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Tutflix: Review and Registration Process




Tutflix, one of those online educational communities helps users to learn in different niches and sub-niches. As we all know since pandemics everything has started its course on a different level.

Likewise, academia has also made its way to the digital world. Interestingly, keeping the same business model, the learning processes and dynamics have seen a paradigm shift. Now students are given access to learning through several online platforms. These arenas are the custodians of spreading information and even giving online class sessions.

However, we would like to give a formal introduction to Tutflix before getting into another side of the blog.

Tutflix – A Complete Introduction and Review

Tutflix is meant to be used by all those students or rather learners who are wanting to make use of an online free portal for education. More than three thousand courses are added to this site. Yes, it will not be wrong to say that this site contains a massive library with thousands of free courses. To start learning, all you might need is to select the course and start the procedure of learning. Tutflix app allows learners and teachers to do the needful. This app is however present on both, iOS and Android devices.

Fun fact: this site and app are listed in the top educational sites and communities.

Tutflix also allows you to get hold of recent and relevant information from different industries. This site is doing wonders by providing an opportunity for individuals who have certain information and skill to teach. But doesn’t have it recorded in the resumes or interviews. facilitates such people and helps them grow professionally. Actually, what Tutflix does is to add skills and courses under their belt in their resumes. That helps them talk about it interviews that give high moral. It also helps them get more chances to secure a job.

Note: In case you are one of those people who wants to learn professional-level English. Tutflix is the best place where you can learn languages.

From this site or app, you will not be just learning and progressing alone. Instead, you can easily share what you have learned with others. To do so, you have to sign-up.

The How Part of Registering at Tutflix.Org

There is a procedure to register. Remember, there are two options – app and browser.

Registering or Sign-Up Using Browser or Laptop

For a browser or laptop, you have to follow the steps mentioned below. 

Step 1: Visit the official website by clicking here =>

Step 2: Now you have to see when the page opens. Once it does, you will see a log-in or registration button.

Step 3: In this step, you are required to fill out the registration form (not exactly form though) with all the necessary details. The details it will ask for include your password, email address, location, and of course the username.

Step 4: Then, click “registration” or “log-in”.

Step 5: Well, you are done with the procedure. This is when you can make the access. Enter the username along with the password.

More Details of Tutflix.Org

Here is what you need to know; 

  • Tutflix is a word that has two words – “Tut” and then “Flix”. “Tut” is inspired by the first half of the word “tutorial”. However, the “Flix” in Tutflix means “film”. Interesting, right?
  • Lessons can easily be downloaded and then watched later, whenever seems best at the comfort of your home or where ever preferred.
  • Tutflix doesn’t impose to take a course. Rather it helps the user to ask for courses he or she is interested in.

Choose Tutflix but WHY?

There isn’t one but several reasons as to why you and people, in general, should use Tutflix. We have mentioned the most common advantages a person sees and experiences while and after using this site.

  • Free Accessibility

You or anybody who joins this website for learning will get free access to the content.

  • Diversity in Courses

Content, as we mentioned is of huge credibility and availability. It helps in evolving a layman into someone who is always looking to become professional. Since the database is massive, there is no excuse for anyone to not excel.

  • More than 1000 Free Courses

The collection of courses is huge – more than 1000 courses. More than three thousand material is uploaded for reading purposes. Isn’t it great to know how Tutflix helps the users?

  • Satisfying Customer Support

This site provides the best customer service in the form of excellent support. Representatives of this site are always there to help people to know answers to their queries.

  • Easy and Convenient Interface

The user interface is such that it doesn’t make the user feel complicated. In reality, it is the easiest one to handle. So much so that the so-not-techie users can use this platform without any complication.

Find Free Educational Courses and Resources at Tutflix.Org

This is indeed the best online education platform where all academic-related questions are answered. It will not be wrong to say that is similar to forums that provide tons of information on a diverse group of topics. Following are some areas that can help you grow as a professional.

  • IT and Networking

Are you one of those individuals who would want to know and learn about networking and IT? Tutflix is one of the best resources to learn from. IT security, networking, and operating systems are some of the courses that are added in this industry.

  • Website Development

Website development has taken a toll because the need for developers in this area is always in demand. It is by far one of the most sought-after skills in the digital era. Therefore, if you are one of those who would like to master the skill. Tutflix can help you in reaching your dreams. With this skill, you can easily get into the nitty-gritty of programming languages. It may include gams development and data sciences.

  • Website Designing

If you think coding or programming languages are not the areas of interest. Try your hands-on website design. It is something to do with websites but not in a hardcore way. Website designing is a different skill altogether. However, you can use this site for learning and mastering the art. In this course, you learn more about user UX and UI designing, graphic designing, and similar skills.

  • Digital Marketing

Without digital marketing, businesses and brands hardly progress and exist for long. Keeping that in mind, has added courses around digital marketing. Also, the reason for adding this course is based on the demand. Yes, these days almost every company looks for the best and most skilled human resource for digital marketing. That’s the reason why this site has added courses like search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), search engine marketing (SEM), etc. are added under this category.

  • Lifestyle & Makeup

Apart from all the professional skills, you can pick and choose courses that are not based on education. These courses are more of the interests and hobbies. For instance, some courses will help you in straightening the life pattern you are currently living. Also, it offers courses in photography, makeup, arts, home décor, film making, etc.

  • Interview Preparation

Tutflix also offers courses and material on how to prepare for interviews. All you as the user is required to do – is select the topic or industry in which interest falls and then start learning about it. Ask questions if there is any doubt.

Most Commonly Asked Queries or FAQs

Question #1: What do I have to pay to access courses on Tutflix I/O?

Answer: You don’t have to pay a dime or penny to make access to the site. Unlike many educational platforms, Tutflix aims to provide education and skills to those who are determined in becoming better in their professional lives. Since the site is free of cost, people from different cultures and walks of life can join it without worrying about the subscription fee.

Question #2: Is there any security risk?

Answer: No, there isn’t. However, there is little chance of malware or virus in the courses. So, downloading courses without antivirus will not be a good idea.

Question #3: Are and Tutflic Orgone the same?

Answer: Tutflix is I/O and an organization. Initially, the domain of was The owners and authorities changed the name recently. But yes, both are the same.

Advantages of Tutflix

  • No cost is taken against downloading any course
  • Tutflix provides Udemy coupons
  • Easy UI (user interface)
  • Customer service is flawless and very smooth

Disadvantages of Tutflix

  • Possibility of malware in the courses for download is present
  • Answers to the queries are not given on time and the user has to wait for long
  • Site bugs and internal complications exist

Conclusion – Tutflix.Org

We have discussed and shared all the important aspects of using Not just that, we also helped you in knowing the positive and negative sides of the website. Please let us know in the comment section below if this blog post was good for your use.

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