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Things you should know before moving from high school teacher to college professor



Teaching can take many forms. For example, if you’re teaching high school, you might want to take on another role as a college professor or move into this field entirely. But, before you do so, you should know a few things first to make the transition a lot easier.

Earning Potential

It’s a good idea to research your potential earning potential before deciding what to do with this kind of teaching. Jobs in higher education can have varied salaries. For example, you might start with one salary as a part-time instructor and then earn a lot more if you can become a full professor. It helps to envision how this works and what college salaries are in your area before you start work.

Educational Requirements

Different institutions will have additional requirements for professors. They will also take into account your prior teaching experience. For example, suppose you have been involved in creating expert ideas for your students, such as a historical figure project with help from Adobe Education Exchange.

In that case, you may be able to substitute your experience for other requirements. For example, you might also need a master’s degree and even a doctorate to make this transition, even if you only teach part-time.

Working With Students

Students in high school follow a firm age group. In general, this ranges from thirteen to no more than nineteen. It’s very different when working with students in college. Your pupils can greatly vary in age. Some may be quite young and just out of high school. Others may be older people returning to college to get additional credentials and a better job.

Differing Workplaces

Workplaces vary at college. A local private college may have only a few students in a charming suburban setting. A community college may have upwards of thousands of students attending college classes simultaneously.

You might also choose to teach at a large state university. If you have experience in a similar setting, such as a large urban high school, you’ll probably feel at home. At the same time, if you are not familiar with a set of this kind, it can be beneficial to ease into it. Teach a single class at a time to make that vitally important change.

Lesson Plans

Lesson plans are something that all teachers need to have on hand to structure their classroom. If you are teaching at a college level, you will need to rethink your existing lesson plans and update them. It’s also a good idea to keep your lesson plans flexible.

You should make sure you can update them as you learn more about the student’s abilities in your college classes. Students at this level can also be more receptive to exploring specific topics in greater depth. Finally, flexibility is one of the keys to effective college classroom management.

A career in modern college teaching can be rewarding when fully prepared for it.

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