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What are the Tips for mixing and matching Bold colours?



It is tough to master the art of mixing and matching bold colors. Some tips can help you. With the information below, you will be good to go regardless of the kind of dressing you opt for, be it a top, pants, etc.

Not everyone is into bold colours, but there is a way you can have them on and have an eye-catching look. It can all be a success only if you are in the right mood and have some tricks on bold colours. Having the tricks will aid you in deciding what to mix with; you can have a womens raincoat that is bright to your dull pants.

In this post, you will encounter the most straightforward tips that will help you mix and match bold colours.

Mix Colours that Complement Each Other

Some bold colours can easily blend, but some will not be an easy match. If you want to have the perfect bold colour, dressing code, then think of trying several combinations; alternatively, you can rely on the colour wheel for guidance.

The Colour wheel is an essential component in choosing bold colours that complement each other. With such a tool at hand, confusion will be the last thing to affect your dressing code, as it will show you the right bold colours to mix and match.

Go for Shades that Blend with your Skin Tone.

Being a professional in bold colour mixing requires a lot of effort, but don’t worry; everyone starts from somewhere, so being a newbie shouldn’t be a concern to you. As time goes by, you learn many tips concerning the game.

You can learn more from informative videos, which help you understand your skin tone. The videos will show you which side of the tone your skin belongs to, be it the cool or the warm side.

Understanding your skin tone is crucial, especially when mixing and matching bold colours. You will have an added advantage in choosing hair colours and make-up.

Go for the Monochrome Combination

If you are having a hard time in mix and matching bold colours, then it will be best if you give a try monochromatic wear. Why is monochromatic easy? It is because you will not think deeply about what to wear and make them match, and in the end, you will still stand out.

If you are after a stylish appearance, try several shades with the same colours rather than having everything under one tone. On the hand, if you decide to go for the same tone, add some magnetic elements to it. You can do it by trying different materials, for example, cotton, faux leather, and silk.

Neutralise Bold Colours with Muted Ones

Bold colours are sometimes overpowering to stare at; to elevate the entire colours of your outfit, it will be necessary if you reduce the brightness with neutral colours. For example, you can match a bold pink womens raincoat with a soft muted top to balance the entire outfit.

Put on Accessories that Match

Accessories have a major impact on the entire dressing code. Therefore it’s not a crime to go for the ones that can make your outfit flow. The best accessories to wear are the ones that are neutral-oriented.


Bold colours are pretty easy to match, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them in your wardrobe. There are ways to incorporate them into your outfit and make you stand out. Follow the above tips, and you no longer have any problems with bold colours.

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Home insurance: Less than one in 50 homes are protected for damage



Home insurance: Less than one in 50 homes are protected for damage

Small unforeseen events in everyday life, from a faucet, left open in the kitchen to a pipe that leaks while you are away, faults in the electrical system or the water network, atmospheric events that bring some damage or the unwelcome “visit” of a thief, risk undermining the value of your asset and its profitability, forcing you to completely unexpected and above all unwanted expenses.

Is it possible that even people like ours, traditionally inclined to individual savings and unwilling to risk, underestimate the risks associated with homeownership? In the field of home insurance, Italy seems to be still quite behind compared to many other European countries: according to recent surveys, only one in 50 homes seems to be covered by a non-life insurance policy. Data that clashes with those on real estate: many owners but few home insurance. And this seems even more atypical if we take into account that the home insurance policy is often underwritten only when it is required by law, such as in the case of a mortgage for the purchase of a property. Again, many take out insurance when they have already experienced the negative consequences of a claim. But why wait for this to happen?

Given the mistrust and skepticism that still seems to surround them, it is, therefore, appropriate to clarify the guarantees and protections provided by the main insurance formulas, perhaps not always easy to understand.

A home policy will be your best ally when you need it most. A claim of any kind has the disadvantage of being unexpected: you can’t really prepare for what might happen. But thanks to a few more services, you can download many thorny and emergency situations from your shoulders and your wallet.

If something unexpected happens, you can:

  • Immediately manage the incident through a video report with your smartphone, a very useful method to start the compensation procedures as soon as possible and to “photograph” the situation immediately
  • Repair the damage promptly thanks to the possibility of finding specialized craftsmen through insurance and also available on holidays
  • If the damage is severe enough to prevent you from staying at home, or in extreme cases, the policy can provide you with coverage, for example, for hotel or commercial vehicle expenses needed to move or remove deteriorated items.
  • For all the small and large daily misunderstandings, which concern the management of the house, you can also have legal assistance in three possible forms: home, home and family, home, family, and work. Thanks to the legal protection you can manage disputes with more serenity because the policy meets you for expert and/or procedural costs.

