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Conveying values, services or emotions among a wide audience is a common goal in practically all companies. Is video a good strategy to achieve this? Yes, it is.

Video is increasingly a perfect tool to show and explain clearly and briefly. Its visual character and its ability to say a lot in a short time are key characteristics to impress a wide audience. The possibilities of interaction and re-diffusion that its publication in social networks offers are another fundamental aspect to justify its value as a form of corporate communication compared to other conventional options.

According to the latest Social report for Spain (January 2019), 43 million Spaniards, 93% of the population, already have internet access. Of these, 93% consume online video, and 52% watch streaming content on television. In addition, the social networks preferred by the Spanish are YouTube (89%), WhatsApp (87%), Facebook (82%), Instagram (54%), and Twitter (49%). In all of the audiovisual content is in continuous use, in the case of YouTube it is also its reason to be, and in the evolution of the others, its adaptations to create and play video stand out. And, as Cisco Systems, a leading network, and telecommunications company, points out, it is estimated that in 2020, 80% of the content generated on the internet will be videos.

This is also explained by the fact that audiovisual content achieves greater engagement, achieving greater involvement on the part of the recipients. The video is more attractive and adaptable to the digital ecosystem, in the video, the testimonies acquire more value, generate empathy, and transmit emotions. This is not only known on YouTube, Vimeo, or Snapchat, they have also been updated on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Fundacion, a platform created to value the function of corporate communication in Spanish and Portuguese, produces the Dircom Communication Yearbook. In its 22 edition, this publication highlights visual communication as one of the five trends that will shape the future of communication. This report affirms that 33% of the population watches more than 30 minutes of online videos daily or that the number of subscribers to internet channels to watch series, movies or TV has increased by 90% compared to 2016.

Social networks and videos

But if a company’s budget is not enough for television campaigns, it has its best ally on social networks to promote its content and achieve impact. Facebook joined the video marketing trend with its automatic play function when a video appears in the users’ feed, and offers more possibilities than other networks when we are in front of a computer. But on mobile devices, other leading networks, such as Twitter or Instagram, have also evolved in a special way to offer more and better video options, both played and streaming.

The formats where the text reduces its weight for the benefit of the audiovisual format advance, the success of the stories is another example of this. More than 400 million users share audiovisual content daily through this channel. Some features of the videos that make the most impact on networks are their ability to capture attention from the beginning, the inclusion of subtitles or complementary graphic elements, their brevity, or the image quality possible already from devices accessible to almost any pocket.

Other aspects to consider to achieve successful business videos are the natural integration of videos in vertical and square format in the visual diet of social network users, increasing the possibilities of direct and indirect marketing in the textual fields that can be added together to the video, or the possibility of emitting videos without sound, since in networks like Instagram they require the action of activation of the audio, or because these videos are usually consumed in uncomfortable conditions to reproduce audio (yes, we know that you do it in your work).

Why go to professionals for my business videos

In any case, videos are a powerful business communication tool that, depending on their content and broadcast conditions, can be more or less elaborate. A video for an Instagram story made by a worker who has little knowledge of audiovisual discourse can work perfectly if what he shows is something relevant, shocking, original, or current. But we won’t always have that exclusive or fresh content. A corporate video should always be made by professionals who control the process from planning and scripting to recording, editing, and broadcasting.

Although the cheapening of new technologies allows us to carry great audiovisual tools in our pockets, it is not convenient to confuse the technical possibilities of a device with a professional quality result. Nor should we forget that we all like to be told stories, to be explained to us with images and sounds. With story-telling it goes better.

For all this, and because it also improves the SEO positioning of our brand in web search engines, it is worth investing in professional videos. It is very cheap. Apart from the cost of production, which can range from a few hundred euros to unsuspected limits, it is a relevant and unavoidable investment. It is a necessity derived from consumption and leisure habits, and it is an essential way of being among our audiences. Communicating on video can no longer be an option for companies. The video satisfies our desire to be informed and entertained, and this is a circumstance that companies cannot ignore.

We are increasingly addicted to the image and we are increasingly surrounded by screens. The video is now and will be even more in the future. For future posts, we will talk about the combined possibilities of big data, geolocation, the internet of things, and the screens that come.

