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Top 6 TikTok Features That All Users Should Know



TikTok Features

Have you signed up on TikTok? If yes, now the time has come to know its valuable features.  Since its launch, TikTok has been doing its best to help users hone their creative skills. TikTok is now a youth’s favorite platform, and to survive in competitive marketing, you have to keep innovating. So here comes the need to experiment with various TikTok features and create impactful content. 

Anyone using the platform can make unique videos that highly impact the user’s mind. One of the effective techniques is to use Trollishly to attract a broad audience and boost the reach. If you are a new user and like to innovate unique videos quickly, let’s explore this article and learn the essential features.

1 Make Your Video More Appealing with TikTok Features

Only with the effective utilization of the TikTok features can you establish a strong online presence and build a strong community. You accept this fact, of course. But how? On TikTok, there are a lot of interactive features that help you turn your standard videos into high-appealing and engaging ones. 

For that, effectively utilize the in-app tools while recording your TikTok, or you may add it later. Also, be strategic while sharing your video and always try to buy tiktok likes which is an excellent way to make your content more discoverable. However, to improve the viewer’s experience, write captivating captions, and use stickers to spotlight your call-to-action (CTA).  

Here are the features lists to make your content more appealing:

  • Filters: On TikTok, there are many filters and effects that you can use to change over your video appeal. It’s exciting to know that there are two popular filters: Green Screen and Slow Zoom. If you want to set up your video background or fun image, you can use the Green Screen filter, and to showcase your videos in a short time-lapse, plan to use Slow Zoom. 
  • Voice-Over: You can make any video engaging by including an audio voice-over. 
  • Text on Videos: Do you want to engage your followers without turning on the sounds? Then add subtitles, CTAs, and intro cards using this feature. 
  • Transitions: Everyone searches for options to spice up their videos. There are plenty of transition effects. You can choose the one to make a fun transition. 
  • Stickers, GIFs, or emojis: You can pin an interactive element to draw quick users’ attention. 

2 TikTok Duet 

To expand your audience base, use the duet feature and imitate other creators’ actions side by side. It means simultaneously two videos playing side by side. The good news is that the users can make a duet from any videos that the creator featured and enabled. To make your content get a higher response from the users, plan to work with micro-influencers and coworkers. 

Also, get to know that duet appears on your profile, and your partners can easily promote it to higher engagement. They also comment on it, which impresses more viewers to stay engaged with the content. 

3 Utilize TikTok Q&A Feature

You have to know that the TikTok Q&A feature helps to interact with the users and builds a strong relationship with them. Whenever users comment on a Q&A, TikTok quickly finds the answer. If you find the user’s queries, you can include a text reply or video response. TikTok helps its users by placing Q&A profile links on a single browsable page. 

The users or viewers will get to clarify their doubts by clicking on it. Remember, the TikTok Q&A feature helps you interact highly with your potential customers when you go live. If you are an individual user or business, use this feature more effectively and interact with your followers. It will help to build a long-lasting relationship with potential customers. 

4 Engage Your Followers Using TikTok Live

Do you want to skyrocket your fame or improve your brand’s conversation? Then, take advantage of the real-time video. Real-time conversations work better than sharing short-form videos, and there is no time limit for your live streams. 

So stay creative while promoting your live event and also when going live. To stay ahead of the competition, take advantage of the live-streaming features and leverage Trollishly to boost engagement. 

  • Multi-user streams: With the Go Live Together feature on TikTok, you can connect with up to three users and make your session more interactive. 
  • Live events: Use a dedicated page to schedule and promote your upcoming live events.
  • Live topics: You can choose different categories, including music, DIY, and food. Adding the right category will help to reach your target audience.
  • Countdown stickers: Do you want your upcoming live event to be remembered by your audience? Then, remind your audience that using a countdown sticker is the best idea when you go live.

5 Restricted Mode

With the popularity of TikTok, even more children and younger generations are addicted to this platform. And also, there are more sensational and unwanted videos shared on the platform. So this is a feature to protect minors by limiting the type of content that shouldn’t be displayed for minors. 

It’s good news for parents to make their children use TikTok in a safe zone. Remember, this feature is also protected with a password valid for 30 days. If any users like to see unfiltered content, it asks for the password. Only by entering the password that the user can access the content. 

6 Screen Time Management

Many users always stay watching TikTok videos to entertain themselves. To limit spending time, TikTok has introduced a screen time management feature. Using this feature, you can set the time limit you want to spend on the platform per day. 

The time frames are 40m, 60m, 90m, and 120 m. Note that this feature is protected with a password, and if you want to continue using the platform even after the time limit, you have to enter the password.

Wrapping It Up

To be more successful on the platform and establish a strong presence, you have to know these interactive TikTok features. Even more, there are more features on the platform, so let’s start using it and keep moving forward.

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