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The Most Popular & Favourite Halloween Contact Lenses

Warren Jennings



Halloween Contact Lenses are one of the most major Halloween accessory nowadays. On Halloween without a pair of these beauties your costume would never standout. No matter how great your makeup is or how cool the costume you just cannot hope to outrank any of your friend who have taken up the Halloween contact lenses as part of their Halloween costume.

These lenses look so real that anyone would mistake you for something out of this world and only realizing that it is Halloween and your makeup is just something amazing. It is the effect of Halloween contact lenses that makes it all possible. These are just perfect for your Halloween special.

So may be it is time for us to discuss some of the best Halloween contact lenses that have gained extreme popularity over the years.

The Most Popular Halloween Contact Lenses

Blind White Halloween Contact Lenses

These are one of the most favourite pieces of Halloween contact lenses. Literally they are always the most used ones on Halloween. When you wear the blind white Halloween contact lenses, they turn your eyes completely white as though they are blind. The ones watching will see as though you are blind and now you have a great idea as to what you can wear as your Halloween costume with these Halloween eye contacts.

The will work perfect for some of the most common Halloween costumes such as the zombie costume, possessed by demon costume or just any freaky costume you have improvised. Blind white eyes are always scary, or so we have been led to believe through horror movies and all. Anyways, their effect is totally awesome for any Halloween costume.

Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Another best selling Halloween contact lenses are the black sclera contact lenses. These Halloween contact lenses are different to any other Halloween lenses you have seen or worn. Black sclera 22mm full eye covered lenses are designed just like our eyes, not just our iris, they take the shape of our eyes and cover them completely. Now what happens when you wear something that is coloured black completely? You guessed it right, your whole eyes will be covered and appear as though you never had anything there before, have you seen the demon in the movie sinister? You would look something like that or at least your eyes will look as that. You can now wonder why this product is so much in demand of late.

Red Blood Shot Contact Lenses

Now we have the red colour for Halloween that is so much loved by the Halloween crazies. I mean red has always been the colour for Halloween, always depicting something evil and demonic. You can always become so evil with the red contact lenses and with bloodshot red contact lenses your eye will appear bright and red that can cause fear in the hearts of anyone watching.

Think of so many Halloween costumes you can wear with these Halloween contact lenses. They are simply perfect for Halloween. Costumes such as the demon from hell, zombies, vampires or even a wild blood thirsty beast.

You can even improvise other Halloween costumes as red is the colour for all sorts of horrifying eyes. Then you can even wear the costume of your favourite Avengers character such as the scarlett witch. Wouldn’t that be amazing? That is one reason red is the colour for Halloween.

UV Coloured Lenses

Another hot product for Halloween are the fancy UV coloured lenses, these lenses seem pretty ordinary at first sight but once the lights go off and you are about to have some backlights coming on, these lenses will show you why they are so popular.

UV lenses glow in the dark, and under backlights, like most Halloween parties, they glow up. Your eyes will light up among the crowd and that would seem so awesome that all would be mesmerized by your eyes and appearance. The best thing is that you can wear any costume and get the right colour to match your Halloween costume.

How to safely use Halloween contact lenses

Halloween contact lenses are amazing and all and you would be foolish not to use for Halloween, but remember to use them wisely and under the safety guidelines. These guidelines and rules are simple but very important to be followed.

Things like, buying from respectable stores. Always washing your hands before touching them and never sharing your coloured lenses with anyone. Remember they are medical devices so always be careful while you are having fun.

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