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Liam, Sachwell & Galahad (LSG); A Financial Services Provider




Founded by the trio of Liam Robert, Larry Sachwell, and Goub Galahad, with the technical expertise of Barbara Hugh, Novick Frater, Schlosstein Keith, and Francis Anderson to provide institutional clients with asset management services from a risk management perspective.

Liam, Sachwell, and Galahad better known as “LSG” is a Financial Services, Asset Management & Portfolio Management firm, with its headquarters in the British Virgin Islands and branches in Brazil and Singapore. Founded in 2005 by three friends, Liam, Sachwell & Galahad as a privately held equity firm, it metamorphosed into a member-only privately held investment group in 2010 and opened up to semi-private investors in 2013.

According to the CEO, Jordan Adler, the company aims at helping millennials invest their funds in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds. “Our cutting-edge technology helps them set up their investment portfolios in order to maximize returns and manage their money without the trouble of high fees from traditional investments management” he said. He went on to explain that millennial investors are now able to access investment services that up until now were only available to an exclusive group of made up of the super rich. He said their investment systems do the work that before now, investors found too time consuming and tedious to do on their own. LSG is backed by a team of world-class financial experts, and the technological talent while making use of the best financial solutions applications. With an investment Advisory Committee made up of recognized leaders of thought in the investment community.

They play an advisory role in the LSG investment management process and serve as a sounding board for LSG’s management team. As a company, LSG’s goal is to build the world’s most human-friendly financial company. “We hope to help our clients achieve financial freedom, no matter who they are or how much they have,” Liam said. According to Galahad, LSG is reimagining what it means to manage money and investments by making simple, smart, and affordable financial products for everyone.

The story of what made the founders decide they need a company like LSG

 After being in the financial industry for years as a hedge fund the founders had a question brewing in their minds. The question was “how come only a small number of people have access to the best financial tools, what about everyone else? The founders then opened to provide financial solutions to everyone. The founders bonded over a common belief, the founders believe access to financial freedom is a human right. They set out to democratize wealth by giving the financial tools of the rich to everyone thus; the company’s focus is to make sure everyone has the ability to exercise that right. Financial freedom means you have the power to control your financial destiny, to do the work you love, to provide for your loved ones, and to invest in your community and our job is to help you make this happen. We do that by making simple, sophisticated, and affordable financial products. And make sure they’re available to everyone.

What is the main aim of the company?

 our company aims at helping millennials invest their funds in a globally diversified portfolio of low-cost index funds, and our cutting-edge technology helps them set up their investment portfolios in order to maximize returns and manage their money without the trouble of high fees from traditional investment management. Millennial investors are now able to access investment services that up until now were only available to the super-rich. Our investment systems do the work that before now, investors found was too time-consuming and tedious to do on their own. LSG is backed by a team of world-class financial experts and the best technology talent. Our Investment Advisory Committee is recognized as thought leaders in the investment community. They play an advisory role in the LSG investment management process and serve as a sounding board for LSG’s management team. As a company, our goal is to build the world’s most human-friendly financial company

What are other goals the company hopes to achieve?

Our goal is to help everyone achieve financial freedom, no matter who they are or how much they have. We’re reimagining what it means to manage your money by making simple, smart, and affordable financial products for everyone. Backed by some of the biggest financial firms and tech investors, we’ve received $375M+ in investments. We’re a “unicorn” now and growing faster than ever. Our teams of over 600 employees work collaboratively to build the best possible experience for our clients, and then make it even better — we ship fast, then improve it. Everyone is a maker and an owner: that means no layer of bureaucracy or red tape, and rigorously prioritizing to avoid meeting-packed days. We even have a dedicated meeting-free day each week, so everyone has the time to think, create and innovate, without interruptions.

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Why You Need To Look Out For Alexander “Axlek” Weber In 2020



Alexander "Axlek" Weber

When we take a glance at Alexander Weber’s Instagram profile we will see heaps of high-quality variating contents that show moments that he spends time on the beach, his travels, and a few of his picture shoots. The fans are charmed by it given the high engagement rates and we’re excited for what his new content goes to be since needless to say there’ll be a lot additional to come! We have done our analysis and saw that there are already some impersonation accounts, folks that are attempting to piggyback on Alexander’s Weber success.

