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What are the alarming signs when you should take your pet to the Vet?



Measure the importance of the veterinary clinic for the well-being of their pet. Taking the pet to the vet periodically should start at an early age so that the first necessary tests are carried out to assess its health.

Just like humans, they need medical care, such as vaccination, deworming, diagnosis of diseases, laboratory tests, treatments, and even more complex tests such as check-ups – to assess their general condition.

The Sunshine Pet Hospital offers the best independent, experienced, and dedicated team that is fully committed to bringing their patients the best veterinary care, never compromising with their standards.

This Aurora Vet animal hospital believes that every pet deserves the best care at all points in life. They match this commitment with their unending exploration of more efficient ways of reducing the costs of veterinary care without compromising their patients. They always pursue the right action plan to respond to different health care needs.

Ensures an analysis of the pet’s general health status

There are several ways to acquire a pet. It can be through adoption, rescue from the streets, and even purchase. Puppies rescued from the street need urgent veterinary consultations, especially if the adopter already has pets at home.

In this case, the veterinarian makes an initial assessment, through some tests (such as laboratory tests, which help diagnose possible contagious diseases). In this first consultation, depending on the age of the animal (calculated by the professional), it will be vaccinated and will undergo other usual procedures.

In the other forms of acquisition, the care is the same, but often the animals are already vaccinated, dewormed, and, in some cases, even castrated. It is important, however, that they are also evaluated at a veterinary clinic you trust.

When should you take your pet to the vet?

Taking the pet to the vet is essential and, when talking about a puppy, the ideal is to take it to the vet monthly to check its growth and health. This can occur up to 4 months, so you will be able to have complete information about safety, behavior, teething, and even neutering.

After this period, it is advisable to take the pet to the vet every three months, which is the period of time he should take a dewormer. It often happens that pets are taken to the vet only when something wrong is identified, but the ideal thing is that you take your dog or cat regularly to check their weight, fur, and other health characteristics.

What are the signs that your pet is not well?

In addition to the periodic consultations mentioned above, some signs may indicate that your pet is not well and that an appointment is necessary.

In this case, you should always pay attention to the animal’s usual behavior, so that you can identify when something is out of the ordinary.

In general, one of the main signs that something is wrong is apathy, which is when the pet doesn’t feel like walking or playing. In addition, excessive barking or howling can also be a sign, as well as the occurrence of fever. Changes in eating habits, such as overeating or not eating, drinking too much water, or not drinking at all, are signs that something is not right.

In addition, other signs are also important to be observed, such as:

  • vomiting;
  • Diarrhea;
  • Skin lesions;
  • Difficulty breathing;
  • Cough;
  • Halitosis;
  • Aggression for no reason.

What is the importance of a veterinary consultation?

As you can see in what has been said so far, the pet needs care just like the human being, as it needs vaccines, and medicines and can present several attitudes that require a consultation with the vet.

Therefore, the importance of the consultation is enormous, because only the veterinary professional will be able to analyze the animal in a complete way and identify if the health needs some assistance or if the animal is totally fine.

In addition, it is in the consultation that you can find out the age of your pet and have specific guidelines on the needs it may have. So, this is the moment you have to ask all questions about the animal, about its behavior and other issues, to ensure the best health and safety for your cat or dog.

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