Does your home policy not have all these guarantees?

If your home policy does not give you the possibility to choose all guarantees, you can consider switching to, a complete solution that gives you the possibility to choose everything you need, in a single contract. The benefits of this home insurance do not end there:

  • You can customize your insurance according to your real and economic needs
  • You can choose to pay the policy also in monthly installments
  • You can choose the convenience and awareness of being 100% paperless: all documents will be sent to you via email, from the quote to the signature of the paperless policy contract
  • It offers you the innovative claims management service with video appraisal via smartphone
  • You can insure multiple homes with one contract and even if you are renting.
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Backpacks for kids




Are you looking for information on backpacks for kids? You have come to the right place! In this blog post, we will provide a step-by-step guide on backpacks for kids

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Top Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas To Celebrate The Brother Sister Bond



As one of the most auspicious festival celebrations to welcome the seasonal change from monsoon to autumn, Raksha Bandhan is a special occasion to celebrate the sibling bond. On this eventful occasion, the sister ties Rakhi on her brother’s wrist, which acts as a charm to protect him from any challenge he may encounter during the year and wish them the best in their endeavours.

And, it does not matter if your brother is younger than you or the other way! With such an important occasion around the corner, along with a stunning rakhi online, a gift or more will help you deliver your best regards. Thanks to online gift stores, you don’t have to go from pillar to post or break the bank to make the best impression on your brother. We share top Raksha Bandhan gift ideas to celebrate the brother-sister bond.


Ever since you got the best gift from your parents (your brother), you have honoured the occasion with the traditional rakhi custom. Are you still reminiscing about the childhood moments with your brother, fighting over the last cookie or the remote? Let your brother know that you always have his back with a watch gift. There are many watch designs and brands to pick from; choose his favourite options. And keep the Raksha Bandhan celebrations fun and memorable with a personalised wristwatch gift.


The cousin sister-brother relationship is similar to that of a sister and brother. The best way to build such relationships is when the cousin, sister or brother stays close or occasionally meets at family gatherings – where they get to socialise and get to know each other. Make the best impression on your brother on this auspicious occasion with a wishful indoor plant. There are many plant options from which you can pick from Bonsai, Money plants, and Jade to Lucky Bamboo plants.

A brother from another mother

Feel like the luckiest person in the world to be blessed with a friend just like a brother? Friends are literally our chosen family members! And your new friend-brother is always there for you even when you least expect it. Let him know that you appreciate his brotherly love and care for this Raksha Bandhan with a set of summer shirts and shorts.

Brother (In-Law)

For the brother-in-law, you have your sister to thank! Your brother-in-law has always been protecting you from any harm, just like brothers do for their sisters. This Raksha Bandhan, complete the Raksha Bandhan celebrations with stunning photo gifts. There are many photo gifting options to go with. Consider items like personalised photo frames, t-shirts, mug combos, and showpieces.

Beard care set

These days, bushy beards are on the trend! Express the best wishes to your beard brother this Raksha Bandhan with a beard care set. There are also many brands and options for beard care sets. So, check out the perfect options that go with your brother’s beard style. If your brother is a clean shave kind of person, then you can surprise him with a beard shaving set.

Gym essentials combo

Nearly everyone these days is concerned about their health and fitness! Inspire your brother to pursue his “gains goals” and let your brother know you got his back with gym essentials. He can do some workouts at home in his spare time! You can take your pick from many gym accessories depending on your gym goals and personal preferences.

Items to include in the combo are:

  • Dumbbells and weights,
  • Protein bars,
  • Drinking bottles,
  • Fitness watches,
  • Running sneakers,

Wallet and passport holder

Does your brother like to travel? Then a gesture of a wallet and passport holder is an ideal gift for him this Raksha Bandhan. There are various options for wallets and passport holders to pick each of your brothers’ favourite items. Check out the trending online rakhi for brother in 2022 on online gift portals and social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

There you have the top Raksha Bandhan gift ideas to celebrate your sister-brother bond! Make the best impressions on your brother with a wide selection of other gifts on online gift stores.

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