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Today’s Wordle #616 Hint, Clues And Answer For Saturday, February 25th



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It’s Saturday at long last! A weekend of wonderful relaxation and repose, meditation, and looking inward to find what ails us and center ourselves around healing energies, or something. Netflix and chill or go jog in the snow.

Wordle continues to be a surprisingly popular game for puzzle lovers everywhere, though not quite as popular as it was last February during its heyday when it seemed that everyone was suddenly an avid word puzzle gamer. That wave crested in February of 2022 and crashed slowly for the rest of the year. Now things have stabilized to some degree.

I still enjoy solving my daily puzzle. Sometimes I’ll do it over a cup of coffee, sometimes late at night. But any time of day will do. So let’s do this one now, shall we?

How To Solve Today’s Wordle

The Hint: Next time you’ll be over the hill.

The Clue: This word has a double consonant.

The Answer (Spoilers):

Well, I suppose it’s fitting that today’s Wordle took me five guesses. Five is part of the answer, at least if you were to write this word out with numerals instead of letters.

Nothing went terribly right or terribly wrong here. My first guess—money, because that’s what makes the world go round—left me with 198 remaining possible solutions, which is quite a few. My second, quart, only slashed that to 14. That’s many fewer, of course, but still too many to give it a guess.

So on #3, I figured I would need an ‘I’ and it would almost certainly be in the second box. I guessed silky because it fit the bill, even though many other words did, too. I was left with 7, which isn’t great at all.

From here, I guessed fishy, which I realized instantly was something of a mistake given I’d already ruled out the ‘S’. At least it reduced the remaining options to just 1 in time for me to guess on my fifth guess—and not fiftieth. Fifty for the win!

Alas, it’s not quite a win in the end. Wordle Bot got the answer in four guesses (-1 point for me) and since I guessed in five, that’s another -1 for a total of -2. Boo!

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