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Why Can’t Quincy Steal Bankai Of Ichigo?



why ichigo bankai cant be stolen

Although the ability of Quincy to steal a Shinigami’s Bankai was a shocking revelation, Kubo also presented us with an exception to this plotline. With the help of the Wandenreich Medallion, these dangerous individuals were able to capture some of the most prominent Bankai of the Gotei 13 captains but failed utterly when it came to stealing our protagonist, Bankai of Ichigo.

The TYBW arc has proved to be full of action and surprises and we have already talked about why Quincy steal Bankai from Shinigami but here we are going to discuss the fact that why Quincy was not able to steal bankai from Ichigo from him.

Spoiler warning for Bleach TYBW arc, so read ahead at your own discretion!

Which of the Bankai got stolen from the Shinigami?

While trying to fend off the Quincy invasion on the Soul Society, all the divisions and their captains were busy fighting off the Sternritters. A spectacle of top-tier battles between the strongest individuals is presented to us while Ichigo and company were stuck and busy fighting Quilge Opie, another one of the Quincy in Hueco Mundo. The captains fighting on the frontlines were namely, Byakuya, Soi-Fon, Komamura, and Hitsugaya.

Unfortunately, even after gathering intel from the late 1st division Lieutenant Sasakibe Chojiro about the mysterious ability to ‘seal’ away Bankai, the said captains decided to activate their Bankai as they saw no other way to defeat the enemy and ended up getting their trump card stolen when the enemy used the Wandenreich Medallion.

They also then figured out that their Bankai was in fact stolen, and not just sealed away. On the other hand, Quilge Opie was also trying to steal bankai of Ichigo but that is when we see that there is an exception to this disastrous ability. He failed to steal bankai of Ichigo.

But what was the reason for it?

Why Can’t Quincy Steal Bankai of Ichigo?

To explain this concept, there are few explanations. The accepted answer approved by Kubo himself in a Q&A is the fact that he contains Hollow powers. One must remember that Ichigo basically has all kinds of possible bloodlines in him, ranging from Shinigami, Hollow, and Quincy powers.

Thus, the reason why Can’t Quincy Steal bankai of Ichigo is due to his mixed lineage and hollow powers.

As for the Quincy, Hollow power is like poison, the reason being Quincies are humans who can channel reishi in their bodies, and its been shown time and again that hollow powers or reishi and even reiatsu are poisonous to humans.

During the Lost Substitute Arc, Ichigo was given his Shinigami powers back when all Captains poured in some of their reiatsu into a sword which granted Ichigo his Shinigami powers. However, that ended up mixing his Fullbring powers with it.

And Fullbring’s powers are basically Hollow powers.

Another reason which was given in the manga is that the respective Quincy trying to suck out a Shinigami’s Bankai must be stronger or at least at the level of the victim.

This was confirmed by the Father of the Quincies, Yhwach himself when he says that he is the only one who can steal Captain-Commander Yamamoto’s terrifying and flaming Bankai, Zanka no Tachi.

Furthermore, Ichigo was stated to be one of the 5 war threats by Yhwach for his war potential. This basically meant that it was difficult for a Quincy to measure the upper limit of his powers as the bankai was fairly new compared to other captains who had their bankai’s for at least a century.

This was confirmed by Genryusai Yamamoto in his fight against Yhwach or we can say Royd Lyod, the Sternritter Y who had taken the form of Yhwach.

Not to forget, Ichigo’s mixed lineage also plays a bigger role in deciding which way Ichigo can develop his powers.

As Ichigo was half Quincy and Zangetsu spirit being the Quincy powers of Ichigo, it made it immune to the Wandenreich Medallion which was designed specifically to steal Bankai.

Thus, Quilge Opie was not able to steal bankai of Ichigo despite trying so many times.


Ichigo’s Mix bloodline or lineage and his incomplete bankai are the reasons why Quincy can’t take bankai of Ichigo.

Do you think there is something that we have missed then do let us know in the comment section.

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