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What are Power Generation Stocks: Who Should Invest in These Stocks?



Power Generation Stocks

Do you know India ranks third for power generation globally? Power is also one of the most crucial elements for the development and fulfillment of the energy demand of billions of people. For Investors, it presents a tremendous opportunity to ride the wave and build long-term wealth generation.

If you are interested in investing in power sector stocks, this article is for you. In this blog, we will look at the top power stocks list with their core metrics and performance.

1. Tata Power

Tata Power was incorporated in 1915 and serves retail as well as corporate clients. It is the country’s largest private-sector power company with a capacity of over 2785 MW. Tata Power has served >10 million clients and customers. The company is present in all segments such as power generation, distribution, and transmission.

Tata Power also emerged as India’s ‘Most Attractive Employer Brand’, according to Randstad India’s RBER 2023 report.

  • Tata Power Share Price as of January 2023: ₹350+
  • Market Cap: ₹1,10,719 Cr

2. JSW Energy

JSW Energy is another private company serving across India. The company has its foot in mining and equipment manufacturing segments, transmission, power trading, and power generation.

JSW Energy started its operations in 1994 and was initially a joint venture between JSW Steel Ltd. and Tractebel SA.  The company won the ‘Superpower in Thermal Power’ award for best-performing utility in the thermal power sector in the past.

  • JSW Energy Share Price as of January 2023: ₹470+
  • Market Cap: ₹76,370 Cr


NTPC is a power major with a presence in the entire value chain of power generation business. The company has Resettlement and Rehabilitation policies connected with its core business of generating electricity and setting up power projects.

NTPC uses modern techniques of power generation along with renewable energy sources to achieve green energy targets.

NTPC shines as the only Indian public sector company to get featured in Forbes ‘World’s Best Employer’s 2023’ list.

  • NTPC Share Price as of January 2023: ₹300+
  • Market Cap: ₹3,03,845 Cr

4. Torrent Power

Founded in 1996, Torrent Power is engaged in generation, transmission, and distribution of power. The company is the most experienced private sector player in Gujarat and is also engaged in the manufacturing and supply of power cables.

Torrent Power recently began work on implementing a Green Hydrogen Pilot for Bending in CGD.

  • Torrent Power Share Price as of January: ₹1000+
  • Market Cap: ₹49,059 Cr

5. Adani Green

Adani Green Energy is believed to be one of the largest renewable energy companies with a current portfolio of 20,434 MW.

Driven by the parent group philosophy of ‘Grow with Goodness’, the company builds, operates, and owns utility-scale grid-connected solar and wind farm projects.

Adani Green recently won the Sustainability 4.0 award.

  • Adani Green Share Price as of January: ₹1700+
  • Market Cap: ₹2,72,921 Cr


The power sector is going to see exponential growth given the demand for power and the growing population. India is at the forefront of revolutionizing its power energy sector and companies have been innovating themselves to drive the change. If you are looking to invest in power sector stocks, visit Dhan.

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