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Why CBD Topicals are the perfect recovery tool for everyone



If you have been living under a rock the past four years you may have not heard about cannabidiol, or CBD for short. CBD is a cannabinoid found at high levels in the hemp plant. Unlike THC, cannabidiol is a non-intoxicating cannabinoid. CBD has been used in everything from tinctures to toothpicks, but one growing product category has been CBD topicals such as creams, gels, and salves.

Why are CBD Creams so popular?

According to Statista, topicals were the second most popular product category in the CBD industry, and research suggests it can it can expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15-20% over the next several years. Topical products such as creams and gels have become popular for mainly three reasons: adoption, safety, and for the simple fact that they work. Retail outlets such a CVS and Kroger’s have committed significant shelf space to these products and other healthcare offices have adopted the retail sale and use of CBD topicals in their practice. Something that would have been unfathomable five years ago is the norm. Topicals by far are the safest way to consume CBD as well. It is a safe median since you are not ingesting or inhaling the product. Also, creating a base, the actual cream or gel that is infused with CBD, is not cost efficient to produce at scale for some of the more unscrupulous brands. The most important factor as to why topicals are the largest product category in the CBD space is they work. Guidance has been given by organizations such as the Arthritis Foundation on CBD topical use because of observation studies and many in the medical field have given their approval on topical products. Brands such as Dorsi Health have also stated many see the benefit of topical CBD products because it is a targeted approach to relief.

Who can benefit from CBD?

Although you have most likely been inundated with images of hip 20 somethings eating CBD gummies, everyone can benefit from CBD topicals. A growing segment in the category has been individuals 55+ who have never used cannabis products. Along with this growing segment, CBD topicals remain very popular among athletes, people recovering from injuries, people in the manufacturing, construction, and agricultural industries, and anyone trying to find relief from everyday aches and pains. The variety of people that can benefit from topical CBD products keeps growing and companies such as Dorsi Health and other companies focused on the health benefits of CBD are continuing to expand their product offerings to reach consumer needs.


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