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Who Is The Mastermind Behind Cyber Defense Media Group



Anyone who enjoys staying up to speed on all things cybersecurity should be aware of the well-known platform Cyber Defense Media Group. It is a media publishing website that provides all of the knowledge needed to understand cybersecurity. Through it, an individual may literally learn about this crime as they inform about all the companies that have incurred losses as a result of it. Furthermore, it provides suggestions and tactics for staying secure from all perspectives and staying one step ahead of hackers. As time passes, hackers get more proficient in their methods, and it might become nearly difficult to identify or follow the hacker. As a result, a knowledgeable individual would take all preventive measures to keep on top of them.

Excellent Learning Platform

Since its establishment in 2012, Cyber Defense Media Group has helped many individuals learn about this crime through their platform. They have published 12 versions of their publications each year and have over 11,000 pages of content on their website. They also have hundreds of interviews, webinars, and white papers accessible on demand at any time, so it is entirely up to the person how much he or she wants to study. Furthermore, they have over 200k followers and subscribers on social media sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, with 1000 email subscribers growing every month. This is the revolutionary effect they are making via their work and the teams of experts that remain on the front lines in order to raise awareness.

Such forums are extremely vital these days in order for the majority of people to learn about technology at its finest and to be aware of the internet’s dark side. Their approach to work is extremely unique, and unlike other organizations here, they cooperate with over 4000 cybersecurity companies and assist them in reaching millions of listeners and viewers. “We’re continuously searching for new methods to innovate in cybersecurity and wondering what’s next.” The premium partner RSA Conference also assists them in reaching their goals by offering top-tier sponsors and a larger platform to disseminate their message.

The Brains Behind The Concept

Such a fantastic concept can only come from a successful person who is a cybersecurity professional and has launched several game-changing innovations. Gary Miliefsky is a successful entrepreneur who has assisted several firms by establishing remarkable technologies that have been licensed under his own name, including Hexis Cyber, WatchGuard, Intel/McAfee, IBM, Computer Associates, and BlackBox Corporation. Among his numerous accomplishments is the launch of this Cyber Defense Magazine in 2012, which he continues to produce and assist the public. He is frequently invited by national and global media to speak about breaches, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and cyberterrorism. In addition, he has published a book to reach a wider audience, and it has quickly become one of the best-selling ones.

Miliefsky is continuously on the go in order to have a lasting impression in this profession and assist others in any manner he can. He wants the internet to be a secure area for everyone to utilize without fear of being harmed. There are several amazing testimonials on his website that you can read for yourself to see how he is assisting individuals.

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