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Valentino Magra: An Outstanding Photographer & Web Developer



It is a pleasure to write about someone from a very different perspective and point of view. Valentino Magra is truly one of the most versatile and successful characters. It is not uncommon for people to want to be photographer or web developer. Digital photography is not only financially rewarding, but also provides many other benefits for individuals; many find the profession exciting and enjoy the variety of experiences, while getting to know new peoples, cultures and countries, and to be part of this fascinating industry.

Being a professional photographer takes not only a lot of skill, but also a lot of luck. It is not our intention to crush your dreams, but you should know the reality of the situation before investing a significant amount of time and money. There have been a lot of studies about the balance between luck and skill when it comes to becoming a photographer or web developer or streamer, or a star, or a musician, or a YouTuber. I absolutely affirm that Valentino Magra is really one of the most outstanding and successful people I ever met.

Valentino Magra: Hi, guys. I am very excited to visit with you today. Professionally, I am a Digital Photographer and Web Developer from Italy. I was born in Germany from Hungarian mother and Sicilian father and I’m living in Sicily (Italy) since I was a child. I attended engineering university but on the other hand, I have always had a deep passion for photography and eye-catching image arts too. I’m a pro photographer for more than 7 years and a web designer with experience in WordPress installations and stylish theme setups and customizations. My hobbies include arts but also sports, rock climbing, paddle-boarding, swimming, snow skiing, hiking and biking. I am Cheerful, Creative and Compassionate.

My favorite part is meeting new, creative people. Hearing others’ stories and how they got to that point in their career is one of the things I enjoy about working at different people and locations. It’s not fun having to make sure my body is camera-ready all the time. It’s a great privilege to have a career that allows me such freedom.

I always want to get exactly what the client envisions so I do my best to get the best shots so everyone is happy.

I also love my role as a Web Developer and CEO and founder of WiZORDER webapp. I have the honor of standing beside some of the best in providing digital menu for your Restaurant or Bar.

I think it is a huge honor and a big responsibility. I want to be a positive Digital Photographer and Web Developer without presenting a fake social media persona. I am a very happy person, but we all have our days. The more followers I gain, the greater the responsibility to be genuine becomes.


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