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Teenagers Skin Care 11 Steps



Although these 3 steps of cleansing, toning and moisturizing are for everyone, skincare is also one of a kind with age, such as teenagers. This is a very sweet time for everyone, but teenagers have to go through various things including education, social life, career, hormonal problems. These include skincare. Most teenagers are confused about what should be done for their skin and what should not be done. Acne, breakouts, oily skin are all at the beginning of their complaint list. During this stressful time, if you take care of the wrong skin, you can get 12 of the opposite skin. So it is very important for teenagers to know exactly how to take care of their skin. Let’s not exaggerate anymore, about teen skincare.

How to take care of the skin of teenagers

1. Understand skin type
The first thing to focus on is understanding your own skin. What is your skin type? Normal, dry, oily, or a combination? You can find out the easy way. Wake up in the morning and look at the skin of the face. If your skin is soft, has no blemishes or patches and the skin is oily balanced, then your skin is normal. Owners of normal skin will use a non-alcoholic mild cleanser.

And if the skin does not feel smooth, dry patch, pulses feel. However, your skin type is dry. Even if the skin is dry, use a mild cleanser. Do not do extra scrubbing on the skin and take less bath in hot water.

If the skin is oily, has pimples, breakouts, pores, etc., then your skin type is oily. If you have oily skin, clean your face twice a day with facewash.

If the T-zone of your skin is oily and the other parts of the face are dry, then your combination is skin.
2. Cleansing
It is very important to clean the skin before waking up and going to bed at night. Otherwise, the oil, sweat, dirt that has accumulated on the skin will only damage the skin. Always use a good quality cleanser and refrain from rubbing the face too hard.

3. Moisturize
Moisturizer but must on all skin types. Whether it is oily or dry skin. Always use a light moisturizer with skin type and problem in mind and make sure it suits your skin.

4. Exfoliate
Exfoliating is very important to prevent skin blockage in teenagers. For this, use scrub on the skin 2/1 times a week. However, you can use a homemade scrub without using a store-bought scrubber. For example, you can use rice powder or oats powder and honey to make a scrub. However, always gently scrub very lightly.

5. Sunblock
To get healthy and tan free skin, you must use sunblock or sunscreen every day. Use sunblock 20 minutes before going out. The sunblock should have at least SPF 30.

At the end of the day after using sunblock, you must do double cleansing to clean your face.

. Face mask
If you use a face mask once a week, your skin will definitely thank you. The face mask not only removes dirt, toxins and impurities from the skin, but also keeps your skin moisturized. Now you can buy different face masks according to your skin type. However, if you want, you can also make masks at home with natural ingredients. Ingredients such as besan and turmeric, honey and lemon, tomato and multani soil, sandalwood and honey can be used to make a mask.
. Use of powder
Teenagers with oily skin make this mistake. They apply the powder to remove the oily shine of the skin. It doesn’t help but clogs your pores or closes the pores. So use tissue or blotting paper without using powder.

. Makeup
Even if teenagers like makeup, there are some things to keep in mind. It is better not to use foundation on tin skin. Use tinted moisturizer instead. Always keep makeup brushes and sponges clean.

9. Do not touch the face repeatedly
Did you know that repeated exposure to the face causes bacteria to get into the face? So refrain from touching the face again and again. Always use face towels, tissues. Do not share makeup products and brushes with anyone else.

10. Do not pinch pimples or acne

I know many people can’t stop pimples if they don’t touch them. And as a result of touching acne or acne, spots appear on the skin. So refrain from pimple pegs. Apply a little tea tree oil on the pimples and go to bed at night. Tea tree oil helps reduce acne.

11. Consult a doctor
If you have skin problems such as pimples, break outs, rashes, etc., refrain from listening to anyone or buying something on your own. Talk to a skin doctor, report problems and get advice. Because, hormonal problems are seen a lot more at this time. So it is wise to consult a doctor about skin problems in teenagers.

Since you are a teenager, your skin is also young. So follow a simple skin care routine all the time without maintaining anything heavy to take care of teenagers skin. Be sure to follow a balanced diet and drink plenty of water. Because beauty is important from within. These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.
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