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The horrors that the book Tsunami: How Governments Traffic Drugs into Minority Communities tells us



Drug trafficking is a worldwide criminalized trade that includes the rearing, producing, distributing, and selling of materials and substances banned under drug prohibition laws. United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has been working rigorously by monitoring and researching illegal drug markets worldwide to understand how they work. What they have found until now is that Drug trafficking is a key to operating this market.

Drug trafficking has also been used to affect minority youths that are low in income and living in urban areas, which has received good publicity from the mass media. This is what also AntonIagounovwrites in his book”Tsunami: How Governments Traffic Drugs into Minority Communities, Political Corruption, and the Murder of Tupac Amaru Shakur.”

A little overview of the book

The book is an “Affidavit of Complaint,” based on the undercover work of a retired federal agent in which he gives the perspective of law enforcement on how drugs are trafficked into minorities by governments. In his book, he writes about the involvement of public officials in the process and the account of the unsolved murder of rapper Tupac Amaru Shakur. This book is a 10-page affidavit previously filed with the U.S. Department of Defense.

The former agent gives his account of “The War on Drugs,” which begins with an inquiry into the unsolved murder of Tupac Amaru Shakur, which leads to the unveiling of a gruesome discovery, where they found a connection of public officials in transnational organized crime, and trafficking drug into minority communities like African-American, Hispanic, and Native American Indian populations.

They do all the trafficking under the name of “parallel construction,” where they use “intelligence sources” and “confidential informants,” which include former DEA informants Jacques Agnant, James Rosemond, Reginald Wright Sr., Reginald Wright Jr., Michael Harris, Suge Knight, the Los Angeles Police Department, and others.

The writer tells us how the undiscovered Drug Trafficking Organizations (DTOs) used and still are using the music industry, specifically hip-hop, to distribute narcotics. Upon investigating further, it was revealed that there is anever-lasting “insider threat” in law enforcement and intelligence. For example, in the Department of Defense, several malicious actors are the culprits in trafficking drug schemes by using military installations as transportation hubs also aircraft provided by the government in transferring logistics.

Moving further in the book,Iagounov also writes about his experience as an undercover agent in the State of Nevada. He also obtained witness statements of sexworkers at a Nevada legal brothel and gathered intelligence reports at Nevada’s Ely State Maximum Security Prison as a Correctional Officer. He also learned about the DEA’s involvement in corrupting public officials in the center of organized crime by sex trafficking children with the murders of law enforcement officers and federal witnesses.

The rest of the hideous details have been detailed in the book, which you find online.

About the writer

Anton Iagounov is a Security Specialist, Investigator, Cybersecurity Researcher, Author, Musician, and Actor. He has experience in law enforcement, public safety, and security and is a former peace officer and federal agent.

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