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Sonatafy Technology – Providing Skilled Software Engineers to Its Clients for Their Nearshore Outsourcing Needs



In recent times, outsourcing software development as a business activity has grown in popularity, and various organizations located in the United States can now outsource several operations and functions to other nations due to digitization and globalization. The nearshore outsourcing model is one of the most used software development outsourcing models developed recently. Organizations have been able to streamline their current functions and reduce their overall software development operational costs, allowing them to concentrate their attention and resources on major and critical projects.

Nearshore outsourcing entails outsourcing duties to a vendor in a country near the parent company’s location. It is, for instance, carried out by American businesses in nations like Mexico, Canada, and several Latin American countries. It has several benefits, including similarity of culture, use of the same time zone, proximity, and companies stand to benefit significantly from nearshore outsourcing, particularly for software development tasks.

Businesses can focus their resources on their most important tasks with outsourcing. As a result, software developers’ training and hiring costs are eliminated for organizations, and they can now depend on a consulting firm to finish the job on their behalf. It also leads to better teamwork as the businesses involved operate in similar or nearly similar time zones. Without having to work odd hours, it enables effective communication between individuals and reduces operating hours by appointing work to nearshore resources.  By delegating specific tasks through outsourcing, organizations also save time.

Finding the right talent is one of software companies’ most significant obstacles. Outsourcing solves this issue by giving businesses access to today’s vast global talent pool that exists today. In addition to finding the right talent, companies can benefit from other nations’ technological capabilities and infrastructure through nearshore outsourcing.

The proximity to the parent company’s location is the central aspect of the nearshore outsourcing model. This signifies that the teams work with less time difference between time zones, which makes it simple for team members to travel and work together when necessary. Through nearshore outsourcing, the company and its suppliers can communicate openly and effectively due to the language similarities and same time zones, thus, improving collaboration and product development.

Language barriers and cultural differences frequently arise when businesses employ the offshoring model to outsource their software development services to a faraway nation. On the other hand, nearshore outsourcing addresses these problems and creates a cohesive and productive working environment. One of the most efficient methods is using professional services and solutions to implement the nearshore outsourcing model. One such company that is popularly known for providing top-notch nearshore outsourcing services is Sonatafy Technology.

Sonatafy Technology, based in the United States, was founded in August 2020 by David Turner and Steve Taplin following their acquisition of Sonata Services, established in 2004. Previously, Sonata Services primarily provided US businesses with software developers in Asia and Mexico. Still, through the inception of Sonatafy Technology, the Sonatafy franchise broadened its reach by providing skillful and talented software engineers and developers with a managed service and support business model from Latin America to various American businesses.

Sonatafy Technology created Nexxus, an internal SaaS product that matches client business requirements with the right software engineers. It also evaluates software developers’ and  engineers’ English language proficiency, soft and hard skills, and coding. The company has generated over $13 million in income since its establishment and has approximately $27 million in its client and sales pipeline. This software is presently utilized to run Sonatafy Technology’s internal operations but will likely be made available to the public this year as a white-labeled SaaS product.

Sonatafy has also set up a private LinkedIn group called Sonatafy Nexxus, which has over 8200 active members, where LATAM developers and engineers can talk about their experiences and get career advice and recommendations. The company currently offers solutions for web, mobile, and cloud applications, big data, quality assurance, mobile software applications, the Internet of Things, DevOps practices, machine learning, and e-commerce.

Since its inception, the company has received many awards, such as a Gold Globee in 2022 and Top Software Developers 2020 by, Top Software Development Company by GoodFirms, Top Web Development Companies 2021 by TopDevelopers, Top Rated Software Development Companies by SoftwareWorld, Top Software Development Agency by DesignRush, Best Custom Software Development Companies of 2021 by Design Drizzle, Top Mobile App Development Company by ITFirms and the Top Choice Award of 2021 by FitThePhoto.

Through its breakthrough SaaS software and nearshore outsourcing services, Sonatafy Technology is not only facilitating organizations but is also unquestionably paving the way for their advancement.

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