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What do you need to know about Out-Of-Home Advertising?



Out-of-home advertising (OOH), as the name suggests, is a type of outdoor advertisement. Usually, this type of ad covers outdoor units like billboards, bus shelters, benches, and everything in between. If you find an advertisement outside your home (and it’s not on your mobile), you are probably looking at an OOH ad.

OOH is one of the most effective modes of getting your messages heard. This ad type is now merging with digital advancements to ease the tasks of both advertisers and marketers. Billboards, posters on buses, tube systems, metro, other travel locations, airports, taxis, and street furniture are some of the most popular types of OOH advertising.

Why choose Out-Of-Home Advertising?

Out-of-home advertising is one of the best alternatives to online digital advertising. Although digital advertising modes can have restrictions, for instance, ad blockers, this is not an issue with out-of-home advertising.

OOH, ads are pretty attention catchy. Due to its huge size and engaging graphics, OOH ads create a significant impact on their viewers. Statistics confirmed that consumers are 50% more likely to interact with digital ads after being exposed to an OOH ad first.

No doubt, OOH ads work wonders to catch the viewers’ attention, and it often makes a lasting impression. However, it is important to implement the right strategies to make the best out of this advertising mode.

Tips to make the most of OOH Advertising:

  • Create engaging advertising campaigns

Advertisers love OOH advertising and take large OOH ads because of the significant impact it offers on the viewers. OOH, ads are one of those advertising types that can’t be ignored, compared to TV, radio, or mobile, which can be turned off, or the consumer can move to another channel.

However, to ensure the OOH ads are working well, you must launch highly visual, impactful campaigns that attract consumers’ attention. Ensure your message is clear and precise so that your viewers don’t have to focus much to get the message. The message should be simple, easy to understand, and yet catchy.

  • Be creative with the designs

Out-of-home ads can be pretty creative. Those large-scale, impactful ad spaces on busy roads or outside the cinema theatres and shopping complexes offer a fantastic place for creativity to flourish. Employ this with a clear and impactful message and with eye-catchy contrasts to make the best of your ad.

  • Choose the site wisely

The location you choose to install your OOH ads matters the most. Out-of-home advertising is location-driven. In the real world, you must consider where to place your ads to have the most significant impact.

However, with the rise of Digital-OOH and other ad tech stacks, advertisers now have many more location options for OOH ads than previously available. You can now deliver dynamic advertisements that best suit the consumers at any time.

As digital marketing services have evolved to offer detailed insights and analytics into ad engagement and conversion, OOH advertising has now caught up. Campaign impressions can be measured, and attribution can be attained, making OOH ads a powerful toolkit for any marketing department.

  • Purchasing in real-time

Earlier, the purchase of an OOH ad account was a difficult and time-consuming process. However, digitization and innovation have meant that the time between purchase and viewability has been reduced to seconds.

This means that campaigns can be pretty adaptive and more likely to engage with consumers’ surroundings and situations. For instance, changing creatives based on the festivals or seasons.


Like with another marketing campaign, careful planning is vital to ensure you get the most value from OOH advertising.

With the ever-changing digital era, smartphones now dominate our attention span. So, implementing digitization is a vital aim of OOH campaigns. As mentioned before, this is becoming easier with the rise of DOOH and other interactive technologies.

In addition, every time you think about OOH ads, ensure you implement data in your OOH campaigns well. Understand the choices to use your datasets to improve your campaigns.

When purchasing OOH media, strategically check how the data can improve your campaign results. To create the most impact, it can be better to choose a high-traffic site that will reach as many people as multiple locations.

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