gram carts of Love Bucket.

At Reefer Madness in Salem, you can find $ 20-gram carts of Harlequin from Willie’s Reserve, which sells for $20 each.

Curaleaf Portland also sells $20 grams of UKU Tahoe OG.

In addition to Phat Panda and Top Shelf, Bobsled Extracts and Double Delicious are also available in $10 half-gram or $ 20-gram carts.

Splurging around Stumptown?

Get the Heylo Volume 1 PAX pod for $60 a 0.5g at High-End Market Place in Vancouver, WA

Echo Electuary’s Huckleberry Web live CBD nectar cart from Phresh Cannabis for $60 a gram

· Chem Mint PAX pods are available for $50 per gram from House of Cultivar.

Oregon dabs, rosin, shatter

OG Processing is offering $9 one-grams of BHO Slymer, Purple Gelato, and more.

· A $10 bill gets you one gram of Original Extracts’ 501st OG Pull n’ Snap; Purple Punch hash from PDX Dabs; or Rosewalker shatter from HUSH.

· At Homegrown Oregon in West Salem, Hood Oil brand one-grams of Gelato shatter cost just $12.

At Fire and Frost Cannabis in Vancouver, Double Delicious offers Purple Lemon Haze RSO grams for just $13. Crazy.

Forbidden Fruit shatter is also available for $14.95 at Diem delivery and Dab Factory in Portland. Whaaaat?

Those who do not want to use solvents can get bubble hash grams for $15 at Happy Leaf from Green Dragon Extracts.

Now that you’ve bargain hunted, ball out with:

The Herbery sells Phat Panda’s Face-Off live resin grams for $40

At Greenhead Cannabis Vancouver, you can purchase Strawberry Banana rosin grams for $60 from House of Cultivar

Affordable oils of Michigan

In Michigan, medical cannabis manufacturers have made the switch to recreational sales just a year after it opened for adult use. Modern extraction processes are used on some of the best, most exotic strains. There is everything that you expect from California, just at a higher price point.

Michigan vape carts

Medical patients in Flint may purchase half-gram carts from Mary’s Medicinals for $20 at 3Fifteen.

The disty Fire OG from the brand Flav is available in Michigan for $ 35-gram carts.

Additionally, scan for PRUF Cultivar – they deliver $ 35-gram carts of Blue Dream to Michiganders.

However, forty dollars is the real price point: Stiizy’s carts of OG Kush are $40 gram. There’s even a Wedding Cake Gram Cart from Willie’s Reserve for $40.

Chem Dog carts start at $40 from High Life Farms at Holistic Health of Wayne.

At Green Door Alternative in Detroit, select Blue Dream carts to start at $40 a gram and Tropicana Cookies oil is $40 a gram.

Furthermore, Great Lakes Natural Remedies offers 45 grams of premium PMO dab dart for $45 dollars. Cannalicious’ 1:1 RSO grams start at $45 as well.

Mary’s Medicinals has Gelato Pax pods for $45 a half-gram, or Blue Dream PAX pods for $40 a half-gram, at the top of the list. Half-gram carts of Airo Vapor from GSC cost $35.84.

Michigan dabs

In Portage, Lake Effect offers a pack of trial Hammerhead Dab Tabs for just $13, and Clear Water Concentrates offers CBD isolate for $20 a gram.

The Sticky Kief from Golden Harvests, available from Sticky Ypsi in Ypsilanti, costs $15 for a gram.

You can get a 150mg trial dab from Brand Element for just $15.

Buying Purple Punch dabbale oil at Green Door Alternative of Detroit might be the cheapest way to buy gram-dabs in Michigan, starting at $40 per gram.

Apothecare Ann Arbor offers Fwaygo carts for a reasonable $40 per gram.

·         At BotaniQ of Detroit, North Extracts has Orange Daiquiri or Lava Cake wax at $45 a gram.

Going big?

Monster Extracts now offers gelato live resin for $50, an 18% discount

Pink Cookies Sugar half-grams are available for $36 at Brand Cannalicious

It costs $135 for 2 grams of Monster Extracts’ Lemon Tree Rock Sauce, and $90 for 2 grams of Watermelon THC-A

At Information Entropy, Element live resin carts of Skywalker are $51.46; GMO live resin is $80 a gram

You can get hyped at $55 for True North Collective Motorbreath motor resin batter grams; at $60 for Sticky Ypsilanti’s Heaven Scent sauce grams

For half a gram of Pineapple Skunk, Utopia Extracts runs $30.87 at Ann Arbor Wellness. Spend $45.45 a half-gram on Big Gas live resin Zookies

· Cannalicious offers terp sugar that costs $80 a gram called Berry Cobbler

Economical extracts of Colorado

There is perhaps no better place in the world to get pure, potent, tasty hash than Colorado.

Colorado carts

At Kaya in Colfax, Craft Concentrates Lemon G disty carts cost just $10 per 0.5g.

At Starbuds, Evolution Lab’s Chroma carts are available for $17 for 0.5g.

The Republic offers the affordable disposable Hybrid Berry .3g from Wana Brands for $24.98.

It is available at Quality Choice for $25 per 0.5g. of Lime Sorbet.

Going big for your birthday? Buying them from Sunrise Solutions in Bailey, CO, you can get The Clear’s Lobster Butter Elite carts for $60 a gram.

Colorado shatter, badder, diamonds, sauce

Dabbers can purchase Citrus Fuel shatter made by Concentrate Supply Co. for $22 grams at Ace’s Place in Fort Worth. Collins. You’ll always be supplied by Concentrate Supply Co. Rocky Road on Platte in Colorado Springs had 14.32 grams of Joker Kush shatter.

· Brand Binske is offering Sugar Rose Badder grams for $23.37 at Lightshade in Aurora, CO.

With Critical Phantom OG Diamonds & Sauce grams at just $31.16 from Berkeley dispensary in Arvada, CO, Binske may offer the cheapest diamonds in Colorado.

The same-store sells Trade City Kush Resin for $22.24 gram at Craft Concentrates.

Also see the extracts from Eureka vapor, and Nature’s Heritage.

Affordable hash in other states

In Nevada

There are half-gram sauce carts for $19 and disposable .3-gram pens for $40 at NuLeaf Lake Tahoe.

Seek out Melting Point Extracts deals in Nevada, like Lava OG wax 0.5g for $21.22, or alternative medicine carts and wax from Vegas Alternative Medical Association.

In Illinois

· Look for Wellness Joos carts and Nature’s Grace carts

For $120, you can purchase a Pineapple Diesel .3 g disposable cart and a splurge 0.5g cart for $65 from Verano

For example, Cresco liquid live resin goes for $ 60 for a half-gram; its High Supply indica oil pen is $ 30 for 0.25g, and their Pineapple Express cart is $ 60

In Arizona

Check out:

Branded DRIP Oils and Extracts

· Plus, Untamed Herbs has WiFi OG for $30

JARS Cannabis now offers Wifi OG #43 terp cartridges in 0.5g

Jack Herer live sauce at The Mint in Tempe

Herbal Wellness Center offers Vapen Blue Zkittlez 0.5g for $30

At $70 a gram, Zodiak’s Moonrock brand is a splurge at YiLo Superstore’s Lynwood Lemonade cart

And that’s it! We could never capture all of the savings out there for hash lovers within the dab world, which is so vast and so dynamic. Check out Leafly’s marketplace for concentrates and find the fire near you.

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