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The coolest animals



coolest animals
coolest animals

The year has passed, but it left good discoveries and memories, especially in the animal world. Check out the coolest animals:

1 – Saiphos equalis

This Australian reptile, which looks similar to a snake, was caught in the act: evolving. One population gives birth to live young while another lays eggs. However, the two populations can interbreed and are clearly the same species. By observing them, it is possible to see the evolution of live-born babies and discover why some animals have lost the habit of laying eggs.

2 – Otonycteris hemprichii

When you use the expression “deadly scorpions”, you may feel scared, but the only thing the desert bat thinks about is dinner. Without pity, the bat lands on top of one and tries to bite its head. In retaliation, the scorpion bites the bat directly in the face. The bat’s answer? Apparently, he barely notices, goes ahead, kills the scorpion, and takes it home to eat at will. Even if he is stung by Palestine’s fearsome yellow scorpion, which in rare cases can kill humans, he won’t mind. Who is the toughest bat in the world?

3 – Thyreophora cynophila

After 160 years of extinction, the insect returns to the world, rediscovered this year in Spain. It is a nocturnal animal that feeds on the rotting flesh of large mammals. Active only during the winter months, it emits a luminous glow from its large orange head.

4 – Syringammina fragilissima

In the late summer of 1882, a ship called Triton crossed the cold seas of northern Scotland and unearthed the first sample of a new group of organisms, the single-celled xenophyophores. The species they found, Syringammina fragilissima, is exceptional. Most single-celled organisms are microscopic, but Syringammina regularly grows to a width of 10 centimeters, sometimes twice as much, and wraps itself in a hard structure that is the largest object made by a single cell.

5 – Otis tarries

The bustard is probably the heaviest living animal that can fly. Males usually weigh between 10 and 16 kg, but some can reach 21 kg. In contrast, females typically weigh no more than 5 kg. This is the biggest disparity in size between males and females in any bird species, and it can only mean one thing: females prefer robust males.

6 – Proteus anguinus

This blind amphibian with translucent skin offers valuable clues in the quest for the elixir of life: the proteus is a small salamander that spends its entire life in cave water and has no eyes or skin pigmentation. They are able to live for over 100 years, perhaps because of some previously unknown process in their metabolism.

7 – Cacoxenus indagator

Imagine yourself walled up in the dark, with no food available. You have to run away. But to get out of where you are, you have to dig your way through a rock wall with your own head, not even knowing if you’re going in the right direction. This looks like a scene taken from Death Games XXIII, but it’s actually how this fly begins its adult life. The difference is that she knows exactly what she has to do.

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Can I flush dog poop down the toilet?



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If you have one or more dogs, you are well aware of how much poop they can produce. Dog excrement is unsightly, smells bad, and can rapidly fill up your yard. This is an issue at any time of year, but particularly when the weather is great and you want to run around in the yard, barefoot or not. You collect it with dog poop bags, but what do you do with the dog poop once you’ve collected it? Many folks simply toss it in the garbage. However, when the weather is hot, this may be rather unpleasant.

Is it possible to flushing dog poop down the toilet? Even though there are a few options for getting rid of it, flushing it down the toilet seems to be the most convenient. Many dog owners feel that because they can flush their own excrement down the toilet, their dog’s poop should be the same.

If you own a dog and are considering using this method to dispose of your dog poop, there are a few things to consider.

Is Dog Poop Safe to Flush?

Water from the Sewer

When you flush your poop down the toilet, it goes to the local wastewater treatment facility. The majority of contaminants are eliminated here before they enter the river or stream.

Flushing your dog’s poop down the toilet won’t damage the person who uses it just after it’s been flushed. It also won’t pollute rivers or streams in any significant way.

However, you should check with the treatment centre to see if they can handle the germs that pet waste frequently carries. Not every waste facility is suited to manage ToxocaraCanis, or roundworm eggs, which can be found in dog excrement.

