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The Path of Evangelism



Christianity comprises the pillar of evangelism, which is beyond the framework of forcing people to turn toward God. Rather, the ideology represents preaching the love of God in the form of words that soften the hearts of people to follow the path of religion. As the words of Jesus convey,

‘Go and make disciples (followers) of all nations baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and the Holy Spirit.’

Many associate the ‘negative’ press with the term evangelism, but the underlying notion signifies the desire to share the teachings of Jesus, such that the scripture from Acts 8:4 states the event of Christians from the early church preached the teachings of God while traveling to settle at new locations.

Nonetheless, scenarios from the past have evolved with the structuring of the framework and adopting organized ways to enlighten and guide people. Likewise, Darren Duran Hulbert, born in an American Christian household, follows the path of religion to preach the teachings of the Bible.

Due to his extensive knowledge and rigid adherence to the disciplinary regulations, he is appointed as a church planting strategist. His responsibility includes the preparation of a plan of action to pursue the community, ensuring to implementation of the strategic framework, and conveying all facets of Christianity to create a thriving environment. He has also gained recognition for his dissertation, Lay Leadership Development in the Context of Church Planting in California Southern Baptist Churches.

Hulbert has been performing the duties of a priest since he completed his graduation, in 1988, from the University of California Los Angeles. He was one of the members to launch Grace Life during his graduation.

From the period of 1988 to 1990, Hulbert started his career as an Associate Pastor at Grace Fellowship Church. After completing a specialization in scripture exposition, he fulfilled the responsibilities at Lebec Community Church, serving towards the enhancement of the mountain community residing in the North of Los Angeles.

In 2004, to enhance his leadership skills, he decided to pursue a Doctorate in leadership development at the Dallas Theological Seminary. After 11 years, he enrolled in the program of Master of Education at Point Loma Nazarene University.

Thereafter, pursuing his responsibilities as a priest, in 2001, Hulbert introduced a philosophy of ministry – Advancing God’s Kingdom – established as a non-profit organization 501(c)3. The purpose of the organization is to strengthen the Christian community in the US.

The subsequent notion is the concept with the roots entrenched in the beliefs of Christianity. The idea incorporates actively contributing towards the preaching of God’s teachings, shining the ray of spiritual growth and positivity. By the teachings of the Holy Bible, the advancement of God’s Kingdom is achieved. Preaching the teachings of God through the path of evangelism links with the journey of advancing God’s Kingdom – sharing the pillars of kindness, acts of compassion, mentoring, worship, and promoting ethical values.

Developing compassion and engaging in charity services toward the achievement of social justice demonstrates the love for God, strengthening the community. The actions build the house of empathy in one’s heart, ultimately leading to growing spiritually. Eventually, holding the roots of religion tightly with the aid of actions involves the mentoring of others, hence, empowering individuals to adopt a leadership approach within the community.

Religiously following the path of God ultimately ignited the passion in Hulbert to write and publish his books, CEO of Self: Leading Your Seven Cultures Amid Chaos and The Whole Purpose of God.

Hulbert’s book highlights the teachings of the Bible, articulated in an interestingly simple way to develop the approach of explaining the love and mercy of God. The content elevates the perception to view the world, simultaneously learning the values residing in the faith of Christianity.


“Jesus himself did not try to convert the two thieves on the cross; he waited until one of them turned to him.”

-Dietrich Bonhoeffer


Nonetheless, the pillars of Christianity pave the path toward achieving the mercy of God with the teachings of the holy book – eventually creating the acceptance of the notion of evangelism.

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