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Solution for Suntan Faced by Bike Riders



Boys have to leave home every day for their own needs, for livelihood, or for various activities. Many people prefer to ride a bike for the speed of travel. Send it now, ride-sharing like Uber bike is very popular in Dhaka city. After wandering around in the sun all day, he returned home at the end of the day and saw that his skin was burnt and turned black by the sun. I know, this is a very common problem for bikers or those who ride outside. Going after the suntan on the skin while riding the bike? Then today’s article is for you!

Do you have skin color inconsistencies?

Most girls are very conscious about their skin, but many boys are not yet concerned about basic skin care. If the boys go to the sun and return home with dirt on their skin at the end of the day, then why not skincare for boys? Take a look, is there any color inconsistency in your body skin? The part of the body that is covered, is bright! And the part that is exposed to the sun, is relatively dark! This inconsistency in skin color shows you how important it is for you to have basic skin care. Skin Care and Sun Protection is not just for girls! It is equally necessary for everyone.

What is the solution?
Sun exposure and pollution damage your skin quickly. Darker skin, younger skin age, and dirty and dry skin are all happening but for sun damage. How long will you protect yourself from the sun after wearing a full-sleeved dress? With a little care, wearing suntan on the skin can be easily prevented. How? Find out now.

1) Use sunscreen
Must apply sunscreen! When leaving the house during the day, apply sunscreen on the face, neck, hands, and the part that is exposed to the sun. Suncare products that have at least SPF 50 will give you good coverage. Sunscreen has to be re-applied every 2/3 hours. This is the most effective way to protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays.

2) Cleansing back home
If the skin is not cleaned properly after returning home, the pores of the skin become closed due to dust and sweat. This can cause problems such as dark spots, roughness, acne, or rashes on your skin. So taking a good shower back home is a must. Use a soap or shower gel that gives a refreshing feel while bathing. You can use a body scrub to clean the dust well. This will clean the dead cells and dirt accumulated on the surface of the skin.

3) Keep the skin moisturized
Those who ride bikes, their skin is quite rough, right? If you stay in the sun for a long time, the skin gets dry as soon as you wear suntan. You can use aloe vera gel before going to bed at night to keep the skin hydrated. This will gradually reduce the tanning, the skin will be repaired, and the feeling of roughness will be removed. After the shower, use a body lotion according to the needs of the skin. Boys’ skin is relatively hot, but with a little care, your skin will be better.

Yes, very easily but you can protect yourself from the harmful effects of sunlight. You have to apply sunscreen and go out and carry the sunscreen with you. For those who are bikers and those who ride bikes to their destination, I hope today’s article was helpful.

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