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10 songs inspired by Apple’s founder Steve Jobs



Steve Jobs is perceived as a legendary person who, even though he has passed away, has already guaranteed to stay with us by what he has done. Today, it is the only reason why the iPhone comes to mind when we think of the phone, or the Ipad when we say tablet computers. Apple is the most expensive brand on the planet, but completely original. 

Jobs has been an example and even a clear inspiration to people not only with his creations, but also with his determination and belief, at which point one wonders, while he was working to return to his own company, Apple, where he was fired in 1984, or animated Pixar to this extent. and what was he inspired by making him number one in graphics? 

When directed to him in his interviews, he gave a simple but effective answer, and that answer is “music”. When the answer was music, we wondered what this master’s favorite songs were and as stated by his closest people, the top 10 songs of Steve Jobs’ favorite songs are exactly as follows;

1-Bob Dylan – Highway 61

2-Peter, Paul & Mary – Blowin ‘in the Wind

3-The Rolling Stones – Beast of Burden

4-The Who – Won’t Get Fooled Again

5-Miles Davis – Blue In Green

6- Grateful Dead – Truckin

7-Jackson Browne – Late For The Sky

8-Johann Sebastian Bach – The Goldberg Variations

9-Cat Stevens – Hard Headed Woman

10-John Lennon – Imagine

If we make an impression here, Steve Jobs has been a name who has been constantly wandering between rock, jazz and blues, and classical styles. If we look at the lyrics or meanings of the songs, it may not be possible to make an inference, but it is possible to say that he has elite musical taste. And he probably would have liked the melodic structures more, focusing on the unique aspects of the songs. If we look for a common denominator among all these music genres, we can say that each of them is actually based on abundant instruments, and it is possible to say that there are beautiful things that each produces sounds. Maybe that’s why he said, “iPhone will be the iPhone of the field, not an iPhone who doesn’t buy it, it’s not a phone” and surprised everyone. 

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