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What are the Tips for mixing and matching Bold colours?



It is tough to master the art of mixing and matching bold colors. Some tips can help you. With the information below, you will be good to go regardless of the kind of dressing you opt for, be it a top, pants, etc.

Not everyone is into bold colours, but there is a way you can have them on and have an eye-catching look. It can all be a success only if you are in the right mood and have some tricks on bold colours. Having the tricks will aid you in deciding what to mix with; you can have a womens raincoat that is bright to your dull pants.

In this post, you will encounter the most straightforward tips that will help you mix and match bold colours.

Mix Colours that Complement Each Other

Some bold colours can easily blend, but some will not be an easy match. If you want to have the perfect bold colour, dressing code, then think of trying several combinations; alternatively, you can rely on the colour wheel for guidance.

The Colour wheel is an essential component in choosing bold colours that complement each other. With such a tool at hand, confusion will be the last thing to affect your dressing code, as it will show you the right bold colours to mix and match.

Go for Shades that Blend with your Skin Tone.

Being a professional in bold colour mixing requires a lot of effort, but don’t worry; everyone starts from somewhere, so being a newbie shouldn’t be a concern to you. As time goes by, you learn many tips concerning the game.

You can learn more from informative videos, which help you understand your skin tone. The videos will show you which side of the tone your skin belongs to, be it the cool or the warm side.

Understanding your skin tone is crucial, especially when mixing and matching bold colours. You will have an added advantage in choosing hair colours and make-up.

Go for the Monochrome Combination

If you are having a hard time in mix and matching bold colours, then it will be best if you give a try monochromatic wear. Why is monochromatic easy? It is because you will not think deeply about what to wear and make them match, and in the end, you will still stand out.

If you are after a stylish appearance, try several shades with the same colours rather than having everything under one tone. On the hand, if you decide to go for the same tone, add some magnetic elements to it. You can do it by trying different materials, for example, cotton, faux leather, and silk.

Neutralise Bold Colours with Muted Ones

Bold colours are sometimes overpowering to stare at; to elevate the entire colours of your outfit, it will be necessary if you reduce the brightness with neutral colours. For example, you can match a bold pink womens raincoat with a soft muted top to balance the entire outfit.

Put on Accessories that Match

Accessories have a major impact on the entire dressing code. Therefore it’s not a crime to go for the ones that can make your outfit flow. The best accessories to wear are the ones that are neutral-oriented.


Bold colours are pretty easy to match, but that doesn’t mean you should avoid them in your wardrobe. There are ways to incorporate them into your outfit and make you stand out. Follow the above tips, and you no longer have any problems with bold colours.

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