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Why Are Swivel Casters With Lock More Helpful?



A recent webinar on ergonomics and ergonomic design addressed the topic of swivel casters. The webinar addressed some common complaints about swivel casters, specifically those on the wheel closest to the operator. In addition, it offered recommendations to educate operators about the benefits of swivels. Listed below are some of the main advantages of swivel casters with locks.

Rotate Parallel to the Direction of Travel

Swivel casters are wheels designed to rotate parallel to the direction of travel. This allows them to follow the shape of the floor with minimal effort. This feature is especially helpful in applications that require a large amount of precision steering. It is also useful for improving ergonomics, especially in 90-degree turns. In addition, swivel casters can help in line drop-off situations.

Some swivel casters have a brake feature that prevents the wheel from rotating. This brake feature is often achieved by pressing a lever against the brake cam. However, the casters can still rotate in a small circle.

Provide Rigid Support

Swivel casters are used to move a vehicle in a straight line. They’re also useful for moving medium to heavy loads. They’re designed to be mounted to a stationary fork, which determines the wheel’s orientation when the caster is mounted to a vehicle. These casters are also stronger and can support higher weight capacities. In addition, these casters provide rigid support and can be used in various applications, such as shopping carts.

Swivel casters with lock are added rigid support for heavy loads. A wheel-locking swivel caster will not swivel in a vertical direction and has a brake. However, the caster can still rotate in a circle by rotating the offset distance.

Can be Locked

Having casters that lock is a great way to make furniture move easier. These casters are typically secured with two bolts on each leg farthest from you. The diameter of the casters will determine how snug they will fit on your furniture. Swivel casters with a lock are ideal for furniture that needs to be rotated or moved around a lot. They are also great for transporting heavy items.

A swivel caster with a lock is more reliable and provides a higher level of security than a traditional swivel caster. Traditional swivel casters rely on a kingpin, a bolt, or a rivet that holds the raceway together. However, kingpins are vulnerable to shocks and stress and prone to failure.

More Desirable

There are some pros and cons to both types of casters. The advantage of swivel casters is that they give the user a lot of flexibility. These casters are useful for moving industrial equipment or tool chests. On the other hand, fixed casters are useful for users who don’t move around often. While fixed casters are great for moving in straight lines, swivel casters are better for various applications.

Swivel casters with a lock are much more secure. A lock prevents the caster from being accidentally turned. This mechanism is usually located near the caster’s base and provides a lock. The caster’s lock should be able to lock without slop.

Have a Longer Usable Life Cycle

A key benefit of locking swivel casters is a longer usable life cycle. Traditional swivel casters rely on a kingpin, a bolt, or a rivet that holds the raceway together. However, kingpins are prone to damage from shocks or high-stress levels. This is why locking swivel casters improve their durability and usability.

A swivel caster with a lock has notches on every 90 degrees for better ergonomics. It is available in a 1, 3, or 8-position lock. A demountable swivel caster with a lock is also available.

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