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Your Ultimate Guide to What You Need to Put on Your Plate



We are so entrapped in our daily life that we often tend to forget that it is ultimately the food that we need to be sure about to stay happy and healthy. People often seem to be wondering about how and what they are supposed to eat to achieve this feat. 

Thus today we are going to discuss some basic things in this scenario that you need to be aware of so that you can make healthy lifestyle choices. Eating healthy and having a proper diet plan is not only important for your health it also promotes your overall well being. 

Some Rudimentary Things to Know 

According to the best nutritionist in Karachi, there are some foods that you need to eat more and then there are some that you have to avoid at all costs. Thus pay attention as we are going to discuss what you need to put on your plate and what you need to avoid. 

Fruits and Berries 

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the popular and favorite fruits that you need to munch on so that you can keep your health on track. They are also to eat as you do not have to pay attention to their preparation just wash them and you are good to go. 


Well, let us start our conversation with this one. An apple a day keeps a doctor away. And this statement stood the test of time in one way or another. Apples are rich in fiber which keeps your gut healthy and stable. Then comes the bucket of other nutrients such as vitamin c as well as antioxidants. Thus it is right to say that they are one of the best appetizers. 


Potassium,… bananas. In the medical community, we can say that these two words can be used as a synonym for each other. Then in addition to potassium, these fruits are also a good source of vitamin B and fiber. And they are easy to consume. 


A treat in winters, oranges are not only mood-boosters but are also rich in a number of antioxidants that can keep your health on track. Another thing that they are rich in is vitamin C. How can we forget all the fiber content that they have!


What is that one fruit that is filled with calories but is low in its carbohydrates content? Strawberries ….bingo!

These fruits are rich in vitamin C and also in fiber. They also hosts a micronutrient in the form of manganese that is needed by our body. Add them in your shakes or place them on top of your yogurts, the choice is yours and totally yours!


Now lets move on the next section of healthy foods. 


No one can argue with the fact that eggs without any doubt are just something to marvel at. They are hands down one of the best sources of protein that exists on this planet. In the past, several studies showed that their cholesterol content was high, but that was just a facade. New studies have proven that claim wrong and eggs are back in the game as being the healthiest source of protein. 


In this section, we will be discussing all kinds of meat and how they are the best and healthiest food for your wellbeing. 

Lean Beef 

One of the best sources of protein which are also loaded with bioavailable iron. Yes, you can feast on those fatty cuts if you are opting for a low carbohydrate diet. 

Chicken Breast Parts 

Another meaty part that is worth mentioning here is this one. These parts of the chicken are low in fat but boost a rich content of calories as well as are rich in protein. Make them a part of your pasta or you can try to consume them grilled.


Lamb in most regions of the world is also known as mutton. These lambs are most of the time fed with grass. That is why their meat is rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 

Nuts and Seeds

Yes, they are the richest food on earth in the context of fat and calories. In addition to all this, they can also work their way up as they can be quite helpful in losing weight. 

They are fulfilling and boost the right dose of nutrition to your hungry body. They are crunchy and you can munch on them anyday anytime. 


Almonds are nuts which are rich in vitamin E. They also come with an additional load of antioxidants. They also boost up your memory and improve it alongside the way. 

Chia Seeds 

One of the most nutritionist friendly foods that exists on our planet, chia seeds are among them, a single ounce of them boost good ratios of manganese, calcium, magnesium and other nutrients that are needed. 


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