Septic System

You should not flush dog poop if you live in a home with a septic tank. Dog poop, unlike human poop, can include grasses, a lot of fur, and rawhide. All of these things can block your septic system’s drain field and produce clogs in your toilet. If you have a septic tank, flushing dog poop down it is not a good idea. Otherwise, you can find yourself dealing with a lot more issues than excrement.

So, what’s the final word? Is it okay to dump dog poop down the toilet? The answer is that it is dependent on the situation. Do you have city water that has been treated by a sewage treatment plant? Yes, as long as you make sure they can handle any germs found in the dog’s poop.

It’s preferable to toss your dog excrement away if you have a septic tank. Otherwise, you might be dealing with a costly septic problem or, at the absolute least, a blocked toilet. It’s not worth it to be able to flush your dog’s excrement for the sake of convenience.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Senior Dog Food for Arthritis



Dog Food

Your pet may experience difficulty walking and staying active – get the proper check as it could be arthritis. Dog arthritis is more common in older and bigger animals. When the hip and joints become weak and lead to chronic pain in animals, it is the first sign of arthritis.

When human beings turn older the joints and muscles become stiff – it is the same for animals. It is always better to get proper understanding of the condition to start the right treatment.

Understanding Arthritis 

Arthritis is a term from ‘altho’, which means joints, and ‘itis’ means inflammation. Arthritis is a bone degeneration condition when the joints turn stiff and inflamed. The disease slowly affects the muscles, tendons, cartilages, and ligaments supporting bones and joints.

Osteoarthritis is the term for the critical condition is dog bone issue. Your dog may suffer from chronic pain in the hips, shoulder, knees, and other joints. Some common symptoms look for swelling, skin color changes, limping during movement, and crying in pain.

Check for health supplements with natural food.

You can seek medical care for your quadruped friend and combine it with the best dog food for hip and joint. You can start by giving over-the-counter medication to relieve the pain. However, proper food is the ideal solution for a more extended period. Check with your veterinarian to add supplements to your dog food.

Dog food rich in Glucosamine and Chondroitin is the best for joint and hip degeneration. The combination of Glucosamine and Chondroitin supports healthy hip and joint functionalities. You can check for dog treats that include extracts of crab, lobsters, and shrimp shells to improve the dog cartilages. Your dog can enjoy better mobility and improve activities on continuous intake of these ingredients.

Here is the guide to choosing the best senior dog food for arthritis:

  • Sweet potatoes – Sweet potatoes are high in beta carotene thus, supporting the bones and muscles. It also contains amino acids that boost muscle activity and helps in fighting bone degradation.
  • Fish oil – Get Omega-3 fatty, rich fish oil and introduce it to your dog meals. It is one of the best anti-inflammatories that increases joint mobility. You must take proper care in adding this to your dog food as it also increases the body weight. Do not mix cod liver oil as it is high in Vitamin A and D, which will affect the dog’s healthy body weight.
  • Turmeric – One of the oldest anti-inflammatories is curcumin, and the primary source you can find in any Asian store is turmeric. The compound helps in reducing stiffness and eases chronic pain. It also contains enzymes that treat swelling.
  • Ginger – Another miracle compound that brings relaxation to the stiff muscles and reduces pain. Lab tests prove that ginger contains gingerol that prevents further inflammation of the joints.
  • Alfalfa – The main ingredient of Alfalfa prevents cellular damage of muscles and joints. It is rich in protein, nutrients, and vitamins; therefore, it will support your dog’s healthy hip and joints.

More to add

You can also treat your dog with simple, fresh fruit and veggies bits – chunks of papaya, blueberries, celery, and coconut are the best alternative to high medication.




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Worst dog food brands – Look for the ingredients.



Worst dog food brands – Look for the ingredients.

What Ingredients Are Unsuitable for Dog Consumption?

Everyone loves to feed their dogs some particular food based on the current state of production and development. 

