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Top 7 Free Sports Streaming Sites 2020



Hello, sports lovers! Looking for the best free sports streaming sites 2020? If so, you are lucky to land here. In the internet age, there is a set of websites available on the web that provides you with free content to view. Like movie, show, and music streaming sites, there are sports websites available too. Scroll down to learn about the various websites offering their free sports content and LIVE matches too.

The site sports broadcasting has become a trend now. People don’t have time to watch sports and games LIVE. Or if they can watch, they can’t sit in front of the TV at home. A very easy way to access content is through smartphones, which is also a trend. With high-speed internet connectivity, you can now watch sports online anytime, anywhere.


I’m going to share the best free sports streaming sites with a pretty good rating too. These websites are not only free but also legal. Take a look at the following websites to learn more.


Sony Liv is a great website that contains not only sports but also other content, such as movies and shows. It is an Indian site where you will be happy enough to watch live broadcasts of cricket coordinates, English TV shows, documentaries, movies, short films, sports exhibitions, popular tournaments, and much more. It is a complete entertainment package. Various sports are available on the website such as Cricket, Soccer, WWE, Basketball, Tennis, UFC, MotoGP, Redbull Air Race, and NBA.

If non-sports content bothers you, this option is not for you. Read more to learn about other options.


Do you want a website that only has sports content? Sports, Open, leagues, and everything about sports. Congratulations! You are lucky to be here. Fox Sports is one of the best free sports streaming sites that is well designed Exclusive sports website where you will find a different section for soccer, Asian soccer, basketball, golf, etc. Latest news, trending news, motorsports, and combat sports, you will find it all here. The sports available here is soccer, F1, MotoGP, combat sports, tennis, esports, golf, WWE, basketball.


ESPN  comes with Words, “Serving Sports Fans, Anytime, Anywhere! “ESP shows you all the sports-related news in an excellent way. The website is well developed and things are organized with easy navigation. ESPN has a long list of games and it’s not limited to a few. Cricket, football, NBA, tennis, NFL, F1, WWE, boxing, Olympic sports, common wealth games, etc.

IF you want a custom view, you can register on the website and organize things according to your interest. The website is appreciable!


LIVESPORT24 is a free website for live sports streaming and the latest sports videos with highlights. The website offers a feature to follow various sporting events live, including football matches of the UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, German Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, Spanish First Division and Italian Serie A, or major events in other types of sports, such as ice hockey with the NHL or basketball with the NBA. High-quality content is available for free. You can also watch videos and content updated daily. The games available are football, basketball, tennis, hockey, NFL, RUGBY, etc.


VIP league is a free website accessible to everyone. This website provides you great content. Enjoy watching your live football broadcast of American Football, NFL, EPL, Series A, and Bundesliga, La Liga, Live NBA, MLB, NHL, Rugby, Motorsports, and much more.


Like netspor tv and Fox Sports, NBC Sports is one of the best free sports streaming sites to watch popular sporting events live in the US This is also a well-maintained site that contains everything from live video to Record matching ad articles. Schedules and upcoming news are always available here. Looking for anything to everything here. Some of the supported TV services allow you to watch free content like Xfinity, Directv, Dish, Verizon, Spectrum, Cox, Cable One, Armstrong, etc. The sports available are football, rugby, cycling, golf, NHL, skating, NFL, NBA, and many more.


Hotstar is like Sony Liv, a complete entertainment package. This is also an Indian website and if you are a cricket fan, this is for you.

You can choose the sports section on the website and then choose your favorite sport that you want to watch. Get everyone and everything related to sports there.

The sports available are hockey, tennis, cricket, soccer, formula 1, etc.

There are also many other good websites that offer free sports content like Red Bull TV, Bosscast, Reddit, Steamwoop, and more.

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India Complete Whitewash Against New Zealand



India has whitewashed World Cup runners-up New Zealand. The Kiwis could not compete with India in the battle of Eden Gardens in Kolkata. Rohit Sharma’s side won the third and final match of the series by 63 runs due to the helpless surrender of the visitors.

India won the toss and elected to bat, scoring 164 runs for the loss of 6 wickets in 20 overs. New Zealand was all out for 111 runs.

Martin Guptill kept one end in a hurry to chase the target but the wicket was raining on the other end. Daryl Mitchell was out for 5 runs. Mark Chapman and Glenn Phillips could not open the scoring. Akshar Patel returned all three. Guptill also returned with 69 runs. The Kiwi opener scored 51 off 36 balls. Tim Seifert was run out for 16 runs. Jimmy Neesham could not add more than 3 runs to the scoreboard. New Zealand lost 6 wickets for 6 runs and somehow they were out of the match. After losing regular wickets, Kiwis stopped for 111 runs.

Earlier, two openers Rohit Sharma and Ishan Kisan gave India a great start by batting first. The duo scored 69 runs in the first 6 overs. Mitchell Santner then broke the tie by returning Ishan (29). Santner also returned Suryakumar Yadav before opening the scoring. Rishabh Pant (4) became Santner’s third victim for the team’s 63 runs. From there, Rohit and Shreyas Iyer formed a partnership. The pair broke up after Rohit’s departure for 103 runs. Before returning, the Indian captain scored 57 off 31 balls.

