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Teenagers Skin Care Routine Basic Steps



Pimples, excessive dryness or oily feeling, dark patch !!! These are common problems in teens. But skincare from the age of thirteen or fourteen! The pH balance of the skin will be lost. Teenagers only wash their faces with water. We keep hearing that around! But you know, from this age onwards, proper face cleansing, moisturizing the skin, and using sun protectors means that it is very important to start basic skin care. Not to mention, prevention is better than cure. If care is taken in advance to keep the skin healthy, it will not have any adverse effect on the skin even with age. If you do not know why and how to do skincare for teenagers.

Why Teenage Skin Care Is Urgent?

1) If the oil and moisture content in the skin layers is right, the skin looks healthy. We all know more or less how important hydration is for the skin. But do you know where the oil balance is needed?

Skin layer oil prevents our skin from losing moisture from the surface layer. The skin can not be dehydrated.
The skin’s natural oil retains elasticity, making the skin look softer from the outside.
If the oil balance is more or less, then it affects the barrier layer of the skin, such as dryness, acne, redness, fine lines, and many more! Therefore, it is important to take skincare from this age to keep the oil and moisture balance.

2) We all know that the teenage body changes a lot. Hormonal changes at this time also cause many problems in the skin, many pores become larger, and the rate of secretion of sebum increases. If the skin is not cleaned properly, the level of dead cells with sebum can get worse.

3) As a result of going out every day, the heat and dust of the sun do a lot of damage to the skin. It is not possible to remove impurities from the skin just by washing with water. Dirt from deep layers of skin needs to be cleaned.

For these reasons, you should take proper skincare from your teens.

Now the question is how can I take care of the skin?
Most teenagers are confused about what to do with their skin. You need to choose the right skincare range before applying the wrong product to the skin.

1) Cleanser selection by first understanding the skin type

Normal, dry, oily, or combination – what is your skin type? Depending on the type of skin, mild, low pH, non-comedogenic foaming facewash should be chosen. Problems that occur if you do not clean your face properly-

Sweat, darts, and excess sebum can cause pimples.
The pores may become larger.
Dark patches can form on the skin due to the accumulation of dead cell layers.
Exfoliates in a natural way for 12-13 years, meaning that new cells begin to regenerate as they can free radical neutralize. But after that, you have to remove the dead cell once a week with a mild formula scrub. If there are active pimples on the skin, it is better not to do scrubbing.

2) You can use an acne patch
Even after keeping their face clean, many people get pimple problems during this time due to hormonal reasons. These problems can be because, during puberty, the pores tend to get bigger due to hormonal changes and the access sebum leaks out. You can take care of your skin using acne patches for quick healing without acne scars and so that acne scars do not settle on the skin.

3) Must use moisturizer
Make sure you use a good moisturizer every time you clean your skin. Oily skin does not need to use any cream! This idea is completely wrong. Oily skin has more sebum, which does not mean that it is hydrated skin. This type of skin also needs moisturizer. If the skin is oily then you can use a gel-based moisturizer, and if your skin is dry then you can use a cream-based moisturizer.

4) Do not forget to apply sunscreen
During this time, no one bothers about skin sun protection. And this is what later created various skin-related issues. Such as sunburn, pigmentation, dark spots, and much more. So before going out, you have to apply the product with the right SPF. Mineral-based sunscreen can be used safely in teenagers.

5) It is better to avoid heavy makeup regularly
Makeup products often contain harmful elements like heavy metals. Rash and redness can also appear after the pore is clogged. So it is better not to do regular makeup on supple skin. If you maintain healthy skin care, your skin will glow naturally. This is a must-have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

6) Sheet mask or homemade mask for hydration
Homemade Natural Ingredients Masks will be great for skin care for teenagers. One day a week you can use a mixture of besan and rose water, honey, lemon, sandalwood, and honey. If these seem to be a problem or if you have less time on hand, you can use the sheet mask once / twice a month. Just look at whether there is an allergy problem in any of the ingredients.

Then it became known about the skin care routine of teenagers. Besides, moderate sleep, a balanced diet, drinking 8 glasses of water daily, and being stress-free are all must. You should refrain from smearing any product without checking the ingredients, putting nails on pimples, or falling asleep without cleaning your face. If you want you can buy authentic skin care products online from In addition, you can buy your cosmetics at two physical shops, located at Jamuna Future Park and Border Reserve.

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