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The Benefits Of Installing Uponor Pex Plumbing And Where To Buy



where to buy uponor pex

Plumbers have been using PEX pipes for a long time. PEX pipe was invented in the 1960s, but it was during the 1980s that it gained popularity.

The real estate industry started booming in the 1980s. Hence, the construction industry was looking for different technologies and practices to improve the construction process. That’s when plumbers started using the Pex pipes.

The traditional iron or copper pipes were too rigid. As a result, the design of the house was highly dependent on how the pipes were laid out. However, with pex pipe in construction, the home design becomes more flexible.

Pex pipes are easier to handle, bend easily around the corners, and are as durable as CPVC pipes.

In today’s competitive market, everyone is looking for alternative solutions that keep them ahead of their competitors. This is where Uponor pex plumbing helps the plumbers get the best of their work.

What Is Uponor Pex Plumbing?

PEX piping is the abbreviation for Cross-linked polyethylene. These pipes cost less than half of the copper pipes and are much easier to install.

In the PEX plumbing, plumbers use only pex piping. Since the pex piping is flexible, it makes the remodeling of the house much easier.

The reason why pex pipes have gained popularity is not only limited to how flexible they are but also because of their strong memory. No matter how you bend the pipe, it always wants to spring back to its original state.

For most jobs, you can usually buy several coils of 10ft and need to pay some extra for the installation.

Why Should You Consider Installing Uponor Pex Pipes Over Copper?

Pex plumbing has been in the industry for quite a while. It is just that most people are not aware of how beneficial they are when it comes to modern home plumbing.

We all know how expensive houses have become. If we could do even a small thing to reduce the price of the house, we would do that. What if we tell you Pex pipe has been doing that for ages.

Pex pipes are made of polyethylene which has the same durability as a copper pipe but costs almost half. Now think about how much you will save with pex piping all around the house.

What’s more, even if you live in an area where the temperature drops below zero degrees, the pex pipe ensures water does not freeze.

Benefits Of Installing Uponor Pex Plumbing

Whether you are considering repiping your house or want to lay out pipe connections in your new home, you may want to consider PEX pipe. As we have already said, pex is a term used for Cross-Linked Polyethylene. It is a strong plastic tubing that has gained popularity for plumbing installations.

Here are the benefits why people now consider using pex piping over copper or steel plumbing solutions.

Withstand Extreme Temperature

There are many things that can damage the plumbing system. However, one of the elements that are majorly responsible for wreaking havoc in the extreme fluctuations of the temperatures. In the traditional plumbing system where copper and steel are used, extreme temperature fluctuation can cause the material to crack or wear down quickly.

However, pex is a specially designed material made to withstand extreme temperatures with ease. As a result, it won’t wear down, and the pipes won’t freeze. That means you will have fewer pipe repairs and disruption to your water services.

It Is Energy Efficient

Pex pipes are energy efficient. The pie offers insulating property. That means hot water stays hot while they are traveling in the pipes. In addition, it also reduces the condensation from the cold water.

Because of these features, you consume less energy to keep your water hot and cold when needed. Repiping with the Uponor pex pipes can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Resistant To Corrosion

One of the common problems with the traditional piping system is corrosion. Copper can gradually degrade with time, and metal pipes can corrode over time. The sediments can build and can eventually affect the quality of water.

But not for pex piping.

Pex piping comes with a plastic material that doesn’t rust or corrode. This also means the pipe will not clog with rust and other kinds of sediments. With pex pipes, you can always count on it to deliver clean water that smells and tastes great.

Highly Affordable

As we have already said that Pex piping is highly affordable. You can lay out the same pipes area for almost half of the price. However, traditional pipes like copper, steel, and other metal are expensive. And you need more time to install them. This increases the cost of manpower.

However, with Pex pipes, the cost becomes half. The installation process is smooth and takes less time compared to copper pipes. This further reduces the cost of manpower.

If you see the pex plumbing as a whole, you will see it as a money-saving deal with safety features and functionality.

Easy To Install

The reason why pex pipe gained popularity is because of its easy installation process. The process is so simple and easy that even a non-professional with the right tool can do pex plumbing.

The flexible tubing can be snaked around the corner with ease. Your plumber doesn’t have to add joints to connect the pipes; you simply buy a ready-made connector and connect the two pies.

This reduces the amount of joining in the pipes. In addition, with fewer connectors, you mitigate the risk of any breakdown in the future.

Easy To Repair

When a traditional pipe fails to deliver, it is most likely that your plumber will ask you to remove the whole segment of the pipe. This increases the cost of repairs.

However, when pex pipes repair is required, the isolated section of the pipe can be removed without any problems. Therefore, the repair is generally easier, and it takes less time and cost.

Limitations Of Uponor Pex Plumbing

Yes, Pex pipes hold many advantages over traditional copper and steel pipes. But, that doesn’t mean they are perfect products without any limitations.

Despite being a versatile product, they do have limitations you need to be aware of. Knowing their limitations will help you know the best possible cases where you can use them.

Pex Pipe Can’t Be Used Outside

Yes, you read it correctly. Pex pipes are meant to be used only indoors or, more precisely, inside the walls. Remember how we said it could withstand extreme temperatures? We only said when it is under the protection of wall insulation.

When pex pipes are used outside, they are vulnerable to wear and tear because of the following factors.

  • Extreme cold as there is nothing to cover the pipes. The water can also freeze.
  • Extreme heat as the high temperature can affect the material of the pex pipe.
  • Wear and tear because of animals, weather changes, and other natural elements.

Pex pipe is an indoor solution. If you are using it outdoors, you are not using it to its full potential.

Rodent Like Plastic

There are localities that say no to plastics. It is possible that you live in such a region. If that is the case, you might not be allowed to use pex pipes in your home. This is usually seen in the cities where the trash can lead to a large number of rodents.

The rodents can find their way into the home and chew out pipes like these. The good thing is that you can call for professionals and get rid of the rodents. But it will only increase your cost.

You must think about this problem carefully before installing pex pipes in your home.

Some Pex Types Comes With Several Issues

It is not entirely confirmed whether or not pex pipes are the ultimate solution. Some experts are totally against pex pipes because their nature closely resembles polybutylene.

Polybutylene is a plastic material (same as polyethylene) but is less durable. Over the time of usage, the flexible material becomes hard and eventually cracks like glass.

Although Pex pipes have been in the industry, they are relatively new to large-scale usage. So, it will take time to establish itself and officially prove its worth.

Where to Buy Uponor Pex?

If you are wondering where to buy uponor pex, the place will be your local stores. Pex pipes are now a norm in the plumbing industry, and almost every plumbing resource has them.

You just need to have your requirements ready, visit the shop, and get what you need for your plumbing project.

However, if you don’t want to take the hassle of visiting shops, you can simply visit the above link.


Knowing about the piping in your home is important. This gives you an idea of what you need to expect from your home piping system and the practices to maintain them.

If you are not knowledgeable about this topic, talk to the professionals and get their valuable advice. They can visit your house and inspect the right piping system.

We have tried to cover all the necessary things here. But, even after that, if you find your questions unanswered, feel free to reach out to us. We will ensure you get all your answers.

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