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What are the Essential Guidelines for Designing and Printing Posters?




There is a challenge when you want to translate a certain design from the computer screen to a poster. The color on the screen and the posters will vary. And such differences get exaggerated in the final product of the huge posters.

Today, different expert printers have their ways to go about this process. Today, you can check the companies specializing in Printing Los Angeles to know more. However, some of the guidelines that you must keep in mind include the following:

  1. Check the font style and size

It would help if you read a poster from a distance. Hence, it is essential to select a font that can get read from a distance. The fonts that have clean lines and bold strokes are the best. You need to consider the font size as well. One of the important rules is that every letter on the printed sign should be an inch tall for each 10′ of the distance between a reader and the poster.

  1. Select the color scheme carefully

A few colors are better on posters. Hence, choose a color scheme that can translate the emotion and message that you want the onlookers to witness. You need to check whether the colors you have selected has the required impact on a person on it. You can also choose to use the element of contrast that can greatly impact the selected palette, more so when you need to use a softer color.

  1. Begin with the correct file specs

The secret to making sure that a printed poster is as clean and sharp as you see on-screen is to manage the technical specifications for the file before you begin to design. It can be that the original file is a fraction of the final print size. Make sure to opt-in for a large format printer that can help you. After that, you should follow all the guidelines for ensuring that your initial file is in the correct proportion, shape, and resolution to provide the best outcome. If you opt-in for a well-planned file, you will have fewer production challenges.

  1. Leverage the space

Space management in printing is essential. You need to effectively use the negative or white space between the design elements. It is a great tool to grab the viewer’s attention on the crucial parts of the poster. The best posters are uncluttered and clean. You shouldn’t think that it’s essential to use each pixel. Enable the message space to breathe by strategically using empty space as a punctuation form for highlighting the message. You can also vary the arrangement of space between the elements for denoting when two or more aspects gets related closely and needs to get interpreted as a group or for isolating distinct sub-points inside the main message.

Last but not least, focus and simplicity are the elements to ensure that you get the point across. Make sure that you have kept the message to a unified idea. After that, you can make use of direct, short statements or clean, bold images that appropriately translate what you intend to convey.



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