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What’s Next For The Nintendo Switch? Nintendo Reveals Plans To Meet New Demand And Grow Sales



nintendo switch 2

The Japanese multinational video game company Nintendo NTDOY announced in a Q&A this week that it is developing more games for the 6-year-old Nintendo Switch.

“There are titles under development for Nintendo Switch, and new titles will continue to be proposed going forward,” assured Shuntaro Furukawa, Nintendo’s President.

“We are seeing both new demand and multiple system demand for the hardware, so we think there is still room for growth in sales. To that end, we want to maintain a high level of engagement with the hardware and create new demand not only by releasing new titles but also by working further to convey the appeal of existing titles,” Furukawa added.

Nintendo’s decision not to attend E3 2023 sparked a lot of speculation regarding the company’s plans for its console, with many wondering if a new Nintendo Switch 2 or Nintendo Switch Pro was on the horizon.

However, this possibility was discarded by the company, which in turn chose to address the concerns of the investors by saying the console still has untapped potential.

“We believe that both new titles and evergreen titles can create opportunities for new users to purchase hardware,” Furukawa said.

Moreover, the company with headquarters in Kyoto discussed the decrease in sales it’s facing in one particular region: “In the Americas, software unit sales for the nine months between April and December decreased by 19.5% year-on-year. When you look at region-by-region performance, the Americas was the only region where unit sales declined year-on-year.”

According to Kotaku, Nintendo is not expected to release new hardware until 2024 at the earliest.

Meanwhile, the company is ramping up production of its existing Switch consoles to sell even more units this year than the last. Nevertheless, Furukawa stated that the company intends to maintain the value and prices of both hardware and software over the long term. “We do not believe that policy needs to be changed at this point,” he said.

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