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Which Serum is Suitable for Your Skin



I understood the need for skin care, how many types of products according to the skin care routine. But it is difficult to know which product will give the best solution to my skin problem. That often happens to me. It must have been with you! Isn’t it? The skin care product that we are all more or less confused with is Face Serum! It is important to use serum in skin care after teenage age, it contains very powerful ingredients, which work by targeting some specific problems of our skin. Got it! But, how do you know which serum is right for you? Many of us do not know the function of any of the ingredients in the serum. So, today we will find out, if there are any ingredients, you can easily understand what can solve your problem.

At first I didn’t know in a nutshell, what is the function of serum?

Serum is basically high concentrated powerful ingredients made in the form of many light or thin formulas. Ingredients work by targeting any specific problem in our skin. The serum can reach the innermost layer of our skin. So it works very fast on our skin. In addition to regular skin care, some common skin problems such as-

Problems with spots or pigmentation
Sun Tan
Acne scars
An even skintone
Wrinkles problem
Serum works to address these issues.

Serum Ingredients and Problem Solutions
At a certain age, it is a must to keep the serum in the skin care routine. Serums like facewash, moisturizers or scrubs also become more necessary for our skin than hobbies. It is important to understand which serum will work for you and your problem. Besides, you should not use the product without knowing what an ingredient does. So let’s find out how to understand which serum is right for you.

(1) What is the function of “niacinamide” in serum?
• Basically, this niacinamide helps to boost the collagen production of the skin.
• Niacinamide helps in making a lipid called ‘ceramide’, which maintains the protective layer on the outside of our skin.
Helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
• Those who have problems with open pores. It helps to minimize pores.
Keeps skin smooth, moisturized and healthy.
• For those whose skin is extra oily, niacinamide helps to control skin sebum production.
Helps to reduce skin redness.
Does not make the skin sensitive at all.
Helps to get rid of acne.

Therefore, those who have problems with excessively oily skin, open pores, age marks on the face or are prone to acne can easily choose a serum containing niacinamide and put it in skin care.

(2) What is the function of “alpha arbutin” in serum?
Alpha arbutin is a safe brightening ingredient. It can provide excellent solutions to problems like hyper-pigmentation or pigmentation of our face.
Helps to reduce dark spots or various spots on the skin.
Brightens the skin by reducing spots. Helps to bring natural glow.
Helps to change skin from uneven.
Reduces acne scars or old spots on the face.
• For those who have problems with blemish or redness on the face, this is the best choice.
Those who have sensitive skin can also use it safely.

Many of us are familiar with the name of this ingredient “Alpha Arbutin”. But many do not know, if we have any kind of problem in our skin, we have to use serum with alpha arbutin. So, basically, serum with alpha arbutin may be the right choice for those who have various spots or blemishes on their face.

(3) What is the function of “Vitamin C” in serum?
Vitamin C is very helpful in solving various skin problems and repairing damage. Vitamin C works to repair our damaged skin cells.
Helps to remove the impression of age.
Reduces melanin production in the skin, giving a natural glowing effect to the skin.
Helps to reduce various skin blemishes.
Will help to retain the youth of the skin.
Will make the skin smooth.

Vitamin C is a very effective ingredient in skin care. So those whose skin glow is lost, pale or dirty, damaged due to various reasons will try to use a serum with vitamin C.

(4) What is the function of “lactic acid” in serum?
The main function of lactic acid is to act as anti aging. This can be a great solution for those who have wrinkles.
Breaks down dead skin cells. Broken dead cells come up a lot like dandruff. So, it works a lot like peeling serum.
Works like scrubbing on the skin.
Helps to remove acne scars.
• For those who have problems with freckles, this is the best serum.
Helps to remove dark spots on the side of the lips.
Reduces the problem of old age spots or pigmentation on the face.

Lactic acid is a very powerful ingredient. Since it is used for peeling and skin scrubbing, it should not be used more than 3 to 4 times a week. It is enough to apply any one time to get good results. It is usually best to apply at night.

(5) What is the function of “salicylic acid” in serum?
Salicylic acid is an effective ingredient for acne, pimples, blackheads and whiteheads.
Salicylic acid acts as a keratolytic agent on our skin.
Breaks the keratin layer of the skin and penetrates inside and dislodges the clamped dead cells.
• Dead cells can be easily exfoliated.
Salicylic acid penetrates the lipid layer of our skin and reduces excess sebum production. As a result, those who have extra oily skin reduce the oil production of their skin.
Salicylic acid helps to cleanse the dead cells by penetrating the sebum inside the skin. So it is easy to get rid of the problem of acne or pimples.

People who have not suffered from acne may not be able to find it. So, for those who have problems like pimples, blackheads, whiteheads and problems like bumps or bumps on the forehead, they should include salicylic acid in their skin care routine.

(6) What is the function of “hyaluronic acid” in serum?
Over time, our skin begins to age. Hyaluronic acid works to treat these skin problems and prevent premature aging of the skin.
Fine lines of the skin, reduces the problem of wrinkles.
Reduces skin dullness, roughness.
Retains skin youth.
If the skin is not hydrated, it will dry out after a while. It works to keep dry skin moisturized.
Hyaluronic acid draws water from the external environment and supplies it to our skin. So, for those who have dry skin, it is a must to keep in skin care.

Hyaluronic acid is one of the ingredients that works the most to create our skin layer.

However, sunscreen must be applied during the day
No matter which serum you put in your skin care according to the skin problem, apply sunscreen during the day but must! In no way can this be skipped from your day-care skin routine. You can use sunscreen at night instead of sunscreen during the day, but it won’t do any good.

Well! How many times a day can I use the serum?
Many people do not think that if you use 3/4 of the serum in one day, you will get the solution of all the problems together. Although written on the packet, the serum can be used twice daily, day and night. However, in the climate of Bangladesh, it is better not to use it more than once a day. However, if it is not a very powerful ingredient, it can be used once a day and once at night.

How much serum will I use each time?
There are many who apply with a full handful of serum. Many people use it in very small quantities as the price is high. However, never use more than 4 to 5 drops of serum. If you use a throat serum, it is more than 2 to 3 drops extra, that is, 6 to 7 drops in total is enough.

Of the various ingredients used in the serum, the above ingredients are the most well-known and effective. I hope those who will buy a serum after today’s article, did not understand! Some of them will help. It is better not to use serum before 21/22 years. And you can routinely use niacinamide or alpha arbutin at the beginning of serum use. And of course don’t forget to use a good moisturizer after using the serum!

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