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The Most Efficient Control Systems For Splash Pads And Fountains



Splash pads and dancing fountains are always at the center of attention; the unique play of water, light, and color in time with the musical composition impresses and fascinates everyone. For the construction of a light and music fountain, as a rule, a large, open area is chosen in city parks or squares or in existing artificial or natural reservoirs.

Combining urban landscapes and architectural forms with a fountain’s colourful and musical dynamic creates an impressive atmosphere for city residents and guests. Open spaces, where dancing fountains are usually installed, make it possible to include any fountain nozzles in their design, even the highest and most voluminous ones. Splash pads and dancing fountains are a real show of light, water, colour, and sound.  The magic is made possible with the most innovative technologies and the creativity of a large team.

Control Systems for Splash Pads and Fountains

Fountain control systems are designed and manufactured to drive pumps, frequency converters, dynamic nozzles, and LED projectors.  They also create water movements and light effects synchronizing with the music to make the musical fountains exciting and dynamic. The control cabinets for fountain lighting are guaranteed to comply with all equipment and are wired according to standards.

At Sapphire Fountains, the full range of their electronic and hydraulic components, combined with exclusive professional programming and management software protocol, allows you to have the fountain dance to the sound of the music, creating personalized scenography and putting particular emphasis on the different scenes. Once the control panel is installed, it’s time to program the water functions.

How do dancing fountains work?

The key to creating the dancing fountains is the synchronization of water with light and music to create a live show. A series of choreographies are programmed to coordinate the water and lighting movements with the rhythm of the music. This unique programming generates the characteristic dances of these fountains.

All the systems that make these choreographies possible are controlled with DMX technology from the source’s control panels with proprietary software. This software enables control of all the fountain’s systems from a smartphone-ready application, allowing the user to see the status of the fountain in real-time and control the effects of light and water remotely.

The dancing or dancing fountains have integrated low voltage systems to reduce the possibility of accidents according to current regulations. The fountains have evolved as aquatic facilities, from their initial function to quench our thirst to become part of city architecture. In recent years, these water features have achieved extraordinary notoriety in developing complex hydraulic and electromechanical systems, integrating light, sound, and images and the software necessary for their control and coordination. These types of unique water attractions generate an influx of people in projects of all kinds, including hotels and resorts, water or theme parks, campsites, or shopping centers. The shows, which are scheduled at certain times, serve as an attraction to the public, encourage consumption in the commercial spaces that surround the fountain, and are a factor that helps the profitability of the project. At the same time, they serve to turn destinations into emblematic reference places, both from a local and international point of view.

Automation of the fountains

As a result of the implementation of control panels, the fountain and the backlight can work according to one of 5 dynamic programs (Users can change programs from the panel, the remote control, or the phone/computer). It is also possible to manually control the nozzles and fountain illumination for operation in a static mode. Fountain nozzles are controlled with the help of frequency converters receiving a task. According to a given schedule, the water purification and disinfection system are turned on. The water level sensor maintains the required level in the pool bowl.

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