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Sweepstakes And Giveaways For Kids



Children’s Day is approaching and many brands take the opportunity to make a raffle or promotion on social networks. Do you think you can give more publicity to your products by taking advantage of this campaign? Well, discover some ideas for sweepstakes for kids on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and get some tips to carry out this type of promotion easily and quickly.

Define the prize for your Children by draw

The first thing, before creating a sweepstakes for kids, is to be clear about the gift or prize you are offering. Think that the prize is the most important motivation for your target audience to participate in a raffle or contest, so we recommend that you carefully analyze which product or advantage is the one that can most encourage participation.

It is a day to celebrate and claim childhood and children’s rights, where toys and other gifts are usually given. Toys, clothing and other products for boys and girls are the most common sectors that carry out raffles and promotions for this campaign, but there are really many types of businesses that can organize a promotion taking advantage of Children’s Day.

Once you are clear about what you want to draw, the units and the dates on which you will carry out the draw, decide on the social network that suits you best.

Children’s Giveaway.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network. If you already have a company profile on this social network and you want to work and grow your community on this network, the sweepstakes for kids on Instagram is undoubtedly a good action to promote your brand.

The simplest way to run a giveaway on aktualne konkursy is to create a post on your profile and ask them to participate by commenting on it. The image is very important: it must be eye-catching, show the gift and indicate that it is a giveaway. It is also important to have a text with the instructions.

In the following real example, this brand associated Children’s Day with the “inner child” that we all carry inside to take advantage of the date and promote its product with a gift voucher draw. As we can see, the image must generate attention and be original, and it is interesting to show the word “raffle” and a reference to the prize.

From Easypromos on aktualne konkursy we recommend that the obligatory and main action to participate in the raffle is to comment on the post , as it is a simple way to confirm that the user wants to participate and this information can be easily imported via API, with which you can later carry out the raffle. randomly quickly and transparently . You can also ask to mention friends as a requirement to participate. As for being a follower of the page, Instagram does not allow external applications to obtain this information, so if you request it as a requirement, you must confirm it manually through the Instagram search engine on your profile.

There are 3 key aspects to creating a quick giveaway on aktualne konkursy: the text, the images and the legal bases. Here are resources to help you create your own more easily.

Regarding the text, the resource template that we have indicated above can help you save time. There you will see all the essential aspects to comment on when you make a giveaway. Take advantage of it and send it to your email or use our giveaway editor!

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