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Valentine’s Day 2020 Ideas: Gifts and Tours

Chris Rynolds



Have you considered the ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020? The date that is celebrated every year often needs a revamped for the couple to get out of automatic. And nothing better, then, than having ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020, such as a romantic dinner, travel, or a different gift.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated on June 12 in Brazil and February 14 in other countries. But despite the symbolic date, not every couple has amazing ideas to celebrate and surprise their partner.

Are you one of those people who doesn’t know what to give to her boyfriend? So follow this article and get inspired by great ideas not to go blank on June 12th.

What is the origin of Valentine’s Day?

In countries such as the United States, February 14 is celebrated St. Valentin’s Day, in honor of the bishop of the same name, who lived in the late Middle Ages.

Valentin was sentenced to death on that date for clashing with Emperor Claudius II, who forbade marriage because he thought single soldiers fought better.

However, Valentin has not given up on marrying people, even under heavy pressure, and the date of his death has become a tradition over the years for symbolizing the struggle for love.

Here in Brazil, however, Saint Valentin is not well known, but the symbolism behind the date encouraged publicist and politician João Doria to create Valentine’s Day on June 12th.

It was a strategy to increase sales in São Paulo commerce, and the date was chosen because it was the eve of St. Anthony, the matchmaker saint.

Amazing ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020

Don’t know what to give for Valentine’s Day and are tired of the old treats like candy boxes and flowers? There is a way to make the date special and creative even by using the classic goodies.

Below you will see ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 to delight your partner, check it out!

Romantic Dinner for Valentine’s Day 2020

Hmm, how about giving a nice dinner at home? To do this, you have to go well with the menu, with everything your boyfriend / she likes.

For example, Italian pasta or seafood are great ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020. To go with it, a bottle of good wine is excellent to give the couple a lively or, if you prefer, natural drinks. The important thing is to have a light meal so as not to spoil the night.

Trips for Valentine’s Day 2020

Does your partner enjoy a trip, visit new places or venture into trails and waterfalls? This can be a great idea for Valentine’s Day.

But you need to know the travel itinerary well, whether to another country or city, at the risk of turning Valentine’s Day into a chaotic day! Take a few days to search for romantic itineraries, hotels, and local restaurants.

 Valentine’s Day Outing Ideas 2020

Don’t have time for long trips and prefer a simple ride? How about then visiting museums or city sights if your partner likes art and culture? Attending theater can also be one of the great ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020.

Another super cool idea is to book a beach house and enjoy the moments together far from civilization. Imagine waking up your boyfriend with a beautiful breakfast and enjoying a heavenly setting?

 Assorted Valentine’s Day Gifts

Since not everyone is adept at travel and romantic dinner, it may be a good idea for Valentine’s Day to choose gifts according to one’s personal taste.

One of these ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 is a gift box with everything your boyfriend likes. It can be chocolates, assorted sweets, teddy bears, perfume, even admission to that football or movie game.

Another very modern and innovative gift type is the Netflix kit, featuring popcorn, soda, sweeties and access to many series and movies together. Creative, no?

These are universal gifts, see? If you want something specific, take a look down here to pamper her and him.

For her

If the gift is for a woman and she is very vain, look for something that can be personalized. For example, a bracelet with pendants or a necklace with pendants that have everything to do with what she likes: travel, books, signs, fruit, etc.


If the girl is passionate about culture, how about a mug or blouse personalized with her favorite artist or writer? It can be a phrase, a piece of music or a picture that represents a movie. It’s different and fun!

For him

Men also like to receive personalized little things. Collector’s articles, however, win the hearts of many fans of movies, series, and games.

For lovers of a good drink, it is worth impressing with a craft beer kit. Practice sports? So a beautiful and comfortable pair of sneakers for what he needs can be wonderful.

Therefore, there are always good ideas for Valentine’s Day 2020 that go beyond the conventional, can be economical and unforgettable. If you didn’t know what to give to your boyfriend on June 12 before, now there’s no shortage of ideas. Get inspired!

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Best Whatsapp Screen Recording App 2020

Nichole Kerr



To live in the best tech era is a blessing and a curse. In the age of globalization almost everything is in the palm of hands. We are living in the digital world of Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, zoom skype, etc .the list is so long and so are their pros and cons. They make it easy, simple, and cheaper to interact with one another, whether you want to use it for personal or professional purposes they are as far as few clicks.