Venkatesh Iyer was run out for 20 off 15 balls. Shreyas (25) could not last long after that. India lost 6 wickets for 140 runs. However, in the end, Hershel Patel and Deepak Chahar took India to 164 runs with stormy speed. Herschel scored an unbeaten 16 off 11 balls. Deepak survives with 21 runs off 8 balls.

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What is sports reporter?



Sports reporter focuses on reporting amateur and professional sports news and events. 먹튀검증 work in all media, similar to print, TV, and the internet. However, read on to find out what you can do as a sports reporter If you’re a sports fanatic and want to devote yourself to a journalist.

Sports reporter is the essential element of numerous media associations. Sports content has grown in significance as a sport has grown in wealth, power, and influence. In addition, some media are devoted entirely to sports information.

Sports reporter

To come to a sports reporter, you must complete an advanced education program in the field of the journalist. In general, all intelligencers and journalists must finish at least high academy. Through these programs, you can develop jotting chops, interviews, and reporting in multiple audiovisual formats, and laboriously share in externships to produce professional connections and gain information about the profession.

Once you’ve run some of these shows, you can find work covering amateur or academy sporting events for original news sources, working for public sports media publications, or covering professional sporting events for sports TV networks.

You can also report for colorful types of media, which we will bandy in further detail below.

Types of media in which a sports reporter works

  1. Printing and internet

Sports reporter working in print provides detailed trials of forthcoming events and post-match analysis, as well as expansive scores, player statistics, and platoon rankings.

Major public review’s report on original and public sports, and give internet links to their content. Major sports networks maintain a broad and sophisticated online presence. As a sports pen or journalist, you could produce a blog; write narrative papers and sports columns.

  1. Transmissions

Sports transmit reporter provides the real-time reports and commentary of a sports contest for radio and Televisions broadcasts. Sideline reporters interview players ahead, during, and after a game, while product brigades direct, edit and produce sports broadcasts.

Like its print counterpart, Televisions has specialty sports networks that report on sporting events, news, and entertainment programs.

  1. Photojournalism

Sports photojournalists take prints of sporting events to capture the match experience in a single image. Sports print journalists’ work can be planted in journals, TV, the internet, and magazines.

What’s the profile of a sports reporter?

Utmost sports journalist has the journalistic experience, although this isn’t always the case. This journalist’s training can be a degree in journalism or an affiliated field. Also, it can take the form of practical jotting experience.

Also, reporters who choose to write about sports frequently have an athletic background, indeed if it’s as simple as playing sports in councilor at a semi-professional position.

Still, numerous sports reporters have no athletic backgrounds, save an avaricious interest in games. This is respectable in utmost situations as long as the pen is a good intelligencer and has a deep understanding and passion for the field of sports.

Now you know what sports reporters and what a sports intelligencer does. In short, they can work writing columns and news about sports, as well as on TV, reporting the diurnal sports news or assaying and opining on sports in an original or public position.

What’s the job of the sports reporter?

The work of the sports reporter isn’t only concentrated on reporting on sports news and events but goes further, fostering the generation of debates and colloquia grounded on the content of the information transmitted. It contributes to promoting sports practice and a love of sports.

Some of these information professionals work in the sports section of journals and magazines, writing papers related to sporting events and information of interest about athletes and huntsmen.

On the other hand, we find sports reporters whose field of action is the playing field. They recite the sporting events and Olympic Games broadcast live on radio or TV, with particular emphasis on the development of the sporting event and the performance of the players and athletes.

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Sinus problems can be reduced at home without medication



At the beginning of winter, many people have increased sinus problems. This can be due to pollution and sudden drop in temperature instead of season.

How is this problem?

The sinus is a part of the head whose job is to help air pass through the nose. If there is an infection inside these sinuses for any reason, the air circulation is disrupted. Then there is a severe headache. Shortness of breath may also occur in some cases.

If the sinus problem reaches a complicated place, a doctor’s advice must be taken. But before that, some domestic ways can reduce this problem. What are those domestic ways? Let’s take a look.

* You can take light hot water or normal room temperature water in the palm of your hand and pull it one by one through the nostrils on one side of the nose. Initially, there may be discomfort inside the nose, even mild irritation. But it cleans the dirt accumulated inside the nose. If there is an infection inside the sinuses, it helps to reduce it. If you pull water through the nose twice a day for three days in a row, sinus problems can be reduced.

* Surprising to hear, but the simple solution to the sinus problem is to drink extra amount of water. Drinking more water removes the dirt accumulated in the sinuses in the normal process. The nose is clean. Reduces pain. Eating a little more liquid food also reduces this problem.

* A special drink can be made to reduce this problem. For this, you need one spoon of apple cider vinegar, a little ginger powder, lemon, a little black pepper, half a spoon of turmeric, three or four cloves of garlic. Take them together and boil them in a glass of water. Cool the mixture a little and eat it with small sips like tea. It will also reduce sinus pain. You can also mix honey in it. The drink can work better.

* Many people take steam to reduce the problem of cold and cough. Put the hot water in the pot, cover the head with a towel and take steam from the pot. You can mix a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil in this hot water. It will also reduce sinus pain.

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