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Was Tanjiro Kamado’s Father A Demon Slayer?



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The person Muzan sees in his flashbacks is not Tanjurou. But his connections to the demon slayer world is how he learnt the dance of the fire god technique. Read on to know more!

Demon Slayer anime has garnered a fair amount of fanbase and that has led to several speculations and fan theories to emerge. One of them is whether Tanjiro Kamado’s father, Tanjurou, is a Hashira/Demon Slayer or not.

Tanjiro’s father is shown teaching the Dance of Sun/Fire God to Tanjirou. But due to being a kid, Tanjiro didn’t exactly learn all the steps and as he grew up he forgot those memories.

In Muzan’s flashback, we see a shadow resembling a grown-up Tanjirou with a similar scar and Hanafuda earrings.

This led many of us to believe that it was Tanjiro’s father who had defeated Muzan back then and was secretly the strongest Demon Slayer to ever exist. So was Tanjiro’s father really a demon slayer?

Keep your guard up as there are major Spoilers ahead. Read, only if you are ready.

Was Tanjiro’s Father A Demon Slayer?

Well to answer the question in short, Tanjiro’s father is not a demon slayer. The person Muzan sees in his flashbacks is not Tanjurou. But his connections to the demon slayer world is how he learnt the dance of the fire god technique.

The Demon Slayer who defeated Muzan was born almost 300-400 years before Tanjurou. He was the very first Human to use Breathing Technique. His name was Yoriichi Tsugikuni.

He was born with the innate talent of being able to use the “Transparent World” technique. Using this technique Tsugikuni could see the world in some kind of X-ray vision.

Allowing him to view the blood flow, joint movements and muscles of every being. This “defect/talent” allowed him to see through Muzans secret when they clashed and beat him to the point of killing him.

The breathing technique used by Tsugikuni was the First Breathing Technique ever used by mankind. It was called the Dance of the Sun/Fire God normally called as Sun Breathing.

During his final days in the demon corps, Yoriichi met the gentle family of Kamado Sumiyoshi, and Suyako, ancestors of Tanjirou Kamado.

The Kamado couple was very impressed by Yoriichi and his attempts to save the world.

They were the only one who helped Yoriichi be hopeful for the future, especially after his elder brother turned on him and became a demon under Muzan.

Before his departure, Suyako asked Yoriichi to perform the Sun Dance for her. However reluctant at first, he eventually gave in to her request.

Yoriichi performed the Sun Dance up to the last level i.e the 13th Level for her. His dance left such a huge impact on Sumiyoshi that he instantly memorised the dance and kept on practising it himself.

Before leaving, Yoriichi also gave his Hanafuda earrings to Sumiyoshi and asked him to keep it safe and also as his memento.

As a thank you and to keep Yoriichi’s memory alive, Sumiyoshi passed down the art of Sun Dance and the Hanafuda earring to his son and further down the generation.

However, as time progressed only 12 techniques were passed down from the dance and the 13th technique was lost. That is how Tanjurou came to learn the art of Sun Dance.

Tanjirou was unable to master it due to his father’s untimely death.

Thus, one of the biggest mysteries for anime-only watchers was answered by the mangaka of Demon Slayer, Koyoharu Gotoge.

We tried our very best in avoiding spoiling the plot twists and major events that took place during Yoriichis’ time as a Demon Slayer.

Such as who was the person Yoriichi rescued from Muzan during their fateful encounter. Also, the reason behind the scar on both Tanjirou and Yoriichi.

To know about them stay tuned to our upcoming Kimetsu no Yaiba blogs. Also, let us know in the comments what do you think about the most powerful Demon Slayer to have ever existed.

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