Whatsapp is one of the most used social media platforms all around the globe. And why not as it is free and allows better audio-video calling service and group chats facility. Its usage is increasing day by day. whether you are having a job interview or want to have a client meeting, have some media to share with a group in any form, or just want some friendly virtual reunion with your college friends Whatsapp facilitates you with the best service. Lots of free stuff and easy to use media have made life easier and fun but with power comes great responsibility. With rising demand and usage of Whatsapp there is a need to monitor and record these chats and conversations. For instance being a parent of teenagers you need to keep an eye on your child cell phone Whatsapp activities or as an employer you need to know all the details of their contact list and media sharing details. To accomplish all this key is to choose a better and efficient app. Recently many android companies have introduced a built-in feature of recording the screen with voice but some others need to install an app for this purpose.some of them are compared below.

5)AZ Screen Recorder:

This app can be used for Whatsapp screen recording and video calls. It has a built-in video editor with different resolution options. It is free but users have faced issues with its floating button. It is a bit tricky and disappears during use thus it is difficult to judge whether the app is working or has shut down which honestly is a bit annoying.

4)EZ Screen Recorder:

Another app that can be used for monitoring Whatsapp activities is the EZ screen recorder app. It is free of ad which is cool and is easy to use. It has various features for e.g front cam recorder and mic recording. Employ can record video chats of employees to block any malicious activities. One of the drawbacks is that this does not have a pause button thus making it difficult to use.

3) Quester

Quester spy app for android users provide screen recording services and save chatbox and audio-video calls. But it has some drawbacks .it is not completely free and need some in-app purchases. Furthermore users have faced the technical issues even after paying for the app so that’s a big no.

2) TheOneSpy:

Android users can have TheOneSpy for screen monitoring and saving digital footprints. It records WhatsApp logs thus can save messages, chat history, media sharing audio and video call details etc. It records the saved recorded activities on a cloud for you to safely and privately monitor in your free time. Its customer reviews state that it can monitor your teen activity group chats or keep an eye on your employees working hour schedules much better than most other apps.


If you need an easy flexible and more secure spy app either for your teenage kid phones monitoring or to keep a strict surveillance on your employees, Whatsapp activities ogymogy is the app for you. Once you have installed the app it will keep you updated about mere details of the target phone. You can keep the record from the call log to call history, every audio and video conversation recording to media sharing. It saves the call history with time stamps thus no more late-night calls or you will get grounded. It save the logbook. Through screen recording users will have a complete record of text messages. Moreover you have full control to block any suspected or annoying number for your kid and protect them from any bullies. In some countries, phone recording can be used as strong evidence in court which is a benefit for employers as they can now catch those employees red-handed which are engaged in illegal activities such as leaking organizational secrets but also provide this evidence to the court of law for further action. 

We have done the difficult task of analysing top five monitoring appa for parents and employers. Now, its time for you to take the next step by buying the app which you find more suitable.   


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Edward Robinson: The Young American Successful Hip Hop Artist from FLA

Bryan Nesbit



The music chart of America is growing promptly as many upcoming artists and boost the American music industry with their great performances and work. Especially the Hip-Hop music is the most popular and most listeners around the world are very happy with these new hip-hoppers.

There is a man with the profession of hip-hop music name Edward Robinson is the youngest artist in music chart was born on 11 Sep 1995 in Port Orange where ED starts his music career. ED inspired by his brother’s song named Jay-Z. He starts his quick-growing career with “99 Problems” and “Dirt Off Your Shoulders” songs.

Most people know him with the name of EDTHATSMYCUP after the famous 1st released song and few people know him with his real name. ED is not too social even he give a little detail about him on social media and also have no interest to do parties. He loves his work and keeps him busy in his growing career. Well, speaking of the morning routine, he woke up not so early, but around 9 am and after having a light breakfast, he started working on his music. He always follows the same routine atmosphere, whether or not he has a project, he always tries to make music.

ED gets fame just in the age of 16 while other people of his age are playing video games or doing other activities. In the interview he states that:

“At that age sixteen it’s really hard to take appraisal and your confidence level will be more delicate as an artist than if you were growing with an agent and support network of professional around you”

He gets 34k views on Spotify in 2019 and release many songs and make huge fan following around 77 countries. His most streaming famous songs are;

  1. Bitches
  2. Heavyweight
  3. Ice Cream Man
  4. ATM

These are most streaming songs of ED on Spotify. His recently released song in the Feb 2020 name Dancin’ Wit tha Devil gets the 100k views around the world.

