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What Is The Benefit Of Photography Contests? How You Can Apply For It?



Winning a contest is one of the best incentives for an amateur photographer. It is a good way to learn and allows us to earn extra money, which is not so bad in these times. Here are some of the most interesting photo contests open to everyone (professionals and amateurs) and how to take on them for the best chance of success.

Getting the prize is not easy. First of all, the photographs have to be good; and secondly, everything is subject to the jury that awards the prizes. No jury is going to coincide with another, it is impossible. So before revealing the most interesting photo contests, we are going to know the main steps to participate in these events.

How to enter in a photo contest

To participate in a photo contests you must adhere to its rules. If you do not follow them, the most normal thing is that you will be disqualified. Don’t throw your head in your hands because you haven’t made it to the next stage in a photo contests because everything is airbrushed.

The first step is to read them from top to bottom to comply with everything they ask for: theme, form of delivery, size (both digital and physical), technique, how to name each one of them, etc.

When I have been a judge, I have come across excellent photographs that have been disqualified for being smaller, for not complying with the name or for something very important, which is a good presentation aktualne konkursy. Do not send images wrinkled or in strange formats or with a sheet of paper instead of good cardboard or passe-partout from a technical stationery store.

It is also essential to present a series or at least notice that the photographs have the same style in aktualne konkursy. If you send a sunset, a black and white street image and a surreal collage, it will be impossible to recognize your hand. It is better that they all keep a meaning. A good jury will appreciate it.

And above all and above all, the image has to be magnificent on aktualne konkursy.Well made and well presented. It doesn’t have to be a cotton ball, but don’t deliver a printed copy home with the last remnants of ink cartridges either.

The best international photography contests

To choose to participate in one or the other you have to watch the bases and see if they are interested in doing photo contests or simply want to create an image bank in the most sloppy way possible. If you see any clause that is not clear, do not participate. On the Stop abusive clauses page they warn of these abuses.

Sony World Photography Awards

For a long time, brands have organized their own photo contests. In some of them it is an essential requirement to use their equipment, but here it is not necessary.

Participation in this contest is free and there are 14 different modalities. Best of all is the amount of the prizes, more than 30,000 dollars in cash and the delivery of cameras of the brand. Until January 6, 2023.

Monochrome Awards

This award is dedicated to black and white in all its themes : Architecture, Abstract, Conceptual, Beauty/Fashion, Fine Art, Landscapes, Nude, Nature, People, Photomanipulation, Photoreportage, Portraiture and Wildlife.

Endowed with 3,000 dollars , it is one of the most prestigious in the world of grayscale. Of course, participating will cost you 25 dollars and be a true craftsman in the art of developing black and white. aktualne konkursy Until November 13, 2022.

The Epson International Pano Awards

It is striking that there is a contest dedicated exclusively to panoramic photographs. But it exists and is endowed with more than 40,000 dollars in cash, more printers and all kinds of accessories for this photographic technique.

Winners always add a twist to the spectacular, so it’s not easy to win. Of course, you always maintain copyright, and it is something that is appreciated in this type of contest. Enrollment open for 2023.


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