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Tips to buy the best electric kettle according to your needs



Heating water is one of the most daily actions when it comes to making some meals or drinks. As it is something mundane that we do every day, we bring you a guide with the best kettles on the market. Bringing water to a boil is good for a multitude of things. Whether you want to prepare soup or some pasta, even teas or bottles, you need to have boiling water.

Today, lack of time requires us to do everything with a little more speed. But we cannot forget about reliability and quality.  Putting water in a pot to boil is something we all do, but it may take too long or the pot may add some flavor to the water, which we don’t want. You can also use the microwave, but the amount of time is not entirely safe. Not to mention that metallic objects cannot be used. But do not worry, since we are here to solve your concerns. We are going to present you with the best electric kettles that we have found, always attending to your needs.

What does it matter in an electric kettle?

When buying an electric kettle, we have to think about what we want from it. Obviously, we want to heat water in a short time, so that it reaches its boiling point. After this, we will want to use that boiling water in something specific, therefore, we must look at the following things.


Kettles have different powers ranging from 1,000 W to 3,000 W. The latter is more difficult to find and involve a higher energy expenditure. Of course, they also heat the water faster.


Generally, the kettles do not reach two liters of capacity. This means that we will always have to attend to the amount of water that we want to boil. Maybe we want to make just enough for a couple of cups of tea, so we will prefer smaller machines. We may also always need the full capacity of the largest kettles. Whether for stews or to sterilize bottles everyone must know how much water they will need each time.

Technological innovation

Kettles can be very basic, having just the right technology for a heating element to work. But they can also include improvements such as automatic shutdown, temperature control, keeping warm or being wireless.

Each of these innovations should be taken into account when purchasing an electric kettle. Perhaps we do not mind that it carries a cable or perhaps we need total temperature control to make certain drinks or meals.  Be that as it may, you have to take into account these advances and think that the price also includes them.

Kettles with lower electricity consumption

If we are concerned about the expense that we can create by plugging in one of these small appliances, we bring you the ones that consume the least at the best price.

Adler AD 02

This small electric kettle is cheap and very useful for travelers or people concerned about consumption. Its maximum capacity is 0.6 liters, making it perfect for those who want a couple of cups of tea. In addition, it has an automatic shutdown. Thus, after boiling the water, it turns off for safety. It also includes an anti-scale filter that improves water quality and a led indicator that tells us when everything is ready. With a power of 760 W, it does not spend much. It is one of the ones with the least power, but also one of the cheapest. It can be found for 11.90 euros, which is a small expense.