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Which 5 Types Make Best Rugs for Living Room



rugs for living room

Looking for the perfect rug for your living room? We understand that a suitable rug can effectively enhance the look and overall efficiency of the best rugs for living room. Installing the right type of rug in your living space also makes the space look complete. So, keep reading if you are looking for the most suitable rug for your living space.

Today, we will discuss which 5 types of rugs make the best rugs for the living room or space. So, let’s start exploring.

Top 5 rug types for living room

Choosing the best rugs for the living room means ensuring that your investment is worthwhile and you will get a brand-new look for your living space. Below, we will discuss the top 5 types of rugs that are most suitable for living rooms-

1. Traditional rug

Traditional rugs never get out of fashion. Even today, many people prefer to beautify their homes with traditional carpets. That is why traditional rugs are one of the top 5 carpets to use in the living room. You will find various designs and patterns of traditional carpets in the market. However, handmade traditional carpets can be the best choice for your living room as they look elegant and durable.

2. Modern rug

Modern rugs are one of the best rugs for the living room after traditional rugs. If your home depicts a contemporary vibe in its interior design and decorations, a modern rug should be ideal for your living room. You will find various options in modern rugs like geometric, abstract, striped patterns, and many more. Hand-tufted modern carpets look classy and they can make any modern living room look amazing.

3. Large rug

People who prefer a neat and clean aesthetic prefer large carpets for their living rooms. Large rugs usually fit all the furniture in your living room. This creates a sense of harmony as the rug frames the furniture. When buying a large rug, keep in mind the size of your living room. They usually should be the size of your living room and not float on the floor. They can be a bit expensive if you have a spacious living room. But they can protect your flooring and offer multiple other benefits.

4. Statement rug

It does not matter if you have a modern or traditional living room; statement rugs can complement any aesthetical style. Statement rugs usually have unique and bold designs that stand out from the entire design of the room. These carpets usually float on the floor. Your furniture may or may not sit on it. Choose a statement rug based on the color palette and other decorations of your living room.

5. Pure wool rug

Material plays a crucial role when choosing a rug for your living room. You will find carpets of various materials in the market. Manufacturers usually combine wool with other materials like silk and viscose to create rugs. But pure wool rugs have their own aesthetic value. They are not only beautiful but also hypoallergenic. You must consider woolen carpets, especially if you have children at home. Handwoven, pure wool rugs are also reversible and environment-friendly.

Other types of rugs for the living room

Besides the above top 5 types of rug, there are multiple other types of rugs available that make a good choice for living space. Below, we will share some other popular type of rugs that looks great in living rooms-

  • Distressed rug- If you want to add some vintage look to your living, the faded and classy distressed rugs should be your ideal choice.
  • Kilim rug- The simple design and lightweight of kilim rugs make them trendy nowadays. They are ideal for minimalist and informal living spaces. The asymmetrical design of this rug also makes it suitable for contemporary homes.
  • Bohemian rug– Bohemian or boho rugs are one of the best rugs for the living room. The reason is very simple. It can be incorporated with any aesthetical style, be it contemporary or traditional.
  • Plush rug – Plush rugs are also a great option for living spaces. They make an excellent pair with modern and minimalist living spaces. They offer a soft touch for your feet and look ultra-luxurious.
  • Simple hand-woven rug – Simple hand-woven rugs have a very simple and casual look. They are easy to clean and maintain and have higher durability. This type of rug looks great with minimalist interiors.
  • Floral rug – lastly, floral rugs also make a good option for living room rugs for their aesthetically pleasing look and availability in various styles and designs, including hand-tufted, handwoven, and more.


Living rooms look more warm and comfortable with floor carpets or rugs. You can find endless options for living room rugs, but only some of them have great visual and functional benefits over others. Above, we have discussed the five best rugs for living rooms, whether it is aesthetically or functionally. So, save this article for any time you need a reference before installing a new carpet in your living room.

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