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The life of John Grillo



We all have someone in our lives who always positively influences us. Their lives, actions, and struggles motivate and influence us which eventually can improve our performance and work experiences. My life is also influenced by one of such people. He is John Grillo. He is a Young American business tycoon who made it to the Top 10 best Shopify stores in 2021. His story of exceptionally hard work in business in real estate highly impacts and motivates me to conquer the field of our interest, no matter what it may be.

About him:

John Grillo is an American real estate developer, businessman, and mogul notable for his extensive real estate company located in Beverly Hills, California. Born in July 1998, he opened his eyes to a wealthy family of businessmen John Grillo Sr. He went to private school his whole life. After that, he went to college for one year to learn the business from where he dropped out to take over his family business. That is what shows us that success does not come with your birth; it is a result of consequent hard work of days and nights, months and years. The right thing comes to you at the right time.

Establishment of luxury watch company and fashion brand:

John Grillo highly inspired many of us as he built his business websites and established them into such big enterprises that won him not only Millions of worth but also millions of fans and their sincere love for him globally. Today he travels the world and has been able to achieve being enlisted in the top ten online stores at Shopify for his immense contribution and dedication to two brands and He established these brands after he came back to his family when COVID-19 prevailed.  His grandfather immensely contributed by having a Supreme collection of timepieces and his girlfriend played a vital part in his fashion brand for swimsuits for men and women.

Net worth and global fame: 

John’s unstoppable hard work led him to develop his own real estate company which resulted in him witnessing immense growth in his net assets. This was all possible due to the success of his real estate company. It also happened to earn him sales to some globally renowned celebrities across Calabasas, bel-air, and Hidden Hills. John Grillo also invested in some big and successful enterprises in the stock market. He is now enjoying a net worth of $128M. Wow, isn’t that just too much for 23 years old? 

A committed business person- 

John along with his team has proven that both of his brands are much more than being a business. They are more of a lifestyle that people come together and enjoy with quality time. His brands are exponentially growing because of his commitment to excellence and the highest priority of customers for best service.

A great inspiration for the Young generation:

John Grillo’s success story is everything. We all have a lot to learn in how to be consistent in our plans and sincere in our dreams. John is a living example who will keep inspiring us to achieve our goals and ambitions through dedication and hard work.

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