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What Are Halo Illuminated Signs – A Complete Guide



Companies are familiar with the effective growth of business and income due to advertisements through illuminated signs. Illuminated signs are available in various varieties and shapes. One of the stylish designs of illuminated signs is a halo illuminated sign, available in the form of internal and external signage boards.

For the illumination of such external signage boards,  the use of a hidden light source on the back of the letter makes it bright. The light emerging produces a glow around the letters. These are internal illumination processes in which the faces of the letters remain opaque and a colorful light glow surrounds the letters.

Why does the word halo use these signs?

For such a technique of illumination, hollow letters and LED light are used, such that light from LEDs, projected back onto the wall, produces a halo of light around the letter. Due to this halo creation, these signs are called halo-illuminated signs.

Halo-lit or glow signs became popular among all illuminated signs in the advertising and marketing campaigns for any business due following features.

1-Colorful LEDs lights

Different LED light sources are there in these halo signs. The colorful halo of light produced around the letters is responsible for the customer’s flow and eye-catching views. These are more visible to customers and leave an image of the company in people’s minds when they pass nearby.

Signage experts use their rich experiences to design halo-illuminated signs that fit well with your company’s logo. These signs give a matching look to the advertisements’ signs in various colors and attractive looks.

2-Supreme quality materials

The materials used in halo illuminated signs, especially in external signboards, are of quality material. High-quality LEDs which work for a long time, and Aluminum materials for the construction of letters and logos give a long period for its use.

3-Represent a unique look 

For business promotion and sales Illuminated external signage boards are used everywhere around the world for the promotion of sales and business. However, by using halo illuminated signs the company not only gets enough profit but also presents a unique image among others due to stylish designs.

Easy installation process  

The installation process of any signage is quite a difficult job, as it may damage the board or letters. The installation of halo-illuminated signs has become accessible by following the down listed steps and instructions.


Select a suitable place where you have to install the letters. Choose a point/place on the wall that is more visible to customers. Unroll the pattern and tape it to the wall. Before installing the letters,  make sure that the letters are leveled and centered.

You can use tape to prevent the wall from damage after its removal. Use tape that will not damage the wall surface when you want to remove it. Also, wearing glasses is necessary for making holes.


Drill holes near the center of the letters and logos. It’s better to use pilot holes. The use of screws for various surfaces is very important. For example, galvanized wood screws are best for wood surfaces, and Topcon screws are suitable for concrete or brick surfaces. Making holes needs much care as it causes letter damage.


The sequence of installation is very important. On the back of letters and logos, some stickers tell about the installment of the letters and logo of the company. During installation, it is important not to force the screw beyond the cup. Forcing might cause damage to the signs and letters.


While fastening the letters and logo of the company one must care that these are on a level. Push the EZLit Power Line through the wall so that it should reach from inside the building.


Carefully plug each letter into the EZLit Power Strip and the EZLit Power Supply. Each power link has different colors, which must match the power strip during installation.


Use grease on the metal parts of each Plug Connection. Also, plug the power supply into 110 V. Place the power supply indoors to prevent it from damage. Following the above steps and safety precautions, one can easily install halo-illuminated signs.

Use of halo-illuminated signs

Companies use halo-illuminated sign boards for internal and external signage. Due to their perfect shape and stylish designs, these signs are suitable for businesses like hotels, restaurants, jewelry, clubs, and pubs.

These business signs present an image for the attention of customers and a boost to your brand. The availability of LED is typically in white colors, but signage experts have made it possible to extend it to various colors depending on the logo and colors and building color.

Bottom line

To give a unique and distinguished look to your business and to improve your sales and product demand, you must gradually use halo-illuminated signs as it is a major source for your business advertising and marketing.

Signworld provides the best eye-catching signs for your companies that reach you to the apex of your business career.

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