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Which food is best for my dog



A dog needs good nutrition to stay strong and healthy. Depending on the breed and age of the dog, it needs certain vitamins and minerals. There are therefore many different dog foods on the market.

Dry food, complete meal and canned food

The most commonly used dog foods are dry food and canned food. In addition, there are also complete meal feeds on the market. The dry foods are chunks in which various nutrients, vitamins and minerals have been processed in the correct proportions. Chunks contain little moisture, but are good for the dog’s teeth. Canned food also contains all nutrients, vitamins and minerals, but it contains a lot of water. This means that the dog has to eat more of this before he has received enough.

In addition, this soft food can stick to the teeth, which can lead to dental problems. Because the canned food has a strong smell, dogs often find this food more attractive. Of course you can combine dry food and canned food, so that the dog gets the benefits of the dry food with the attractive scent of the canned food. The meal feeds are complete meals, to which you have to add warm water and let it soak for a while. This also contains all the necessary nutrients.

Junior, adult and senior

Depending on the life stage of the cavapoochon dog, the proportions of the nutrients that the dog needs differ. As a result, foods are available for puppies and juniors, for adults and for seniors. The junior diet is rich in protein, but with a limited fat content. The vitamins and minerals are balanced so that the young dog gets just the right nutrients it needs to grow.

The adult food is composed based on the needs of adult dogs. The dog gets enough of all nutrients, vitamins and minerals to stay healthy and a minimal amount of fat, which reduces the risk of obesity. The senior kibble contains an even lower percentage of fat, so that the dog is still fit and active in his old age.

Diet foods

When a dog has physical complaints, these can be reduced or even disappear completely when the dog is put on a diet food. There are special hypoallergenic foods for dogs with a food allergy. In addition, there are special diets for dogs with urinary tract and kidney disease, heart disease, skin disease, liver disease and digestive disorders. There are also special foods on the market for dogs with overweight, joint problems or diabetes.

Sweets and cookies

If you want to spoil the dog, it is best to give it a special dog treat or biscuit. Small treats can also be a godsend when training the dog. Never give the dog “human treats”, this is very bad for his health.

Bones and chews

You can also make a dog very happy with a tasty bone or bone. However, never give the bones of, for example, a chicken leg that you have chewed yourself. These bones can splinter and damage the dog’s stomach. In the (online) pet store there is an extensive range of bones that you can make your dog very happy with.

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