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The Best Way to Get People to Join Your Network Marketing Business



The Best Way to Get People to Join Your Network Marketing Business

When you’re in network marketing, everyone you come across in your daily interactions is a potential customer or business partner. But you can’t go into your interactions thinking, “I’m gonna recruit this person.” You’ll need a different mindset to actually create success in your MLM recruiting efforts.

People in general do too much talking and not enough listening. They always have an agenda, and it’s to be heard themselves, rather than hear the other person. You can’t get people to join your network marketing business like that. You’ll have to be different. You’ll have to show interest in people. There’s no more powerful way than listening.

Listening is one of the most valuable skills in successful MLM recruiting. Learn to ask good questions. If you ask a question that gives someone the opportunity to talk about themselves, then actually close your mouth listen, you’ll instantly distinguish yourself from 95% of everyone else they know. All of a sudden, here’s somebody in front of them that’s truly interested in them. That instantly begins to break down barriers and jumpstarts the relationship-building process.

A great conversational format for MLM recruiting is FORM (family, occupation, recreation, message). FORM helps you remember the right kinds of questions to ask. They don’t necessarily need to be in the order listed, but you’ll notice it’s a fairly natural progression for any conversation.

F-Family Network

Questions about family can include where the person is from, where they went to school, who they know that you might know, how many siblings they have, etc.

O-Occupation Network

You can just ask them, “What kind of work do you do?,” “How long have you been doing that?,” or, “What do you like about it?”

R-Recreation Network

Ask the person what they like to do for fun, what some of their favorite places to visit are, or where their dream vacation would be.

M-Message Network

While you don’t need to follow the exact order of FORM, it’s critical that you save your message for the end of the conversation, AFTER you’ve asked good questions. You will need to have been listening, so you can address a need or desire that came up. Example: “Joe, I noticed you said you don’t like your job and you wish you could find something to make better money. Are you open to the idea of making some extra money part-time?”

Because you’ve listened and learned that Joe doesn’t like his job and he does want to make more money, you can invite him to look at your business as a possible solution. However, if Joe loves his job, your invite will focus on a different need that arises in the conversation.

When you start listening, you open the door and people begin sharing. They share their thoughts, desires, and needs that you can serve.

I’ll share a quick story from my own life about the power of asking questions and taking genuine interest in people. Recently, I got together with a high school friend and his wife. It’s funny, because in the back of my mind, I’ve always thought maybe he would want to join my network marketing business.

At dinner, I asked his wife questions that opened the door for her to share about herself. She shared enthusiastically how she loves the company she works with, BUT she wants to build her own empire. She got really passionate talking about entrepreneurial ideas she’s had and her desire to start a business. Then it happened. She said, “So tell me about the business you’re in.”

BOOM! There it was. Open door. It led to a follow up meeting where I gave her my business presentation. All because I asked the right questions, closed my mouth, opened my ears, and listened.

So how do you get people to join your network marketing business? How do you create customers? Ask questions that give people the opportunity to talk about themselves, and listen.

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