Notably, each stage has a unique sense of producing the choice of food. For example, a puppy must have its assigned choice of food combination. And this extends to the adults and even the senior dogs. On that note, the choice of ingredients matters, and the kind of food a puppy will eat is different from an adult. This is why the study of ingredients choice matters in most cases.  

For example, most puppies at the elementary stage need some growth in proteins and bones (calcium). There are many sources of calcium (ingredient). But, which of these is the main product that supports the lives of the puppies better than others—this is the article’s significance and why you must read to the end. 

Lastly, when your dog consumes a product. The end line might result in the right choice of production, notwithstanding; some side-effects and residual of the products will remain as excrete or waste in the body system. In addition, the ratio of the nutritional contents to the waste differs in all ingredients. Thus, you need to know the elements with fewer side effects and high nutritional contents. 


White flour is a good and versatile ingredient in making many of the food choices seen today. The main issue of this choice of food is the combining nutritional values it gives to your dog. For example, white flour has a degree of carbohydrates content, which is good for your dog.

On the other hand, the intensity of the nutrients fades faster than other sources of carbohydrates. Therefore, the food is more absorbable and likely to raise a low blood sugar level after prolonged consumption. The primary circulation system is via the mouth’s channel to the stomach and stomach to the bloodstream. The food cannot last long on these paths. 

Thus, it is necessary to have other food choices available if you feed your dogs with only white flour. Meaning, you either overfeed your dog or underfeed your dog since you may not have the possible way to check if your dog is in a good state of feeding. Also, overfeeding can lead to diabetes, excessive weight gain, and obesity. This is because white flour is easily absorbed into the system, which ultimately means your dog will call for food when hungry.

A possible solution, white flour, is not required in your eating routine or your pet’s – pick nutritious, you might focus on grains. Main grains like quinoa, oats, or earthy-colored rice are generally good choices. Likewise, you can search for food varieties that utilize vegetables, yam, or other high-fiber nutritious veggies. 

Chemical preservatives like BHA/BHT

First of all, chemical preservatives are a secondary choice of food category. Meaning they are an auxiliary means of keeping the main ingredients intact in a portion of dog food. For example, BHA/BHT are preservatives for fat content in an amount of dog food. While this effectively makes the fat intact, it tends to cause hyperactivity and cancer in a dog.  Look for things like this when trying to find the worst dogfood brands.

Another notable thing is the permission on each preservative according to countries’ guidelines in food and drugs. So, before you consume a food choice and make it available for your dog, know your country’s contribution to the kind of food you provide your dog.

A possible solution, familiarity with the food label of each brand is essential. Some food will have an excess of what you require for your dog, while some might not have in any sense. Balance the equation and know what is suitable for your dog. Also, vitamin C, E, and rosemary show effective preservative measures on fat contents. Suppose there is an inevitable case of preserving the fats in your dog’s food. Then, you might settle with the food contents that have more vitamin preservatives than chemical combining sources. 

Artificial Coloring/Sweeteners 

Artificial coloring/sweeteners do not directly affect your dog compared to other worst foods. Notwithstanding, we classified the food choice as the worst food since it is capable of causing inflammation to the body and opens the door for other diseases which can cause massive damage to the body.

Although artificial sweeteners are recognized by food and drug administration, these foods’ high consumption can damage the organs. Also, coloring food’s primary purpose is to make it attractive for consumption; this, in turn, increases the body’s metabolism.

Notably, most sweeteners contain saccharin and aspartame. These compounds are not present in a dog’s body system, but they are good sweeteners. Thus, the dog’s immune system that fights against foreign agents attacks these substances sometimes when there is high consumption of artificial sweeteners.

The best way to escape from artificial sweeteners is to have particular brands or food choices you buy for your dogs. In reality, most processed foods are full of sweeteners because they are direct promoters of their food. So, know what to buy, how you buy, and the current state of your dog. This is important to keep a healthy dog; these simple hacks are powerful enough to make your dog free from the clinic, aside from the time necessary to be taken to the hospital. 

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