 We hope that Instagram can take action before long by supportive @axlek. “I love that I get to post my Content and have such a lot of amazing individuals feeling it,” aforesaid Alexander Weber, whereas expressing his feeling towards his fans and followers during a recent interview. “My personal way journal ‘Axlek’ shows plenty of traveling, landscapes, food, and, all in all, positivity.” The German social media influencer additional. In line with Axlek, he loves traveling and every one of his content relies on the theme of positivism and love for the individuals and totally different places.

He worked very onerously to become an expert model. He currently has associate impeccable fashion sense saved with beauty. He has been related to a few of the leading world brands like Ellesse, McDonald’s, Warner Music, e-Bay, GoDaddy, and lots of additional. When not shooting with the world’s high brands he is seen motion to a few of the foremost exotic traveler destinations or connecting together with his followers on Instagram wherever he makes bound to reply to every and each message from individuals across the planet. His Instagram feeds have a few of the foremost unbelievable footage of him at the most lovely places like Washington, New York, la, Berlin, and Prague, etc.

Most of the time he’s much occupied as his work needs motion across the world. Once he gets very little break day he is seen affixed to his phone either respondent the mails or reprehension individuals. Once he’s in his town Bielefeld, he likes to pay time together with his friends and mother. Axlek has been single-handed raised by his mother when the untimely death of his father.

Their struggles to survive through tough times have brought them nearer. Though he started his career behind the camera, his passions to be ahead of the camera created him conceive to become an expert model. He’s fun to seem at. However, Alexander isn’t simply another handsome face with an uneventful feed. He infuses his creative thinking throughout his Instagram portfolio. And you’re actually planning to relish exploring his distinctive aesthetic!

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How do you find a good real estate agent?



real estate agent

Realtors often make it easier to find an apartment. But the problem is: The term “broker” is not protected. What you should pay attention to when looking for a real estate agent in order not to experience a flop.

Choosing the right Realtor is like a game of chance. Because the term “broker” is not protected, adequate training is not required, all that is required is a business license. But how do you distinguish dubious service providers from qualified real estate agents?

1) Find out more on the Internet

If you are looking for a broker, you usually do your research on the Internet first. Here the wheat can be separated from the chaff. Take a close look at the websites of the brokers. Does the site look professional? Which objects are being conveyed? Who are the contact persons? Serious brokers have nothing to hide and make sure to present themselves professionally and transparently.

2) Don’t make rash decisions

A good broker has one thing above all else: enough time for you! When a broker pushes for a quick contract, caution is usually required. A reputable broker will not only answer your questions in depth, but also ask you questions about your wishes and plans. So take the time to have an in-depth discussion with your potential broker.

3) How well does the broker know his market?

Well-trained and experienced brokers are very familiar with the real estate market in their region: Does the broker know the current prices and how they are developing? Does he know about the local market rents? Does he have experience in the marketing of capital investments and relevant contacts to investors? Only if a broker can adequately answer these questions will he be able to realistically estimate real estate prices for you and not promise you miracles.

4) Ask the agent for references

An experienced real estate agent has already brokered or sold many properties. So ask for reference objects and clients. A trustworthy broker will not hesitate to give you references. Of course, you can also inquire about the quality of his work from former clients of the broker.

5) Do you have financial loss liability insurance?

Even a qualified real estate agent can make mistakes. In order to protect himself and his customers from possible damage, a real estate professional has property damage liability insurance. When you are looking for a broker, inquire about appropriate insurance coverage in the conversation.

6) Which valuation procedures does the broker know?

A professional real estate agent knows several methods to determine the value of a property. Whether it is a rough online valuation, a paid market valuation by an appraiser or a valuation by a qualified broker – a reputable real estate agent can easily explain to you which procedure is appropriate for you.

7) Have exposés shown to you

The exposé is the most important sales document. Let the broker show you current exposés. This shows immediately how much effort he is putting into describing objects and putting together the necessary information. An exposé should be meaningful, informative, and visually appealing.

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