Edward Robinson sees music as a positive way to get his message across and really helps him out of the bad consequence in his life who may be his friends who divert him from his goals. That was the time when his friends influenced him and diverted his scrutiny from work for them. For Edward, it was not an easy task to get out of the negativism of his life.

Fortunately, with his success, he has another chance by lifer to prove himself. Then he goes back to his music and starts to focus on it. So far, he continually focuses on his music and makes the first release of the year in February; the song has already reached the music charts and continues to increase the number of fans worldwide.

Recently, he is working on his upcoming projects and making more songs. He wrote all of his singles and not only did his work as a Hip-Hop artist but also as lyricists. In addition, ED follows many famous artists and tries to learn new things from their work. Unfortunately, there is no relevant detail about his marital status or ED has never had controversial issues

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10 movies on Netflix for entrepreneurs

Nichole Kerr



10 movies on Netflix for entrepreneurs

Do you need inspiring stories? These films will teach you a lesson applicable to your entrepreneurial life.

Taking inspiration from the lives of great entrepreneurs is possible just a click away. The streaming platform Netflix has tapes in its catalog that can serve as an example for those who have the idea of ​​starting a business or who already have it and falter with difficulties.

The 10 films recommended below contain great doses of inspiration that no entrepreneur can miss.

1. Walt the dreamer

This film tells the story of the famous Walt Disney before his iconic character emerged: Mickey Mouse.

The film shows how Disney had to face serious difficulties to achieve his dream in the world of animation.

2. The social network

If you haven’t seen the movie that tells how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at Harvard University and how he defends his idea from his enemies, you have to see it.

From being a truncated student, Zuckerberg manages to become a young millionaire businessman. Here you will learn how a business idea is developed.

3. Steve Jobs

The entrepreneurial story of Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, is shown in this film, although it is not the only one that portrays the life of this visionary businessman.

The starring Ashton Kutcher tells the origins of this businessman, from the time he left the university to start his business in the garage of his house until he achieved success with Apple.

4. Pirates of Silicon Valley (Pirates of Silicon Valley)

This production was originally made for television in 1999 but is now available on Netflix. In previous years this film has been the inspiration for a whole generation of people who wanted to start their own businesses.

It shows the great rivalry of two great computer entrepreneurs of the 20th century: Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

5. Joy

This film tells the story of Joy Mangano, a young woman with three children who decides that she will not be a simple worker throughout her life. So this entrepreneur invents the mop.

Her father is the one who supports her in this process, in which she creates a type of mop with cotton fringes that will be followed by other products that make Joy become a notable inventor of household products.

6. The call of the entrepreneur

More than a movie, this is a documentary that tells the life of a banker, a milk producer, and a Chinese refugee who aspires to reach the highest point in their lives.

This film production emphasizes the importance of entrepreneurs in the world and in the development of the economy and civilization.

7. Hunger for power

This is the story of Ray Kroc, who was not the founder of McDonald’s but brought the franchise to what we know today. International success.

Kroc was an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity for wealth and power and knew how to get it, although he did not care about ethics or integrity to achieve his business goals. In 1945, Kroc went from being a failed 52-year-old vendor to stealing his hamburger business idea from brothers Dick and Mac McDonald who started in San Bernardino, California.

8. The Wolf of Wall Street

This film has become a modern classic and a must for business people. This is a drama based on the memories of Wall Street stockbroker Jordan Belfort, whose ambition led him to step into federal prison.

In addition, it is perfect for anyone who wants to undertake, because it teaches you to have confidence in yourself, to be a leader, to sell, to recognize your talent and that of other people, among many other things.

9. Manolo: the boy who made shoes for lizards

A 2017 production that portrays the career of legendary shoe designer Manolo Blahnik. More than a movie, this is an 89-minute documentary, where the businessman shares details of his creative process.

Along with the testimony of this fashion icon, testimony is given to close friends and famous admirers who believe in the work of this Spaniard who has built one of the most powerful luxury brands in the world.

10. Coco before Chanel

The film chronicles the life of the French Coco Chanel, who revolutionized the fashion world to dress women in men’s clothing, fleeing from uncomfortable corsets and styles.

The film shows the difficulties of this designer who had to overcome various obstacles to get what she wanted. This is a film recommended especially for women entrepreneurs who have to empower themselves with perseverance and courage.

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