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Winter Body Care Essentials For Your Skin



With the onset of winter, the skin on the hands and feet seems to be getting dry and black, isn’t it? But do not understand how to do body care in winter? Then today’s article is for you. The skin on the hands and feet easily loses its softness this season. Personal care should include winter essential products that will keep your skin soft. You need to take extra care for soft and radiant skin.

Why do you need body care?

Just as we do skin care for the face with the same rules every day, it is just as important to take care of the skin of the body. The face is very beautiful but with rough-dry hands and feet it will not look good at all. Our skin needs extra care in winter from other times of the year. Because those whose normal skin becomes dry skin in winter, and those whose dry skin often has cracked skin. So if we can do proper body care from the beginning, then we will not have to worry about dry skin all winter long. The skin will be bright, soft and beautiful.

How to do body care in winter?

First of all, body care is not divided into a few steps, so that you do not feel too much trouble to understand. Find out which products you will need.

1. Oil
2. Body wash
3. Body butter / body lotion
4. Sunscreen
5. Body scrub

Oil massage

Why am I talking about oil? You may be wondering if you can apply body lotion or body butter after bath, why oil again? If you massage oil on the whole body 2/3 days a week before bathing, then blood circulation will increase, there is no chance for the skin to become extra dry. Natural oil is removed from the skin during bathing. In this case, if you massage with oil on the body before bathing, the natural oil level of the skin is balanced. You can use almond oil or olive oil for oil massage. Moisturizing body oil can also be used.

Body wash

In winter, just as body moisturizing is needed, so is proper body cleansing. Otherwise, external dust, dirt, sweat, sebum accumulation can cause various problems on the skin. But instead of using alkaline soap, choose body wash or shower gel for the body at this time. Body wash and shower gel cleans the skin from the deep without drying and gives a refreshing feeling. And the dryness that is felt on the skin after the shower will not happen if you use moisturizing shower gel.

Body butter or body lotion

This time I will talk about the most important part, that is moisturizing. It is very important to use regular moisturizer in winter skin care. Otherwise your skin will be dry, it will crack very easily! And when the skin will feel so tight, it will feel very uncomfortable. So use lotion or body butter every day after bath and before going to bed at night. Those whose skin type is normal can use lotion. And those whose skin is very dry, have to moisturize again and again, they can safely use body butter.

Body scrub

Like the face, our body also but dead cells or dead skin cells accumulate. Scrubbing once a week makes the skin of hands and feet as soft as the skin is bright. Also scrubbing your skin moisturizer can absorb better. However, those who have problems with body acne should avoid scrubbing.


This is that I am taking so much care of the skin, but after coming from outside, if the hands and feet become sunburned and become black, then what is the benefit of skin care? So sunscreen but can’t be omitted. Many people may think that it is so cold outside, there is no sun, should I apply sunscreen? Although the sun cannot be seen, the sun’s UV rays remain. Which directly affects your skin, so sun protection should be taken even in winter. There is no need to use a separate sunscreen for the body, whatever you use on the face can be given. Many people are looking for sunscreen at a reasonable price to use on the body, in which case you can see the budget-friendly options.

Mask for body care in winter

I learned something about basic body care. Those who want to take a little more care, they can use a brightening mask 2/1 days a week. In this case, my choice is “skin cafe brightening mask” because it contains sandalwood, orange peel and several natural ingredients that work very well to get soft and radiant skin. In winter, I mix this mask with milk, rose water and aloe vera gel and apply it on face, neck, hands and feet. After 15 minutes, wash with lukewarm water. The skin has a glowing effect and looks very soft. Skin rash disappears completely! Many people are reluctant to use packs or masks in winter, but it can be done for only 15 minutes before bathing 1 day a week, right?

Choose the body care products of your choice from these and take regular care but your hands and feet will always be very beautiful. But you can not be lazy to do body care in winter! If you want to buy authentic products, you can buy two cosmetic physical shops, one of which is located at Jamuna Future Park and the other at the Border Reserve.

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